September 10, 2015

7 Reasons - "Removing Old Hair Color" Should Be Learned By All Crib Colorists

7 Reasons Removing Hair Color is an Art 
Every Crib Colorist Should Master

Knowing How to Remove Hair Color is An Art and I feel Everyone Needs to Know How to Master It Correctly. 

  • have damaged hair that you want to repair you must remove the color first and start over with a better quality hair color.     
  • changed your mind about the color of your hair? if so and you would like to go lighter again I receive lots of emails to this effect, then you must remove the old hair color first.
  • you have hair color that is just unbecoming to you, you must remove the old hair color first. You do not want to just overlap hair color on top of hair color. Removal will give you a feeling of  "oh wow my hair hasn't felt like this in a long time" !!
  • do you want to go lighter? The only "healthy" way to go lighter is by removing old hair color 1st ! Remove it ALL THE WAY, when this process is complete I never hear people happier following any Salon Experience ! Now you have the knowledge and products to perform the exact same experience we use on celebrities.
  • Do you have crappy hair color-in-a-box hair colors that are in every store from Walmart to the Gas Station to 7-11 ? If you have this color in your hair..............get it out ! 
  • would you like to try out the new Pastels everyone is so excited about? Remove your old Boxed hair color FIRST, otherwise you will never see anything ! 
  • Does Your Hair feel like Straw? and not like real hair anymore? Has it been years since you have felt silky shiny hair? Remove your old hair color 

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