March 28, 2013

The Power of Purple. . .

The power of purple collides w/ the battle of brass  -- for Blonde's. 
Too often, the Brass wins and you are stuck using toners, purple shampoos and purple conditioners. They all work but for a short time. Enter....purple developer .Yep, violet developer. No, it does not turn your hair any shade of purple/ lavender or violet.  It is used solely to mix with either hair colors in Level 8 thru to high-lift blonds.One of the biggest problems for most of you trying to achieve a beautiful shade of Blonde, is the ongoing battle with Brass/Gold & Blorange. 

Many of you use high-lift blonde's to lift many more Levels than some are capable of. Most have not developed the technology to lift more then 2-3-4 levels using a hair color (of course you can with powder lightener), but now you can fight the brass issue with this very strong Violet based Developer that is mixed with your hair color mixture, then applied to the hair.  All of the companies "lie" boldly about how many levels of Lift they can lighten....I don't know why...but they do (its not like we won't find out ! ).

Enter a product that works to help in this never-ending battle of the Brass. Violet Developer. Which we carry in many different capacities. Why would Violet Developer help?

When is the one and only time you have entrance to the "inside of the hair strand?" When you color the hair! The hair Strand opens up and lets the color molecules inside the strand in order for the hair color change to take place. As you see in the below illustrations.

So if that is when the cuticle opens and lets color in....why not put VIOLET developer inside of the hair strands when applying any type of blonding effect? Its brilliant actually. How many of you purchase Violet shampoos...or Violet Toners...? This works even better, you know why? In the hair color process that cuticle opens and lets both the developer molecules and the color molecules - inside...then closes trapping them in there together. 

When they are in their together they stay working together - continuously. I  colored my Assistant Kelly's hair who's hair pull's more brass than the Philharmonic orchestra!  Its been 3 weeks (!) now and its still a lovely shade of beige blonde, which means this will work wonders on everyone else. I was making a mistake and using it at the wrong strength, you will get proper proportions with each order, be sure to request.

So in closing, if you use any type of blonding from Level 8 and above in hair colors, all high-lifts, and bleach (for sure) the Violet -toned Developer is a huge MUST-MUST-MUST ! I sure wish they offered a 10Volume, because mixed with Toners could be simply DANGEROUS ! ! ! for those of us that like to C-R-E-A-T-E !
........and its right in time for Easter!
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4 comments on "The Power of Purple. . ."
  1. I was wondering, instead of using a purple developer, could you just add a purple booster tone to your permanent colour mixture?

  2. Ye, of course you could, but in all my years I have never seen one booster work. It sounds good - in theory -- but when tried, it just doesn't work. I'm sure one of the color lines out there work and am open for suggestions...maybe they have gotten better over the years!
    But, yes, great idea, can you imagine the wow factor if you did both? Add the purple booster AND use the Purple developer. I"m going to try that next

  3. Okay, so if you use this as the developer, do you NOT want to use an ashy or violet toned color then? My hair historically "pulls ash" I have been told, but the last person who highlighted my hair (for $180 in nowhereville, PA mind you) gave me streaks of orange and grey. So I'm terrified of using anything warm and of using anything too ashy now. I want to do all over color to make it like a 9N or 10N for wella color. My natural base is like a 6-7N (7-8 wella). Would you use Neutral with this violet developer? Or would you even go a little warm to keep the golden? Or like a 10/0 and 10/8 blend? I'm worried that would be overkill with the violet developer?

    PS I tried to join the group, but I got denied? :(

  4. I really want white hair do they sell this product online to the UK?


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