February 14, 2008

Breath of Fresh Hair

Katie Holmes looks absolutely stunning with this new cut.

an excellent advertisment for
"Get the absolute best hair cut you can afford"

Anyone with Level 1 thru 6 hair color this would be your single best ribbon technique - you could have in those dark locks of yours. Going too far away from your natural color looks odd and many times just doesn't sit right. Level 7- Cashmere beige Ribbons on top of a Level 3-Moka Base is simply Awesome
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  1. Dear Killer Chemist,

    I just happened on to your website and have found so much info that I never knew existed. First let me say I am sorry to hear of your health situation and wish you the best. Then let me thank you in advance for any additional info you might be able to provide for my individual situation.

    I am a 58 year old mother of 3, forever frustrated with hair color and styles. I am a natural level 5 to 6 brown with maybe 30% grey now. I am currently using your absolute NO NO home box color Revlon Colorsilk Light Golden Brown #54 with good results doing an application about every month and a half. I am here now because of all the past years of not being able to get exactly what I wanted and after reading most of your site begin to wonder if maybe everything has been done wrong in the past because of untrained colorists.

    Prior to the Revlon Colorsilk home color I went to a salon and tried to explain my wishes. My stylist was foil highlighting my natural brown with (have to admit) I know not what. She said it was bleach but it might have been color. I always wound up under a drier for processing and a toner was never applied. The results seemed to never be the golden blonde I desired but just looked more grey. Years of this expense and frustration drove me to the box.

    Before the above, there was a more drastic process. I was using Wella Color Charm Liquid formula with 40 vol. all over my head and then getting highlights done on top of that. I was applying #1120 Nordic Blonde and it was turning out to about a 643 Tan Blonde and the highlights just never were able to get rid of the unwanted red. Plus with all this process I had condition issues. I was applying color to my roots successfully about once a month and then did the highlights about every 3 months.

    After reading some of your info I am, wondering if maybe the Wella Color Charm was closer to the right process but was used with the wrong developer or just maybe the wrong product entirely. For years I have been trying to achieve a natural looking medium golden blonde color

    I have no idea of where from here, but would love your comments.

    Thank you so much.


  2. Shelly,
    thank you for your email.... you have inspired todays Post... so please read through that for your answer to your "gray highlights" a very common problem. Its very common and very easily fixed, as you will read. That should answer the first question.
    As far as the second one and using 1120 NOrdic Blonde and 40 volume....that would ONLY be the proper formula if you were wanting to be blond....not brunette with golden highlights... Using 40 volume developer lifts your hair 4-5 levels. Lifting means lightening. So you are correct that was the complete wrong formula for what you state you desire.

    Part of the way this blog works is ...it is a learning blog. I have attempted to teach various parts of hair color and the basics needed in order to learn yourself how to figure out your own hair color formula. You have wonderful hair and there should be absolute no problem in getting what you want.

    You have been using the complete wrong products. I can tell you that and your problem is not a difficult one. What I don't understand is exactly what you want to know from me.
    In order for me to tell someone exactly what to do to their hair we have to be able to talk on the same level. Which is why I teach everyone the Level system.

    What Level do you desire to be?
    For Example: do you wish to be a Level 6 with a level 10 golden highlights? or do you wish o be level 7 with multi toned blonde highlights in the level 8-9 & 12 range....
    There are many many nuances to me.

    That is the only way we will all ever learn to be on the same page....
    If we all learn the LEVEL System. So I am insisting everyone learn it. The big hair color manufacturers do not think that you all can be taught, and that is why they get away with making those damn hair color kits.
    What I try to tell everyone is, I cannot really go back and repeat everything I have already taught. I would never have time for all the new emails I have every day, with new questions and problems.
    What you need to do ....is go back and read through the entire blog.

    I know it seems like a lot. But it is the only way you will learn, there are many parts you can skim over...if you just want to learn about hair color.

    If you want to color your hair at home, I have plenty of people that have done it successfully...but you must learn the basics first.

    The people that plow ahead without learning have not been so lucky.

    I am more than happy to guide you...I really am. We just have to be able to talk on the same Level...and use the Level system and some of the basics...that I have taught on here, already.

    What you are asking for should be a fairly simple solution, but while you are reading through the blog I would start on the "shampoo train" -- to prepare your hair for the new color.

    Killer chemist


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