March 16, 2008

Healthy Hair Begins at The Root - 10,000Heads Protocol

What's the Damage?

More than 90% of women use conditioners
but nearly 75% say their hair is damaged.
What's wrong with this picture?
These numbers by Marie Claire magazine are no surprise to me...its something I have been working to combat for years, its just very hard when you feel and think you are the only one trying to combat it. But I trudge through this method, maybe just maybe I will reach the kind of numbers I hoped to before. The health of your hair has always been my main concern. Before anyone had heard of trying to have 'healthy hair' I had hair care cards printed up to give my clients after their first appointment with me - explaining my theory of hair care many of them were shocked that I even cared. Normal estimates of building a new Stylist clientele list are set at 2 years, in other words after 2 years you should have a full book of room for anymore....if you don't -- something is wrong with either your work or your personality or something. It took me 9 months and I always attributed that to my concern for the hair health of my clients.
There has never been the proper education in hair health, there aren't even any decent books written on the subject in print (except for Phillip Kingsleys) so its understandable that the general public truly has no idea where to start to have healthy hair.That will be my job here to put it out there via this blog as much as possible, I want to focus on the health of hair as well as coloring it.
72301762 The gap between the 90% of women that use conditioners..and the 75% that say their hair is damaged can be lessened ....but ONLY if their hair regimen is changed ...obviously the present one is not working
the survey in Marie Claire also notes that 79% of women are on a mission to solve their damaged hair problem.

So many of the problems and complaints I hear are preventable I wish I had a daily television show and could review these methods . . because most of them are 100% preventable. Not all and yes there are some legitimate problems out there. . . . but nowhere near the 45 million women that are currently suffering. If my 10 steps would be followed I can guarantee there would AT least be 1/2 that many suffering from hair loss - thinning - damage....and I would be much more accurate if I quoted the number at 75%! That is a significant amount of people that would be cured and would be living a much happier and healthier life.

Lets go over 5 of the 10 steps for review
#1 Nutrition........You must change this category & it is not about eliminating food it is about adding the proper foods to make sure you are getting proper nutrition to keep the hair cycle from dying out and fading away. Eat breakfast every single day and eat protein for breakfast - eat broccoli - an apple / and a handful of almonds every single day. All of this is explained in detail back a few months in this blog if you want a more detailed explanation.
#2. Shower Filter...... If you cannot drink the water out of your tap.....then it is too lousy for your hair as well. You need to invest in a shower filter for the shower you use. You can get them for $50. up to $150.....Aquasana seems to be the most popular - scope them out on the web...for a good price
#3. Shampoo . . . . This is soooooooo important, please throw away all your shampoos that are not sulfate-free. I have been touting this horrible ingredient for years and finally the shampoo companies are all coming out with a "sulfate-free' model in the next year. Shampoo alone can explain away fading, orange-y & yellow-y casts, dryness, trashed & destroyed hair. If I really went into the basics of some of the "surfactants" that the manufacturers use to 'clean' your hair you would faint. They just have been way too harsh in my opinion and in my opinion is a huge reason for the tremendous hair loss rise in women in the past 10 years. So please, do your homework and make sure the shampoo you purchase doesn't have SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or ALS ( Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate) or anything remotely close to those names. Write them down put them in your wallet, so you have them the next time you are shopping, I'm sorry but I just wouldn't trust the sales help...they don't know.
dv551042 hair00002
4. Stress-Free Daily life > you will probably chuckle at this one, like oh sure that's easy to do.. When people pay money to the clinic to become a 30 or 90 day client, they are required to follow all 10 steps, I know they never DO follow all of them but I pray they follow the most they can handle. This step requires 2 activities I tell them are imperative...
#1 Yoga for 35-45 minutes 3 or 4 days per week- the UPSIDE DOWN factor is what helps this a large percentage of the time
#2 Walking 35-45 minutes 3-4 days per week with NO music and No other people - alone with your thoughts
5. Water . Must drink at least 1 quart of WATER every day. Water energizes the root of the hair strand and that is where the decision and the future of your hair lies....IN THE ROOT.
The only way to turn health starved hair into luxurious hair is by drastic CAN be clients do it all the time....
When a little confused as to which topic needs attention I hope to always go back to the basics, the health of the hair. When trying to solve the daily nightmare of get your hair right . . . because as we all know when your hairs not right. ...neither is your day. This Blog's goal is to stress the importance of 'prevention' rather than 'treatment' a little statement I stole from the medical community - that is what doctors tell patients about Cancer, well it also applies to hair health. I'm telling you if I can have this obnoxiously long thick hair so can every one of you.
I know many of my clients that are experiencing hair loss that would trade cancer for hair loss any day...isn't that amazing to even imagine? So even if you don't have this problem be aware that right now over 45 million women are suffering from this in the year 2008, that is one helluva lot of women. The problem is growing at an incredible rate, I want to help that stop. 10,000 Heads is the best protocol I have seen or heard of to date . . . if this is an issue for you email me and we can get you started.
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  1. Heya,

    Thank you very much for replying i loved ur message. Yes, ill go back anre -reand the color wheel theory which as u said is probably something i missed or just didnt apply in practice ....

    Also, is the formula you gave me which picture is it for is it this one:

    or is it this one (box cover)

    cause the forumla that i guessed was for the boxed im assuming the one you gave is for the hellacious hair one (THE BLOG PICTURE)....

    The main reason im useig redken is cause of availibilty .....and cause i already bought them before knowing about color hopefully i loooking forward to using that in the future..

    Please do tell me how shades eq compares to color touch when u test out ...that wud be interesting.

    BTW: i think i smart phone is like a pda phone meaning it had lots of function ...such as blackberry....i think ..LOL

    Thanx Again


    P.S since this comment secion is a few posts behind ill post it both here and on the recent post just due to easier manegment..hope u dont mind.

  2. Hiya me again,

    can you also tell me if possible the best formula using wella Koleston Perfect ( using UK version..if that matters)

    also if i wanted to use colour touch UK what formula would i use?

    how to achieve this color:

    I was thining maybe to achieve that color using koleston i would use this formula.. (please note im probably complestely wrong ..)

    •1 oz 10/1 Lightest Ash Blonde.
    •1/2 oz 10/16 Lightest Ash Violet Blonde.
    •1/2 oz 10/38 Lightest Gold Pearl Blonde.

    what do u think .....?

    Please let me know thanx


  3. Veronica,
    the formula is for the one on my blog, if you look back at your message both of your requests were the same photo....

  4. Veronica,
    I don't know the UK version of Koleston Perfect...Sorry

  5. hiya...yh that was typo lool..if possible can u give the the formula (using the US version of koleston or whatever..etc)

    for the picture:

    or any other hair color brand i just need a general formula so i ca use it as a dye (dont worry lol im not using my hair im using the dummy..etc) im just practicing the formulations...



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