March 23, 2008

Smart Sally Sells Simple Shampoo - Hershberger Hails Healthy Hair

Sally Hershberger - one of few I truly and highly admire

Here is a partial review from the L.A.Times . . . I have not tried the products yet, when I do I will tack my own review on to the end, and will try to complete within a couple weeks.

Thank goodness star stylist Sally Hershberger's hair care line is a more reasonable price than her hair cuts.

SHE may be the hair stylist to the stars, and a reality TV star in her own right, but Sally Hershberger wants to get her hands on the heads of ordinary Americans. Her new hair care line, Sally Hershberger Supreme Head, includes 14 moderately priced items sold exclusively, for now, at Walgreen's. Shampoos and conditioners are $9.50, while styling products are $12 -- about half the price of a prestige product, and of course, far, far less than Hershberger's $800 haircuts.

Hershberger, a shag specialist with a monthlong waiting list, judge on Bravo's "Shear Genius" and stylist to Brad Pitt, Jane Fonda, Hillary Clinton, Tom Cruise and, most famously, Meg Ryan, says she is letting the rest of us in on the secret to her tousled 'dos."I always felt that 50% of hair looking good is from what you put in it," she said on a recent swing through L.A. And, apparently how you put it on: To that end, you can click on and watch the master demonstrate how each product can achieve particular looks.

Want a hip pixie? Rub in Wreck and Roll Texturizing Cream. Gorgeous waves, just like Gisele B√ľndchen? Maintain volume with a dose of Style Primer for wavy hair and a blow dryer's diffuser attachment. "Sally's Signature Shagg" comes to life with Style Primer and Shagg Spray, followed by an apparently random blow-drying, picking and tousling.The demos help. Although the lightly fragrant shampoo creates a high-sudsing, long-lasting clean, and the thick conditioner tames some frizz, they're not "wow" products is the review by the L. A. Times Writer.

Me? Haven't gotten my hands on them yet, but am in process and will tack on my own review after experimenting. But from what I know of her - her standards - her mission - her theories, I would be first in line to try these wonderfully priced items and I commend her for making a great product avaiable to the everyday client.
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  1. Hiya,

    I ahve a question i hope you can help me with:

    I want to tone my hair with 10V but im confused on one thing. Generally, i understand developers are te same no matter what the manufacturer is (albeit some have extra conditioners..etc)

    But anyway, WELLA states that if your toning using KOLESTON PERFECT (PASTEL TONING) you must use Welloxon Pastel in the ration 1:2 (color:developer).

    That's ok with me...but what strength is the pastel thinking its this correct? Also, as long as i have the same strength of developer can i use another manufacturer's developer (in this case RedKen's 2%)...

    Please let me know.


  2. Now here's hoping they're SLS free.

  3. Hi KC,
    I looked here and found some plastic 1 oz. cups - HTH

  4. Hey KC,
    Is it possible for you to do a post on finding the right haircut? I have an oval face and very thick, wavy/curly, soft hair. I've always kept my hair at least a couple of inches below the shoulder and I'm looking for change. Would something mid-length like Victoria Beckam give me too much "poof"? Should I go for a cut more along the lines of Agyness Deyn? Any help would be very appreciated.

  5. woooooooooooooooow is this ur new site:

    why keep a secret loool.

    Aslo regarding ur GOOGLE GROUPS...

    why dont u make a FORUM under a free houst..that will be so much easier for us to ask questions..
    and u can divde hem to sections

    FOR instance one seciton about basic coloring

    one section about formulation and advanced coloring

    one section about her health and protocol

    one about shampoos

    one about conditioners

    one thread about relaxing


    heck maybe devide blondes in one seciton ..etc

    WOOW that wud be a good idea let me know if u ever need help

    different site that host free forums:

    Please let me know im sooo interested in a KILLERSTRAND ALL ABOUT HAIR FORUM !!!



  6. I agree with jessica, the google group is confusing.
    I'm sure that we'd all be willing to kick in a few $ for a discussion board if the free ones aren't good.

  7. here is an easy GREAT free one:

    if you want more just do a search in google for "free forum hosting" or "free bb forum"..etc (bb= bulittin board).

    Again, let me know if u need help


  8. Mayette,
    you must be in europe
    Pastel developer:1.9%
    Yes you can use 2%

    killer chemist

  9. Ally,
    She wouldn't endorse anything that wasn't (I hope) she IS a "cutter" not a colorist..big difference.

  10. Hey there you are mad scientist, thanks - got some and appreciate the help.....thanks so much

  11. VANZ,
    Yes, cut it.
    Big long hair is soooo OVER....CUT CUT CUT it.
    I'm funny about hair cutting...I'm a sculpture from years back so I go totally off the person. I just think making a big general statement like that is too broad so I really hesitate in taking that route. I have never believed in the ole "face shape" theories. EVER. I feel they came up with that theory to have something to write in a magazine about haircuts. Otherwise -- what would you tell people with qustions like yours?
    Lots of people ask too!
    If you have to make the decision without being able to see the hair and touch the hair then the questions should be:
    what is your hair texture?(fine medium coarse)
    hair thickness?
    hair density?( thin medium thick)
    wave pattern?
    and growth pattern??

    yes a tiny bit the face shape, but I don't get all into the "heart" the "square" they are all very minute changes to me...and if you have thin hair then the shape has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I have thought about just relaying what some of my cohorts say about it, but that's hard for me. I also believe that almost ( that's almost) anyone can wear any length hair.
    I take cutting very serious My hair cuts take 90 minutes generally, its an artistic adventure for me so generalizing is hard.
    I will tackle it though, I promise.
    I would much rather deal in specifics like each person . . .individually. I made every single person that sat in my chair fill out a 20 point questionaire, so I could have some background on 'the person' before the cut...which helps. Like their fav' music,their age, their lifestyle, their job, their clothing style, and my number 1 question was always, what is their favorite shoe??
    I could sum up a person with that one question in a pinch.
    So haircuts . . . are not a generality to me.
    They are personal.

