September 18, 2014

The End is Split, My Dear.......You should Give a Damn !

Split Ends ....  & the Silly Shampoo That Leads You To Believe everyone Has Been Working At The "Wrong-End-Of-The-Hair"...

Maybe they have :D

Heidi Klum is on this new TV commercial ??....... telling us that every hair product manufacturer has been working on the 'wrong' end of the hair....meaning the ends. 
I can tell you from experience that if you do not work on the ends especially for 'movie hair' like hers ... your hair will look like shit, my dear. I tell you I have been involved in so many of these commercials , yes, a while ago, but they haven't changed much - yet now they are lying even more) ! 

Still it just amazes how much these actresses lie through their teeth. I mean I just want one of them to stand up and say I would never use that drugstore crap. They are all so paranoid about their hair. So I call, BS, Miss Klum. From my sources she has been paid as little as $1 million dollars to say those words ( which took her maximum 8 hours and more like 4-6) ...and as much as $4 million. Do you believe her now?
Money is what talks here.
There is not 1 Hollywood Celebrity...........not Jennifer Garner, not Tina Fey, not who's that girl married to Ryan Reynolds....NOT 1 of them who has their bodyguards drive down to the local CVS and asks them to pick up a box of Color.....COME ON you do not believe them  do you??? 
Split Ends
Now this is a subject there is not a lot of info on - there truly isn't because it is pretty simple. I have seen a few commercials that would have you believe shampoo can prevent split ends, I also need to put my 2 cents in on that. The only way to deal with them is too cut the damn things off. There is this silly commercial that says split ends can be taken care of by shampoo --  shampoo is on your hair for what 2-3 minutes - maybe, max ? Something on your hair for 'minutes' cannot solve a whole lotta             anything, do not fall for that type of thing, ever. 
                                                                                                                " I don't need to give a damn...!"

Split ends occur ...
when the protective layer of the cuticle is removed from the tip of the strand. As a result, the hair splits into two or three strands, each two to three centimeters long, at its tip.

Some of the causes of split ends?
  • no haircuts
  • hair being cut with a razor
  • having fine hair
  • hot tools
  • putting hair back with cheap & damaging elastics
  • and the number 1 cause today???  Flat Irons
The ways to prevent split ends? Get your hair trimmed regularly, by regularly I mean ...every 6-8 weeks for shorter hair - every 10-12 weeks for long hair. With the way split ends are formed, I had certain clients that just had them way more than others. I started with oils many many years before Argan Oil appeared..........which seemed to sway the mind of every hair care buyer in the world. 

In my own opinion I have tried cheap oils... Hell 15 years ago I was trying sunflower oil from home and while it seemed to mask the split ends somewhat - when I began playing around with oils that are heavy in Vitamins and more rare - that is when the real changes started happening. Those people of Morocco must absolutely love the United States. There are other oils that work OK, but the truly miraculous results come from finer oils and oils that are worn in a braid or bun over night. 

Killerstrands Gleam and is one of our Top Sellers for more than 10 years !!! 10 years oils have been around in Malibu, California. You MUST try Gleam, 1 small bottle will give you the perfect tester so you can see the magic this one little Oil produces.

You need to cut split ends off as soon as you notice them . . . they will just keep splitting up the hair strand and if you didn't want your hair cut, you are going to be super sad when it continues splitting up that strand shorter and shorter. Think about your regular maintenance routine and try to identify why your hair is splitting. Hopefully you will notice what is the reason, the list is pretty defining.

Do you believe Miss Klum now?
Please look at every celeb that does TV commercials and know their paycheck is minimum $1 million. That is all that possesses them and frankly I have had my entire close family torn apart due to money and the desire to have more than the sibling next to them. I don't respect any celeb that does that and you shouldn't either.  my kids and I have always loved and respected Reece Witherspoon and most recently we saw her in one of these despicable ads. There is an actor I became friends with years ago and many times he would get offered 1-4 million dollars to sell something he didn't believe in and all of it could be made in 1 day. 

He's never been able to turn them down.....he's worth millions, I mean how many millions is enough to make you at least say no to  something you don't believe in and know that people will buy this hair product, even though you wouldn't use it in a million years?

I still believe that Gleam and a haircut 6 times a year on the low end and every 6 weeks on the high is the magical mystery tour ride to no split ends                 
8 comments on "The End is Split, My Dear.......You should Give a Damn !"
  1. Please don't post
    advertisements on this site, anywhere.
    Thank you, KC

  2. but... what is a curly-haired girl supposed to do? I want straight locks and no slit ends! damn you flat iron!
    - Jane

  3. Sweet Jane,
    My clients in that position - had a well-crafted Kera-Care Fibreguard (ONLY) "Relaxer" .

    Performed on their hair 4 times a year, by none other..

    none of this Brazilian upside-down Japanese Straightening system Bull-Shit - that pops up every other month.......just a good ole fashioned Michelle Obama-type Relaxer, from someone that is about as half nuts as me on having & keeping HEALTHY HAIR {GL on that one}

    The Stylist should be "on very high recommendation - only" !



  4. KC, I found your site about 3 weeks ago and have been reading, reading, reading some more and learning every chance I get. THANK YOU for all your hard work to educate your readers about hair care, color chemistry, products and how to become a 'crib colorist.' I seriously learn something new and applicable every time I read a post. Due to becoming educated about the Level System, Tone, answering the 14 questions about my hair, I am gaining confidence that I can do this. Again, thank you! Suzanne

    1. of course you can do it !....I know at first its over whelming.....and there is a lot of information, but as I tell everyone..Read and re-read, when I first learned this I made notes and I read and re-read when I didn't understand a concept this was my 3rd career in a long line of careers, that had absolutely nothing to do with the beauty if I can do it, all of you can do it.

      The way I learned was by reading a concept and re-reading......I promise you it eventually will sink in. Light bulbs come one after a time. So, keep plugging away! KC

  5. What is in gleam?

  6. Curious about what you think of olaplex? Hearing great things but I'm skeptical!


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