September 29, 2015

12 Habits That Clearly Will Destroy Your Hair


..........not asking anyone to be a martyr here, but if you have problems with your hair's thickness/health or shine....
 (unless its genetic)
try stopping your vice,
begin drinking one ''secret supplement'' every single day - Slap on THRIVEN overnight one night a week
and soon 84% of you will notice a significant change.......

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  1. Why don't you show us how to do the ribbons...

  2. Yes.. i ve been looking almost every second day to see updates about hair color and stuff!!

  3. Killer Chemist: I am a journalist and would love to get in touch with you. Could you email me at Thanks!

  4. I agree with all of these, except why weed smoking?? a friend of mine and I smoke a lot actually and we both have really shiny, good hair. So who came up with that one?

  5. Alex,
    Thanks for your comment, I love to see men that are interested in their clientele was 50- 50 at the Salon - even: men with women. All my men colored and cared for their hair as well as the chicks, which I think rocks.

    Its funny how only men buck that rule, wonder why?

    Listen, if you have great hair then what are you worried about? I have experience with over 10,000 heads of hair...alongside all my research, clinicals and 10,000 Heads success. The list is mine and based on my experience and research I have learned over the years. I'm not picking on anything or anybody, my goal was to come up with a solution to the horrific problem of hair thinning and hair loss in both sexes...but my main concentration was on women.

    Men have every Lab and Pharmaceutical company working on their problem -- they already have 3 different FDA approved solutions to the problem - women have NONE!
    My goal was to change that, if even in my own little world...which, by the way, I feel confidant that I have.

    Smoking is smoking, Cigarettes are one of the single worst habits on the planet for the health of a human being - period. I don't know of anyone that would dispute that statement.
    Weed; when smoked, is like smoking 10 cigarettes at once, the pain in the lungs - the coughing it produces - the euphoria and the lack of oxygen it deprives the body of ALONE, are reason enough why it would not be the proper habit to practice if hair loss or hair thinning are your issue.

    If you agree that smoking cigarettes should be on the list, I'm perpelexed as to why you don't see the correlation between the two.
    I'm sure there are a lot of the particulars of the 10,000HEADS Regimen that you do not go by, or follow - yet have fantastic hair.
    Consider yourself lucky.
    The list was put together, by me for the hundreds of women that come to me for help with thinning hair and hair loss....a problem that has gone absolutely BONKERS in the past 7-8 years in the female species. There are no studies done nor any movement in any of the pharmaceutical/beauty companies as far as this problem is concerned for women so I decided to take it on myself...and have found a 12 Step program with over 84% success rate.

    I also worked with a group of men that are pro athletes (Surfers) that were also having this whole "hairloss" problem as well.
    I have about 15 steps that I have my hairloss clients try, and we see how they re-act to each of them....2 of the surfers ended up quitting alcohol! I discovered that happened to be their "trigger point" - which was new to me, I hadn't had that work for any women... but it did for these 2 big ruff and tough surfers dudes (25 yrs old!)- funny - who would think that alcohol was a problem for hairloss, but it CAN be. The guys were disappointed, but to be perfectly honest were happy they had figured out "what" it they didn't have to go by all the rules!!.........................I can't blame them!
    Its a crap shoot.....I can't say what trigger point effects "who" but I go through the trial and error game until we find it.

    Smoking has hundreds of studies on how it effects oxygen in the bloodstream. Well, Oxygen in the bloodstream affects new hair cell rejuvenation....which affects new hair GROWTH. It all has to do with the cycle of the hair.
    A hair grows > lives > rests > dies > sheds >
    then---> does it all over this point > when it sheds if there is not enough oxygen in the bloodstream then many times the "turnover" from shedding will not 'take'. And THAT IS HOW HAIR LOSS begins, by those new cells -- not 'taking' and not growing so there are less and less new growing hair follicles. They need good - oxygen-rich blood in order to rejuvenate and flourish. Depriving the blood from oxygen, in my opinion, by any type of smoke, affects new hair growth.

    My only mission here is to help my clients have better hair, many don't like my list nor my rules. But what they do like....IS MY RESULTS.
    So I keep doing what I'm doing.

    If you have great hair, why would you pay any attention to the list, silly?

    Enjoy yourself, worry about something else if you must.

    Again, thanks,
    Killer Chemist

  6. In December 2004, a study was published by the Nicotine & Tobacco Research Journal that alarmed physicians. This U.S survey suggests that despite years of consumer education in print and TV ads and in-office patient education, the great majority of smokers are misinformed about the health risks of their habit.


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