March 29, 2008

Highlights are History : Contrast and Harmony Hit Hair

When 'life' hands you a curve ball

and you can't make sense of it

color your hair

Shots of Color will empower you

It is extremely diffIcult to get a hold of well lit, studio photographs of hair color techniques. These are some of my best, but this is almost all of them! Silly, huh? What I would encourage you all to do? Substitute colors that suit you in place for the ones you see here.
6 comments on "Highlights are History : Contrast and Harmony Hit Hair"
  1. I don't have a lot to say except those pics are beautific...

  2. i have an idea.. it would be nice to do this: we upload one or more pictures of yourselves and you with your colorist wisdom tell us what shades would you choose based on our skin tone, our eyes and your imagination.. u give us a normal version and perhaps a more extreme version with crazy colors that you would choose.But the idea is that you more than anybody else can choose a blond shade more accuratelly.. then any of us that decides to do it..can upload photos of the results and we can have a contest to see who actually made it!what do you think? do u have the time to do this?

  3. i meant we upload pictures of ourselves - i messed it up :p

  4. What brand of color do you think is best (i.e. best quality and longest lasting) for blues and greens? I know I've seen Renbow's Crazy Colors talked about on here, what do you think of them vs. Special Effects, Manic Panic, etc...? Or if there is a way to get funo colors in a more permanent variety...?


  5. Hey Heather,
    Thanks for clarification, we are getting very busy so remembering everyone's code name's and emails is next to impossible for me.

    The difference in the Crazy Color Brands (to a Colorist) is how the color comes OUT of the hair. Crazy colors are notorious for fading to a GREEN-GREY-MUSH. Which is not so good for a blonde or really any color hair.

    So a very very long time ago...Sassoon went on a mission to figure out which line, including all from USA & EUROPE,did not have that fading problem. They came up with Renbows line they call KRAZY KOLORS- - -as you shampoo they fade completely normal, no green-grey yuck, at all.They are all completely intermixable - yet come in 20 yummy colours. I would never use any other color s but these.
    /they have not mastered a permanent crazy colors yet, although are working on it as we speak. A couple of my cosmetic chemist buddies that specialize in hair color, are working on that very problem, they have been working on it for 5 1/2 years - SO FAR!! Some day soon, although I said that exact thing 10 years ago.

  6. I loved Krazy Kolors, but the places I know here in Melbourne (Australia) stopped stocking them so I had to branch out and try some others. My favourite has been Affinage Colour Dynamics. I found that not only did the colour last well (I need to redye as much for regrowth as for colour loss) but instead of fading an icky non-colour, it faded into a different colour. Often when I'm 4 weeks in to a dye job and needing to do it again, friends start commenting that I've changed my hair colour - I haven't, but the way the dye fades makes it seem like it's a different colour (ie. Moody Blue goes on a medium blue but fades to almost aqua). Straight purple seems to wash out quickly, but the reds and blues last well.
    I didn't like the pink so much in that range, but found the pink in Rusk Scream to be fantastic - very vibrant. A trouble I often found with the crazy colour dyes was getting depth into the colour. I have dark blonde hair which bleaches easily, but some bright colours look a bit "thin" on it. Rusk Scream had all the depth I could ask for.
    To get depth and different shades throughout my hair, I usually add some of the blue by Scruples Urban Shock on top of the blue by Affinage Colour Dynamics.
    I haven't tried any of the other colours in the Scruples Urban Shock range, but I have found that liking one colour in the range doesn't mean I'll like them all.
    As far as good blues, I've never found just one blue satisfactory - I usually mix a blue with a greeny light base with a darker purpley base blue to get a mid-range blue that won't fade to green.


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