October 22, 2015

There is No Crying In Hair Coloring. . . . Understand Color Theory and Tears Will Never Form

Color Theory sounds boring and if you are like me, in Hair Academy, all I did was tune it out.
COMPLETELY OUT. Don't do it , its so simple and it solves SO VERY VERY MUCH ! !

Remember I was the rebel that did a complete 180 degree turn one third of the way thru - Sassoon Academy Year 1 (the Harvard of hair school's - world-wide). I'm telling you even to this day I am mad at myself for not soaking up every last little word...why? At Sassoon all they taught was necessary education. We did things backwards compared to the thousands of (so-called) Beauty schools because every single bit of education that I will teach you here is relevant, I'm too old and too tired to be teaching you anything, but that which is 100% necessary.

I'm telling you, just the other day when I was having problems trying to calculate a formula for the new "color-enhancing shampoo's" that I wanted to bring into the store as a 'new' Killerstrands product 

You can enhance anyone's appearance with color.

Understanding Color Theory is as easy as knowing the simple LAW OF COLOR and relating it to addition and subtraction. Sir Issac Newton discovered these theories having NO idea they would relate to the hair color world, years later.

Your first project? Color - - - the main Color Wheel --- with the six main colors on it, use different weird shapes for the colors {for fun}...the best medium? Paints. If that is not possible, use felt pens, your kids crayons....whatever. Just do it , so it gets implanted in your brain. It will help with make-up and hair color for the rest of your life.

Name the six main colors: #1_______#2________#3________
#4________#5________#6_______ - - - apply these to your first color wheel

3 of these colors are the Primary Colors.....Name them #1________#2________#3________

3 are Secondary colors ...Name them #1________#2__________#3__________

The Understanding of Basic Color Theory is essential to analyze coloring your own hair. Stylists go to school for a year to learn the basics and they spend about 5 days on hair color in the entire year long program {except at Sassoon} . . . its ridiculous......................You will be Light Years ahead of the stylists out there understanding these concepts, so just follow me into this world of color.
Next... draw the below samples of different combinations ....
Draw the wheel that show s "WARM" and "COOL" colors
Draw the Wheel that shows PRIMARY and SECONDARY Colors
What are SECONDARY colors created from? 
....thus the name "SECONDARY" ...get it?

Like I was explaining before Color Solves Problems with the way your hair looks, if you can have beautiful color you are a happy person.

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