March 20, 2013

Men & the Art of Hair Great UTUBE video

Well leave it to the South American's to get a commercial right........Really? The South American's? Really?
Check this sweet-crazy little video out, it is about damn time they have a men's hair commercial aside from that over-hyped - Just For Men - Crap-in-a-box you see all the time. Too bad they began on the South American continent, so we could enjoy it. Well, they thought of the next best thing ....."Shock-Value".

Plus, the big controversy is not what you think.....the big flack is Feminists think it is offensive to women. ! !?? wwwwhat?
No idea what they are referring to, but I have brought it to you below .... this isn't even about women.
What do you think?  
Here is the copy from Huffington Posts analysis of the video - - again I have opened up "comments" so you all may comment, please do.

We've always admired Dove ad campaigns which often spotlight diverse body types and "real beauty." But the beauty brand's latest ad, a Brazilian commercial for Dove Men & Care shampoo is just downright confusing.
The video spot, created by Dove and Ogilvy & Mather Brasil, stars a dude with gorgeous Kate Middleton - like hair. It's so luscious and toss-worthy that it draws attention from a male co-worker: "Did you do something to your hair?... It looks like those slow-mo effects from women's shampoo ads."
And in reality, it really does. This guy's girl-hair is awesome. But the point of the ad is that it's too awesome: The man immediately sprints home and washes away his lovely locks with manly Dove Men + Care shampoo because, as the tagline states, "Women's shampoo is not made for you."
Some may find the stark masculine/feminine dichotomy & as Jessie put it "OMG NOT LADYHAIR, EVERYONE WILL THINK I AM WEAK AND HELPLESS." But we're distracted by the idea that this ad is for men's shampoo, seeing as it showcases the most awesome head of women's hair. Seriously, what kind of "women's shampoo" was the guy using before? Because we want a bottle (or seven).
When you know the hair in that commercial is a wig, how does that make you feel about buying the product?    
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2 comments on "Men & the Art of Hair Great UTUBE video"
  1. The controversy has to do with gender roles; in the 21st century, the idea of how man and woman should act is different to what it use to be. This commercial is offensive because it is kind of taking a step backward, enforcing the idea that men should be strong and masculine, and by doing so, it is indirectly an offence to women.

    This advertisement raises questions such as:
    -What's wrong with "lady hair"?
    -Why can't a man have "lady hair"?
    -What is wrong about a man having similar attributes to a woman?

    While this advertisement may seem harmless, it enforces the idea that it is undesirable for a man to have qualities that are comparable to women. It enforces the idea that if a man has 'feminine' characteristics, he is deemed as inferior to his masculine colleagues.

    This advertisement is offensive to women because it enforces the idea that feminine characteristics are undesirable, inferior, and should be undesired by men.

    This advertisement would be offensive to any men that have characteristics/preferences/jobs that are deemed to be feminine. So for starters, this would offend men with hair longer than the average male. This advertisement would offend men that have an interest in fashion, men that care about their appearance and take the time to make their hair and skin look nice, men that colour their hair, men that have jobs that have anything to do with art: Interior designers, makeup artists, hair dressers, etc.

    People are just too easily offended. I find it hilarious that male specific beauty products even exist. It's not like they work any differently than the original product. Men and women may be different, but in the end, we're all human.

  2. I am a woman...and I am NOT offended. But I see and believe myself to be strong. I am not "afraid" that if there are things out there that support men it takes away from me somehow. Men are allowed to have products that support them. The market is saturated with products for woman...isn't that enough...when are you going to feel good about yourself? Along comes a commercial about a man wanting to be a man (his right to meet his needs) and we are threatened? If a woman takes offense to this...this is an identity crisis...a shampoo commercial is not what she should be concerned concerned with the possibility someone or something told were not good enough and your biggest mistake was/is you believed that lie. This is not some guys problem or Doves problem... who wants a shampoo that smells like a guy instead of's your problem. I believe that if you want respect/ freedom for who you need to give it to others first (all others...including men..all kinds of men). You can't get what you won't give. Let's remember this ladies when we are raising our little be strong, loving and supporting and gentle and willing to be clean..haha..if it takes a manly shampoo to get those little boys in the shower...bring it. I have a son (23)...and a daughter(21)...and the best husband ever(25 years married)...enough said.


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