February 18, 2008

In The Pink . . What one little Swish can do

Applying one little semi permanent ribbon of pink adds oodles to your style . . .

ask Avril

2 comments on "In The Pink . . What one little Swish can do"
  1. Killer Chemist,

    The posting about gray highlights answer a lot of questions. I identify with four of your list of five. Too white, applied heat, applied one color (I think), and too many foils (as my head looked like the sample picture on your post).

    Where too now? My ideal choice would be the picture I sent you titled bob10, which I would identify to be a level 8 with maybe a few 10 highlights. After the intense shampoo train, my natural color should be level 5 with maybe 30% gray. What method do you suggest for the easiest to achieve, maintain, and less damaging? Am I best to do a single color (if so give brand and color suggestion) to get to the level 8 and just forget the highlights or do you suggest using only highlights to achieve this color? The 30% gray makes me wonder if I am best going for the all over color if I can achieve a true level 8 without the red problem that I have had before. Also this method maybe would allow the process to be done at home.

    Keep up your “killer” postings! All are very enlightening.


  2. Shelly,
    Hi and welcome
    where would that photo be? that you are referring to?
    you are lucky - I will give you the exact formula to cover Gray that I bet your stylist doesn't know....
    I say that because there is absolutely NO REASON that you should not be able to have a LEVEL 8 hair from a Level 5 without Red...??? I wouldn't even know how to "get red".......
    I would do 1 all-over color.Then add a couple ribbons and I think I am going to show you this exact process....I have a doll head I have been waiting to demonstrate something on...
    WWWWWWWay too many people still get the same old yukky highlights,
    I need to show the alternative I think...
    Geez I have so much to teach ... and so little time

    I would buy Renbow's Collissimo in 10A and 10N from Killer strands
    ( PAY PAL request > I submit)
    sounds like you need athe best ASH there is...( Ash is green based - green is the opposite of 'red')

    I would encourage you to read through the back posts.... there is lots of great info, especially
    if you are considering moving to the home...
    where's that photo?


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