February 15, 2010

Hair Jordan, Jump For Joy : Awesome Water Solution

Hair Needs Acidic Water to THRIVE

When people come to me in search for the reason and solution of their hair loss/thinning, at any age mind you, one of my 1st – 15 questions is about their water. Fully anticipating the strange looks I am to receive – I quickly – have to explain my own personal theory on how the miserable water we are forced to drink & shower in is one part of a many faceted complex problem. Water…..seems so simple, doesn’t it?
So with February being SCALP month,I have found another product that will assist in helping your scalp be as clean and clear and pH balanced as possible. When you have a clear/clean/pH balanced scalp those little teeny-tiny hair strands are happy : the result? They will grow faster, longer and healthier, because they will be able to live properly through the 3 stages of a hair’s cycle.
Am not going to lie, I have been super anxious to receive this little gem of a product. Why? Because this technology has been around for a while, but the price made it prohibitive. When I was at the Hair Show (last week) I saw the company that made the ONLY brand I had ever seen in all my trade magazines. I actually bought one, finally…. because I have wanted one for myself for years. The price was ridiculous. I won’t buy something to sell to you that I wouldn’t buy myself, I promise. The one I bought at the Hair Show would sell for $50.00 - $52.50. Just too much.
Lets face it, for a water spray bottle that price is just not going to fly, not in this economy, nor would I buy it at that price. I have been waiting for it to come down in price, I knew it would.
Well, that one is still set at a ridiculous price, but I found another. Its called the WATER TRANSFORMER. Here is what it says on the front of the clear container it comes in:
Water Transformer is a revolutionary system that transforms normal faucet water into acidic soft water. Acidic soft water helps to remove FRIZZ and adds shine to damaged hair. When sprayed onto skin, acidic water helps to tone and refresh the skin.
8 oz. Water Transformer Bottle (8062
Transform your tap water and help eliminate frizzy, dry hair! This revolutionary system transforms normal faucet water into acidic soft water, which helps to tame frizzy, dry hair while infusing it with shine and softness. This ingenious 3-stage transformer contains Jojoba Oil Resin, Ion Exchange Resin and Silver Coated Carbons to add nutrients and moisture to skin and hair while eliminating chlorine and calcium impurities. When sprayed on the skin, the soft water will help to tone, refresh and gently condition the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and clean. When used on hair; shampoos and conditioners will lather better, hair color will last longer, frizzes are tamed and hair shines, see ……….why I have been anxious to have this arrive??
The Convenient 8 oz. size is easy to travel with.
Ideal for humid climates.
Use anywhere to enjoy increased softness, shine, and manageability.
An excellent compliment to ALL styling products.
What is in the filter?
Jojoba Oil Resin Nutrients to help skin and hair retain moisture.
Ion Exchange Resin Exchanges concentrated calcium and magnesium in water.
Silver Coated Active Carbon Helps to eliminate remaining chlorine and impurities in water.
Why is Acidic Water better for my hair? Acidic water helps to compact the hair cuticle layer. A compacted cuticle makes hair very smooth and shiny, preventing cuticle damage and tangling. Hair Coloring will last longer. Build-up and deposits of styling products can easily be washed off.
Why is Acidic Water better for my skin? Acidic water increases the skin's ability to absorb nourishment and nutrients from moisturizers and other treatment products.
How to use:

  • My Number 1 suggestion is to daily spray on your hair, use your common sense and work it in your own particular hair care routine. It will help static, shine and inner health of hair strands

  • Spray on hair in proper place when performing your color application and hair cutting appointments.
  • Spray on prior to styling.
  • Spray on skin whenever needed. Avoid spraying directly into eyes.

  • Caring for your Water Transformer:
    • Fill 2/3 of the bottle with water
    • When using for the first time, shake well and spray in the air about 20 times before use.
    • Clean bottle at least once a week by rinsing with normal tap water.
    • Clean and empty the bottle when not using for more than 7 days.
    • Do not use hot water
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Store at room temperature
    • Do not drink water in the bottle
    • Do not eat substance in the filter
    The cuticle of the hair strand is one of the most important parts of a strand of hair. I don’t want to bore you but remember we are all about education here. When the hair is magnified you will see the “scales” of the strand, which almost look like scales of a fish only a zillion times smaller. Here is a strand of hair magnified:
    Copy of vis319989
    The cuticle is what opens to allow hair color IN the hair, once the hair color is IN, using IN-DEPTH or IN-TENSIVE assists the cuticle in closing ( compacting) and locking that color IN the hair strand. When that cuticle is compacted - - laid down – the result is : Smooth & Shiny hair, preventing cuticle damage and tangling. There isn’t a person I know who doesn’t want that. Your Hair Color will last longer when the pH is taken care of by locking in those color molecules at the end of the hair color process ………..LLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE IT ! ! !
    Another little benefit that requires 2 of our products is Shampooing with the SOMA Scalp Shampoo ( my new fav.) followed by spraying some Acid balanced water from the Water Transformer helps to relieve the aggravation of dry itchy skin, chapped skin and eczema. Residual deposits of styling products can also be easily washed off when this water is used.
    I throw out the term “pH levels” constantly to you when I speak of how both of our products IN-DEPTH & In-TENSIVE work to return your hair to its perfect pH levels, I have touted the benefits of keeping the pH at their natural slightly alkaline levels for years and am thrilled that they are finally paying attention and making products like this.
    SKIN CARE with Alkaline water
    Alkaline water is negatively charged and an "antioxidant." Antioxidants reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals so with tap dancing around branching out into the Skin Care market, this product is just the beginning…..to Killer Skin - - Sssh its a secret!
    Most people forget that the largest organ on your body is your skin. It is also the most neglected for the size it is, I am a perfect testament to that statement. Please, take care of your largest organ, when your skin that “houses” the rest of your organs is healthy and thriving – the rest of your organs will function better. The skin is naturally an acid organ, People who regularly use acidic water ( from water treatment) to wash their bodies - mostly have younger looking skin than those who use hard water.
    With this spray bottle, we will enclose a FREE WATER TEST Kit which has 4 strips to test 4 different faucets + the guide to see where your water stands, on request – in box at checkout please put code:TESTMY WATER that will signal to us you want the water Test Kit.
    Do what I did . . . I tested my water in the shower with my water filter, that way I can tell when I need a new filter…then tested my kitchen sink water ( where I rinse my clients hair – remaining few I have left) – where I have a Reverse Osmosis Filter .To just check and see the difference.
    So, I hope you are as excited as I am for this new product, make sure you use it for both skin and hair. A squirt on the face 3 - 4 times every single day will refresh your face and set your make-up just work with it, try different
    Used as a rinse for the hair and body, providing a silky smoothness
    Helps to relieve the aggravation of dry and itchy skin, chapped skin and eczema too
    Now for a completely GGGGGGGGreat price
    check it out:
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    1. Hi! I was wondering how long this bottle is expected to last. Can it be used to treat water for a lifetime or do the benefits run out?



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