December 3, 2016

Not 50 Shades of Gray but, 100 Shades of Gray.......Gone! (BOOST & BURST weekend SALE)

OR .......................
How To Grow Gray Hair Out
from years of Hair Color ...
Goal: to natural/virgin 
without a Lot Of  Headaches ?
Lets Face It There Are Just Times When You No longer Want to Continue To Fight That Battle ! !
Pastel Hair color Looks Divine on Any Age !

 Everyone is asking and I am a Answering . . . . . 

Just Use BOOST and BURST and the process will take care of itself!

We have 2 new colors:
Which both came from a special request last week, after we made them, we all agreed they needed to go on the line-up.

These colors are actually to help out those of you with annoying brass/gold/blorange......which I had been avoiding because I had truly hoped that I have taught everyone how to have brass-free hair, but I hear that just is not the case ! There really is no reason in the world for it so please join the group and begin asking questions, I will help you directly - especially if you Post the KILLER 18 Questions (they're easy) answers just Google "Killer 18 questions".

But for those that still struggle with those annoying tones, I wanted you to have our products because I have not found a line that lasts as long as ours or that has the range of colors we do. I would encourage you to give our line a try if you have not yet.
 I just continue to receive phone calls from all of you with a new ZEST for your hair color. Letting your gray grow out and trying Rose or one of the many pastels we offer in BOOST AND BURST...........just makes me so proud of everyone. It really does.

We have a couple new colors that actually came to us in a "custom color request", that we all fell in love with - so thank you for that my dear. Brilliant !

One is called:  NO-MO-BRASS, which comes in BOOST and BURST and works on ANY colored hair that has GOLD or Brass in it that you no longer want to see. Seems like an obvious choice, but we brushed right over that. Say you have Level 8 thru 12 Blonde hair that isn't quite as ICY as u would like :
  • NO-MO-BRASS is your color
Say You have bleached your hair and there is gold or brass that just isn't Icey enough for you
  • NO-MO-BRASS is your color
  Then lets just imagine there are some light brunettes out there that get hints of brass/gold/ or blorange and they want help getting rid of those annoying tones..........we now have - I would encourage you to use Illumina's hair color in 8/69 if you haven't - as well.

  • Hanalei.......a Light brown with a blue/violet base
..............perfect for fighting any annoying tones for the lighter brunettes.............if you have light brown hair that you would like not to have ANY Brass/Gold/or Blorange of ANY type that is where you would need  HANALEI. The thing about BOOST and BURST and why they are not just another "purple shampoo". We make our line by hand, with unique/strong and more accurate pigment - so if you want to you can leave the color on for an hour or 2 . . .............WITH a Foil Cap on.............using a hair dryer ( we have a great hooded travel hair dryer for $16.bucks) ...........and that color will help you grow out your gray without any problems at all 
Now if you are one of the many people considering growing your gray out..............

I would encourage you to give it a try. . . I hear of so many that are just having a blast wearing pastel hair color.....with BOOST & BURST you can use them to apply to your colored hair while the process takes place. You can do it yourself in your own home at your own pace.  So many of you are beginning to read this Blog and remember I have been writing it for a decade so there are a lot of good things to absorb. I would encourage everyone to read the whole thing. PLEASE............DO NOT LET READING GO BY THE WAYSIDE..........

Now to get through the "grow-out" period, the color you choose depends on many things....If you want my opinion or any of our group members opinions I encourage you to join our FACEBOOK GROUP.   
Why does it depend on many things? 
Because some of you have 20% Gray some have 80% , some have brown hair mixed in with gray......some don't ......which is one of the more common questions I get.
For that particular set of problems you have a couple choices. You can either use Chrome Chocolate (which is a beautiful Silver/Brown), which is the most popular choice OR Silver Bullet for a more Silvery look.
To be perfectly frank you can truly use any color you like and what these colors do: blend the demarcation line from your virgin hair color to your colored hair color. The tint in these are strong enough to cover gray if you leave them on long enough. 

Which gives you an easy way to check and see if that option is what you want to try.

Silver hair is the number 1 color of hair.............people want right now................and YOU already have it ! You should hear what some of these kids go through to achieve a beautiful metallic silver................and again - YOU ! ! !  !  already HAVE IT !

The thing about BOOST & BURST is...........they are what a TRUE - AUTHENTIC Semi-Permanent Hair Color is. 
Authentic Semi-permanent hair color is hair color that does NOT have developer used to mix and apply. Semi-permanent hair color is hair color that can be shampooed out with absolutely NO LINE OF DEMARCATION.
Or, in other words........if you have  2 bottles or 2 tubes or 2 types of powder and another liquid.....of Any type that you have to mix together to apply to your hair, you are using permanent hair color. As long as you use developer, your Virgin hair color is altered.
BOOST and BURST - will NOT.........DO...........THAT !   They are TRUE authentic Semi-permanent Hair Color that we continue to make in large batches by hand. There is nothing like hand -made products in my opinion. Have you ever had a hand-made cake versus a store bought cake? 

OMG the difference is HHHHHHHHHuge

 So, those crap-in-a-box hair colors that you get at the drug store that print Semi-permanent on the box are downright lying.... These big corporations print whatever they think will sell on the box, not listening to what is correct and is maddening to me ( as you might be able to tell).
 We have the FDA but they just won't go up against L'Oreal , etc about labeling....I mean I would rather them fight the drug wars than worry about labels but somebody has to informa the public what is TRUE AND HONEST....

But anyway, I just want you to learn the truth and have honest - real education about your hair and the color that goes on it. A lot of you are developing sensitivities to hair color............BOOST and BURST will help solve these problems for you. You can play with them and even if you change your mind. These are 100% shampoo-out hair color. You simply begin using regular shampoo and remember YOU HAVE THE CONTROL of your color. 

The brightness of it..........depends on how long you leave it on. . . and how frequently you apply it. I have heard of 101 different ways people are using it. But to grow your hair color out and begin having some of the beautiful pastels like on the ladies above, I mean......what could be more fun! ? !?!?!?

Once your silver is grown out it is almost like having bleached hair, because as you see in the photo above they have applied a pastel semi-permanent color for fun directly on top of their silver hair.....
you can wear one color for 1 week......then another color 3 weeks later....and then when you don't want to color for a while just begin using regular shampoo - we even have BOOST and BURST in a color called PURE.............which means PURE WHITE !

See this new color
Begin with platinum hair color to achieve:
Smoking Hot Heart
Use Bleeding Heart on your BASE (roots)
Sterling OR Silver Bullet on lengths


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