November 4, 2015

Tough to Cover Gray, What Can I Do?

This is one of the most common questions I get. . . .
I want to try of explaining in one other way so it will help many of you who are new to Killerstrands (of which there many lately) may understand a little bit better !

This woman wrote in and said for a few years she had good gray coverage by Wella's
Color Charm .....this is what I have to say to all of you whom not only use Color Charm, but also any hair color from Sally's or ANY boxed hair color of any brand. Eventually you will all realize your hair either feels like straw OR your gray no longer keeps its coverage. Here is what I said to her and to the hundreds of thousands of you out there with the same issues. 

Wella is an absolute vast company and they are so heavily involved in Hair color that they have 3 tiers of Quality in their various hair color lines. Premium -- Moderate  & Economy.
As in all items from cooking to cars you can purchase the same item....the EXACT same ''end product'' in many different Q-U-A-L-I-T-I-E-S !  For example: a cake bought at your local grocery store VERSUS one made by your mother or from you by scratch and the difference truly in taste is night & day, as I'm sure many of you know.  Take cars..........whats the difference between a VW and a Bentley? They both get you from point A to Point B , but5 the Bentley has mile high better ingredients that go into making it.>>ever driven in one? You don't even know you are in a car, it feels like you floating along the street on a hovercraft ! It all has to do with QUALITY. Same in exactly the same dimensions as premium hair color.

Why is there such a difference (being as the end result is the same) ..........It is for one reason only : the quality of the ingredients used. The same holds true in hair color. While you can purchase boxed color for under $10.00, when you get your hair colored in a Salon - - - they will barely shampoo your hair for that amount. Its widely understood that high quality items cost more and if I can save even more grief every single week I receive between 1 & 10 emails from people who have been duped by purchasing Wella hair color on Amazon or EBAY. There are now what they think to be, over 100 countries counterfeiting the Wella brand of hair color. The tube and the box look almost exactly the same I have asked a couple people to send me their boxes and they were indeed counter missing just a few of the proper its hard to tell. How did they tell? They said their hair felt like straw after using it 2-4 times....they couldn't tell right away as that was just on the 1 inch of their roots! So its out there and everywhere. The only way I know how to tell you if its fake or not is by purchasing it here. Wella is the top-of-the-Line of premium Hair colors and actually is the highest quality hair color, I purchase it direct from the factory and Wella's headquarters is about 20 minutes from here. You couldn't get a newer -- fresher product.

Premium hair colors main charm is the "QUALITY" of the ingredients that go into that small tube ( or bottle !) They simply use the top-of-the-line ingredients and if you have ever gotten your hair done at a trendy - well known - ( expensive) Salon, the minute you walk out of there you touch your hair and know that the difference is huge. The way it covers gray, the amount of time it covers that gray, the shine, fade-ability - just about every little single thing is better !

Color Charm line is Wella's "lower quality" hair color line - it's sold at Sally's and anyone with 2 feet can purchase it.  If you notice next time u are there--- they don't sell the color I carry which is professional hair color
Wella has this 3 tiered system they sell to the world.

They don't sell the color to the public, I carry which is professional hair color. Which is why I changed my mission when I began this whole operation 10 years ago, Hair color is made in different qualities.

 I'll use this as an example.. Have you ever tasted a home baked cake vs something you buy at a cheap grocery store? The difference is the ingredients. Good professional hair color uses good ingredients and companies hold those good ingredients for professional use and salon level hair color.

For gray coverage, I  suggest  using Koleston Perfect because it's best for gray coverage and gives ton of shine. In hair color, there are two variations. For example there is the color 7-0 and 7-00. The double zero means double pigment. 

So if you want excellent gray coverage be sure to do 2 things:
  1.  Use professional brand color ( Wella Koleston Perfect or Illumina)
  2. Be sure you use double pigment which is 7/00 versus 7/0 which is regular pigment in your formula. 
  3. Be sure to mix your NEUTRAL in the percentage of Gray hair you have. Do you have 30% Gray - use 30% 7/00 if you are covering Level 6 Hair. Why 6 if you are a Level 7? Because Wella in all their grand knowledge has always been 1 level darker than what they are supposed to be. 
  4. Why? I have no idea! ! ! !  I think because they began in Europe and used to be based in Europe and then 8-9 years ago came in wacky California !     

Remember we do quick fast Consultation here in the store.. . . . . .  for $39.00 . . . or read this Blog I promise its all in here for you to figure it out all on your own


6 comments on "Tough to Cover Gray, What Can I Do?"
  1. I wanted to thank you for this great blog! I really enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.
    quick & easy workout hairstyles

  2. HI. I am hoping you will reply considering its been nearly two years since this was posted!! What if i was to use use a 77/0 on its own for grey coverage? I would like to achieve a 6 level, or even better a 6 1/2 level, would adding half 88/0 to it work?

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  3. Using 77/0 or 88/0 alone will not last long, it will wash out 10x faster. I suggest that you add a tone to your formula such as 7/7 and 8/71.

  4. Hi there,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Im trying to achieve a neutral base not too ashy, not too warm. The salon i went to recently used Wella 6/7 with 77/0 and it came out way too coppery! So i went back after a few weeks, and she did my roots with a Wella 66/0 mixed with 77/0 and it covered the grey great, but still gives off a lot of red reflect which i do not want at all! It brings out the red in my face, as i have a very fair pink skintone.

    Id much rather have subtle tones of gold than red/copper. Do you have any tips on which hair line would work best? Im sick of walking out of the salon dissapointed and broke!

    I love the look of Wella 6/1, and it is very similar to my natural hair colour, but since it's an ash and won't turn out like the swatch, it will probably go dark and flat. Do you know how i could achieve that tone without looking flat? Could i mix a 7/1 with something with gold in it?

  5. KC here .......................I do not think she used 77/0 + 6/7, there is pretty much no way that would turn copper unless of course you have over 60% Resistant Gray is that the case?????? , I cannot answer correctly without knowing the facts of your hair. There is not a reason in the world you can't have perfect color....
    I just thought of something, are you from europe by chance or where are you in the world?
    Because the Koleston and color touch in europe is no where near the same quality as ours.I've been hearing this from people for 11 years, so its not a new issue. But being as you are answering in the middle of the night. I figure you must be in the UK am I right??????


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