October 8, 2015

The Truth About Shampoos

Shampoos are in a state of flux right now and the category has even had me confused. 

The subject of shampoos fascinates over 90% of you which in and of itself is a fascination to me.... I've never developed the fascination with them - in hair Academy they taught us to use a Sulfate-Free version of which ever brand that you have success with stick with that and be done with it...All the hype and the commercials....complete and utter Bullshit.

..... so .... please ...tell me why you are fascinated with the subject of shampoos ?? I'm here ( as always ) to report the bad news :

We all know that a shampoo is a product we all must use many times a week and there is not many things in life you need so much ... or spend so much time with and thinking about. I GUESS "MAKE-UP" really comes before shampoo because that is products also used every single day, sometimes multiple times a day even. But, I would bet more of you would prefer reading about HAIR if given the choice of only having the option of one or the other......Am I correct  ? ? ?

Yet the thing about shampoo and especially shampoos of right now, today is.............it has come time that we no longer need to purchase a $30.00 shampoo for our hair to feel great. So many of you will ask me which shampoo will give you "this" asset or make your hair look "that" way -  - - I hate to be the bearer of bad news but someone should tell you this.

....and if it does that and does not :
  • damage
  • dry-out
  • weigh down
  • destroy
  • drive into being oily
  • or deteriorate in any way.. . . .then we should be very. . . .damn. . . pleased with it !
All the things that so many of you wonder if shampoo will do, is what "styling products" are used for. If you want texture or to make that bedhead look that one sees so much in the magazines and Victoria's Secret models, etc...Or Thickness or root lift.....or shine .....or Curl ....or straightness......all of those requirements will only come from :

Shampoo which is approx. 50-85% WATER....simply cannot meet your demand - in the "Styling Product arena" you will find more of what you desire in my opinion. I know there are thousands of products out there and its very difficult because every single persons hair is different, but there are a lot of cool products now with very unique and effective technique's to them.

There have really been only 2 innovations in shampoos in the past 20 years and that is
  • Sulfate-Free or SLS Free which took an absolutely horrible ingredient that causes hair loss OUT of all shampoos.......................and
  • pH balanced...........should be about 4.5 - 5.5
Everything else is just FLUFF.......................baloney, malarkey
But, truly for those demands that I hear from people on a daily basis, wanting their shampoos to perform miracles.........head to the Styling products category or as we call it HAIR CARE!
Its Wella's brand new styling line called EIMI ( pronounced Eye-me)
these are where I feel u should focus on when you want to make substantial changes as u ask about......Click the Blond for a link to them on the Store

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