April 22, 2010

KillerStrands Blog- 3 Year Birthday - Comment

1 comment on "KillerStrands Blog- 3 Year Birthday - Comment"
  1. Hi KC
    Thank you for showing my comment. I am happy you had time to read it because you (hope Im not shallow)have changed my hair & my life. I hope some day I can give you a big hug. Really you are amazing!
    Too bad for all the fake "master colorists" or what ever the flashy discription these hacks I been to are calling themselves to jack up their prices & fry hair all in 60 to 90 mins time. Also too bad many are so egotistical that even when I have shared info on the crib color class they hardly listen and are fine just not knowing, they think they already know it all. Oh well, hopefully the chemical cuts clients receive happen after the appointment. Not funny!!!
    Take Care,


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