March 7, 2008

The Powerful Pirouette Rages On: 1 Hair Color Technique Covers All

Rose Beige Toner

No Toner - Just Bleach

See the STAR SHAPE? Just one small shape of a star creates this look . . . which can be changed - altered - re-colored

On each point was added a different crazy color - Pinkissimo on one point Tangerine on the next.

AS it washes out the colors change....It can even be make a silver or darker brown for a more elegant affect.
All in all a very versatile manner of coloring the hair and it works with all lengths of hair

7 comments on "The Powerful Pirouette Rages On: 1 Hair Color Technique Covers All"
  1. Thank you for the helpful info AND the wonderful pictures. The doll heads really help visualize the different techniques. I hope you know how much we appreciate the inspiration and work you put into this blog!

    I'm thinking about trying it - but a big jump from the level 9 blonde!

  2. nikki,
    This blog is keeping me alive right now
    I am quite sick
    so the more it inspires you the better I feel

    yes, a big step....but I bet one you will enjoy
    change is a good thing


  3. OMG - i hopy u feel better soon *hugz*

    i have a quesiton for you

    whats this 10000 heads thing? i know it for hair loss but i cant seem to find the steps or directions for it ..can you tell me more.

  4. 10,000 HEADS is a Protocol that I kind of stumbled upon using my research and Chemistry as my back up. It was a fluke really, it ended up being a GOLD mine....

    This is a 12 Step Program that WORKS for:
    1) hair health
    2) Growth
    3) hair Strength &
    4) Length
    Its not just for hair loss, although that was what I began it for, I had treatments and had lost lots of my hair, well being in this business that just will not work. (i thought i would be going back to work)
    So I set out on a mission to truly solve hair loss and hair thickness. The problem has run over into our youth, I have lots of female teens with hair loss issues - well- now
    I know how that can be solved. I have many many girls in high school on this program - it works that well and on that aged client.

    There is a trick to 10,000 HEADS and its the combination of the 2 supplement steps. Its some
    Never before heard of
    Never before tried

    I had originally wanted to save
    it for a book.
    THAT is how great and wonderful the discovery is.
    The reason you do not see the program is I have kept it a secret,

    Its THAT special.

    It works THAT well.

    In all my years I would say this is the one true remarkeable discovery I have ever made...

    I truly think I could solve hair loss and hair thinning in women..
    for at least 80% of all the women with the problem...
    THAT is remarkeable if you ask me .

    It involves a SUPPLEMENT that already exists, but not a soul knows about it. Not even the company that makes it!

    So YOU tell me, How can I benefit off of my discovery?

    to be honest....I was trying to figure out how I could make a buck off of it.
    THAT is how special it is and that is how well it works.

    I hate to bring everything back to money, but sometimes - you just have to.

    Any suggestions?

    Killer chemist

    There are 2 required supplements that must be purchased for the 90 day Trial period.
    AT 90 days we will know if the program works for you or not, so you aren't aimlessly nor ENDLESSLY
    working on this, a problem many face.

    There is a start & stop date. There are 2 specific supplements you must agree to purchase for the 90 day Preliminary Qualifier - 1 from me (THRIVEN) and the other from Target.
    then given a list of 10 Steps that we ask you to work on and study and apply.Each step should get 9 days of your time and if you are a smoker for example that would be a huge RED FLAG and our numbers would not be the same. Smoking anything whether it be tobacco or Weed is a huge NO NO for HAIR.

    igh as 88% success rate with this.

  5. Can i sign up to it ?

    Cani buy the supplement and procotl from you ?

    Where do i go what do i do now?

  6. Jackie,
    Yes, I would love to have some new 10,000 HEADS Cients. I have plenty here in California, and in my area only.
    I am very anxious to get the program out to other women in various other parts of the country, to make sure that I have the same numbers and grand success I have had here in southern California.

    The program needs to begin immediately with you purchasing the THRIVEN when that arrives it will haqve the Protocol and the name of the supplement, that you must purchase which costs about $34.00 per month.

    What I need you to do is to send me an email with your zip code, I will calculate the shipping for one jar of THRIVEN. and then send you a request for FUNDS through PAY PAL to your do not even need an account...its super safe and secure, which I like.

    Please email your request (quantity,etc ) to
    1-8 OZ jar of THRIVEN: $50.00
    2-8 OZ Jars : $89.00
    3-8 oz jars $125.00
    includes plastic caps to cover head.
    This is an overnight treatment, first month 2 X per week, depending on each persons problem would be how long I would have them go 2 X a week.

    Thank you,

    Killer Chemist

  7. Hi KC,
    When you have time, can you post the head sheet for Piorette technique? I am also interested in variations too.
    thank you


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