November 3, 2016

Bull Semen hits Salon Treatments to Tune of $170. a POP!

After a little more occurred to me . . . who was that person that was sitting around and said, .........
"Hey, if we jerk a bull off, maybe it will help the health of hair", then I looked up who this "Hari Salem" cat was and sure was a dude! No offense - just funny and logical, I always wonder 'where' things come from it is a habit ingrained in me.

Being a woman, being a cosmetic chemist and a woman, my speciality is HAIR CONDITIONERS, that is where all my research was -- is -- and will be in the future. In the 4 years I have been formulating hair conditioners, I study every new ingredient that comes out that can be added to the formula's each and every month & trust me there are way too many. So to come up with Bull Semen is hilarious to me, I thought > 'hey, I never saw that listed in the Cosmetics & Technology Magazine ("New Hair Formula ingredients" ) I read cover to cover every month' - what on earth would possess someone to reach for that jar on the shelf when formulating a hair conditioner?! Of course, a horny guy !

Many people do not understand this... but a Cosmetic Chemist is the one that designs every hair care and every Cosmetic product you have ever touched...not a Dermatologist....not a Celebrity.....and not even a big shot Hair Stylist.

I guess I have offended some of you - which I greatly apologize for....sincerely.
Truly - madly - deeply I hope you will accept, this is why I am not supposed to work, I do not have the temperament to help others....I knew I was short with people but did not know it affected all of you so much........I will try hard to not speak up much anymore and to really watch what I say.
NONE OF THE ABOVE creates that product that eventually goes on your body and/or hair, plus they would have absolutely NO idea how to begin, what to use, or where to start, ....none - zip- zero.
A Cosmetic Chemist does it for them.
Be very very glad they do, to be one you need to learn light years more than what you pick up in acting or Cosmetology schools...and the Dermatologists have a whole profession to cover their butt so they don't have to know what goes "in" products ( they are called a Pharmacist) - so medical doctors are not what you want to look for as afar as their expertise in skin or hair products - I promise you I know more than that damn Dr. Perricone. He uses something that is so wrong in his face lotions/creams and I know its only because he has no idea what each ingredient is...otherwise he would not have 2 of the ingredients he has in them. 

Until I took 2 years out of my life and studied Cosmetic chemistry , I had absolutely NO IDEA the art even existed and believe me... it is an Art ! Not only a beautiful art but also a scientific one, something completely new to me at the time.
Not only do we chose the ingredients to put in the product ( which sounds all fun and games) but more importantly we are making sure the product is sufficiently preserved as well as adequately balanced so the pH level is perfect and protecting the effectiveness of the "active" ingredients - - all of this under the umbrella of 'formulating personal care products". When i started and listened to the words everyone was using...I was positive I would never be able to understand what they were all talking about...the terms- the technology- it all sounded like Japanese to me, this was all way over my head back in School and I would never be able to learn it now.

I pushed on though... I started to read a lot about the chemistry of hair products, and that became my passion... making one hair conditioner after another, those and body cremes, {they are similar products in their make-up and chemistry}....I began making custom hair conditioners & cremes for my regular clients.

I knew their hair so well I would make a batch of hair conditioner up for a year at a time, yes it was a bit pricey - but they all claim it was worth every last penny! I never lacked for people to make them for, it was all I could do - to formulate and cut & color hair.
Ever had a homemade Cake or Pie...from scratch....?
How yummy and flavorful they are compared to the Markets

I just do not agree that everyone needs a daily 'conditioner, shampoos have so much in them anymore they are sufficient..
a problem we see in the Salon a lot is "build-up"
  • product build-up
  • mineral build-up (chlorine,rust etc. from water)
  • conditioner build-up
To elminate that problem I feel the hair care protocol for the average client is this:
Shampoo: Sulfate-free..... and then ONLY IF your hair is dry and tangly -
Detangler: a spray detangler for easy comb thru
Conditioner : Once a week an overnight conditioner - shampoo-rinse - apply deep conditioner - comb thru (mine is called:Thriven) let it dry for 1 hour prior to going to bed - lay towel on pillow to protect. Sleep 8 hours letting yummy ingredients soak in hair and scalp.. Rinse in morning. Depending on condition of hair this can be done once/twice a week....or once - twice a month....even.
"More" is not always better !
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