February 9, 2008

2008 NY Fashion Week Brings Back 'Crazy Color' Hair

Rock The Runway's Hottest Hairdos
2 Pages from Teen Vogue this month reveals new trend in hair
I couldn't be happier about

Get your Tint Brushes ready,
rev up the color wheel
Crazy colors have returned
There are many different brands, be sure to get the best you can afford
I continue to recommend Renbow's line of "Crazy Colors" semi permanent line.
This line "washes" out the cleanest, leaving the hair in better condition than when you began
All over the New York Catwalks were hair styles with Crazy colors placed in extraordinary locations. The colors were applied using bright colored "extensions" as well as directly on the hair.
There are advantages to both

4 comments on "2008 NY Fashion Week Brings Back 'Crazy Color' Hair"
  1. Hi Dakota,

    I looked on the internet and I could only find Renbow products for sale in the UK. Do you know if it's possible to purchase them in the US?


  2. Emily,
    If you are a licensed stylist only...which is the same in England. Are you interested in the Crazy Color? I might be willing to sell you a bottle if that's all you are interested in...I'd do that just so you don't screw up what sounds like a great job you did on your hair!
    What color?

  3. KC,

    I was thinking Lavender, Lilac or Violette. Violette is the most intense/darkest of the three--do you think it will last the longest then?


  4. Hey Emily,
    Of all the purples Renbow has...IRIS is the deepest/boldest of them all. Did you see IRIS? I have 1 brand new bottle of IRIS here...Its $11.00 plus shipping (need your zip). The bottle will last you a very very long time (up to 2 years+!) You can use it to make a purple based conditioner...
    >you can use it to mix with mousse then apply as a temporary "lavender" toner> for the night.
    there's no color you can do more with if you have platinum hair...!
    Killer Chemist


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