October 1, 2015

Words Directly From A Brand New Killerstrands Member

 I've Been making my products so long sometimes.........I just don't stop....... take a breath and pay attention to how they are affecting peoples lives............. in today's world even ill people are busy.

 Its ridiculous almost

 Anyway this Dear Woman (Christine) of Wayne New Jersey..........truly lit up my life for a nice .... long ... 

while I'm not curing cancer, its the only thing I know how to help people with ... which was what I was looking for to round out a very wild and jam packed life.

She purchased the :

#1 Damaged Hair Repair Products + Kits by Killerstrands - 400 WATT KIT

 I had an excellent, excellent outcome and absolutely love all the products. My hair had taken a significant beaten in the past 3 years as a result of low nutritional absorption and menopause. I began to use many top of the line solon products with the hopes of getting my hair restored and as a result my hair became more damaged and subsequently lost tremendous amount of hair :( ... my gorgeous head of hair was slowly becoming shorter, brittle, lifeless and thin. I kept cutting off 3-4 inches at each haircut because the products could not restore. After much search and investigation I came across the Killerstrands.com and spent a considerable amount of time asking many questions on the products. I never ordered hair products over the internet but after speaking to the representative about the product I ordered the kit. I used the products as soon as I received and within 1 week my hair stopped falling and luster was restored! Honestly, my hair was now manageable and no longer breaking off or splitting. I couldn’t believe the turnaround and I’m forever thankful for finding a wonderful product that finally works. I can’t stop touching my bouncy shiny hair and excited in getting back my once crowning glory… they are remarkable products and would recommend to anyone who has encountered same problem. 
Thank you again Killer strands for making my hair come back to life!!! :) 

Christine ....... Wayne, N.J.
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