April 21, 2010

The Inside Track to Hair This Summer

Hair That Bares It All

A whole lotta Amazing photos of superb hair, just enjoy and let them inspire you . . . inspire you to change and grow. . .step out of your comfort zone and get a new cut or a new daring color. You only live once… and the best thing about hair if you change it…
Crown n Glory251
Texture is ALWAYS in fashion, this is a cut I’ve been cutting for 15 years and it still remains one of my favorite just a Rockin’ Crop. 1/2 the look here is the wax used as a styling product. This is Water Wax from Redken I would bet highly on….
Crown n Glory244

Sweet- Demure & Delightful a humongous Fringe Sets off and CHANGES the stationery look of plain long hair….If you are bored with your long locks and aren’t ready to give them up…trying the fringe is the perfect solution.
Crown n Glory232

I can’t talk many into Red hair, but I always feel EVERYONE should try one shade of red ONCE in their lifetime… this girl is a natural redhead, but you could choose between a huge variety of Reds, its universal knowledge that Wella has captured the most Dynamic and long lasting reds in the biz…so start there….
Crown n Glory229

That is an awesome cut…its called a “midi”- - be brave, find the best Cutter in your town and take a copy of the picture, THAT’s how much I like this….go get one!
Crown n Glory235
Braids are “IN” big time this summer. . .little Braids – big braids – especially fishtail braids……..mmmmmm those are the best
Crown n Glory230
Now this is one way of adding a little interest to thin hair. BUT…. this girls is a model, and as cute as I think this is, I bet ‘she’ doesn’t like it. Just like you Jamie, she has thin hair, got a great cut “FOR –HER –HAIR” but if the client doesn’t like it then it is a terrible hair cut. Which is why I encourage people in taking photos and photos of OPPOSITES to your hair cuts. When you say LAYERS, the Stylist may have a complete different interpretation of LAYERS than you do. If you have a photo, and say I like this . . . I “don’t like this….
Crown n Glory237
Crown n Glory234
Crown n Glory246
Tangerine Dream

Crown n Glory231 BLONDE
BOMBSHELLSCrown n Glory233
Crown n Glory240
Crown n Glory241
Crown n Glory239
Check out the Violet Framing technique, on this BobCrown n Glory242
Crown n Glory247
Rose Beige & Coral Rose Slices . .
Crown n Glory236
Crown n Glory250
I’m pretty sure this model is the same one that last month had …………………………………….
Pink ????
hair ? ? ? ? ?
bombshell strands221
maybe not……….
oh well fun to compare. . . .
Killer Chemist
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