    For you, the best info you gave away was the "very thick - wavy, curly" part, that can be the very restrictive part of your hair. BIG POOF has most likely always been your worst problem - correct?

    If you were in my chair? I would recommend getting a relaxer, soley to give you some flexibility and fun with your hair. Done right they are the most life changing hair process on the planet...I had many women send me the most incredible thank yous after having one, it used to blow me away.

    Then going for a Beckham or Katie or one of the cool new choppie cuts that I just adore and rock.

    If you don't relax (straighten) it, the amount of time you would have to spend on blowdrying and flatironing would be ridiculous - i think. ( would it?)
    There is defintely the Agyness, there is nothing finer than that. Does that suit everything in your life?
    If it does then what's stoppin you?

    Hair cuts need to be something that you find the best cutter you can afford. There is just no way around this one...I am embarrassed to say I have hair to my bra-strap right now because I don't know of decent 'cutter'.
    But I would LOVELOVELOVE one of the new cuts. So if I can't I think YOU SHOULD!!

    Have I answered enough for your situation....I won't get to the hair cut post for a little bit...but its a coming.

  12. Jessica,
    WOW , I just looked at that forumotions and loved it... I had no looks so easy to upload photos etc... THAT is what I was complaining about as far as the damn Google navigation etc..I cannot believe someone like that has such a horrible system.
    I thought maybe they would help with bringing more people to the site and the group - they haven't helped one bit I have paid for every penny and every person practically... Google sucks.. I have given them such a chance... I am looking into moving the blog to the website I just don't know how to do any of it.
    I've had that web address forever , I'm trying - I'm trying...I am not a computer person...but have found a girl( a hair sytlist too! ) that does know 'puters and she is going to come on board with me...
    HEATHER are you there??
    Introduce yourself ....
    She also is in Chicago and I'm on the west coast so i thought that might be a good mix as well.
    she knows computers...So she wants to help that way....and others...we are still talking and thinking.
    I will have her write a post to introduce herself.
    So about those FORUMS, they look super easy to work with....what's your take on them - educate me on pros and cons please.
    They are not attached to the site -- right?

  13. Aria,
    OOOOHHH that is soooooooo funny, I HATE the google Group and am so glad to hear you all do too. It impossible to navigate and idiotic to operate. I hate it.

    I'm out of there . . . just give me a little time to learn and make a smart decision.....I'm going to ask for helps .
    thanks again

  14. Heya,

    OMG - im sooooooo thrilled you liked the forum idea..

    my two favourite forum host are

    i think these are the best of the best.

    OK so you want pros and cons of forums here they are:


    * easy for readers to navigate to
    * easy for you to answer/teach/explain/illustrate to your readers

    * easy to post picture via picture hosting such as (u just selevt the forum link and copy and paste it)

    * its amazing in communication - it really becomes a community ppl offer adivce to one another under your knowledge and supervision ofcourse (i can literally see it attraxt a whole new ppl....for instance.. HairTalk ( does have a mixed demographic and does have a seciton o fhair color..but its no where near as detailed as yours.... and LongHairCareForum ( in ethnic/curly/relaxed hair and sutyff..which u also specialise in...

    so people of both forums will come to ur forum and well be so great !!!!!!

    * you can divide your topics into sections..for instance...ONE on hair health one on HAIR loss one on HAIR color one on HAIR ReLAXERs.....then in side each seciton there will be "threads" one tread for isntanc will be in the hair color section thats only about TONERS or BLEACH ......etc

    you can also have a seciton jsut for pictures for instances for shade charts..etc (like ur FILES section in google groups)
    basically combining HaitTalk + LHCF + KILLERCHEMIST KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE + and the secret plus is BTC ( ....

    This way you can attract not only new readers and beginners but also provide the nessary step for more advanced readers...that already read your blog and have the basics down ...but dont know how to apply it ..for instances, formulations, and the whole dolly/molly sigment (THAT WAS GREAT MY FAV DOLLY omg love it love the step by step pics AMAZING !!!!)

    So if we think about it ..u can easily cover every single aspect that comes into ur head...i think the main thing the internet DOESNT have for us hair theres is no middle ground....i mena theres is a forum for basics about hair colorng such as Hair Talk...then u have the tooo advanced websites such as BTC ( and ASKMAGS ( BUT there's no middle ground that helps people to transtion and not just get lost i the technicality.

    that way we can USE our CRIB COLORIST knowledge to become TRUE CRIB COLORIST!!! (omg can you till im so excited) for the cons.

    * its will take some time to actually gather ppl to the site..usualyl it will be by WOM (word of mouth) the starting up phase will be a little slower..but the sucess with ur site u can introduce them to the new forum

    * it might get stressful in the first place to actually do everythign by urself...that where ur readers com to help U !!! loll

    * another obviously the forum will bhe a huuuge sucess.....thus, haters might come there and "spam" or coz some fueds (very unlikely)

    * probably the main disadvantage is ofcourse like any other forum ....readers will have to sign up or register to a free acount berfore posting..etc (which is not a big deal actually !)

    * another con is basically THERE IS none ....cons usually they come and go as the site progresses..such as maybe the host going offline due to maintinance (rarely)

    I know i wrote alot but i just got so excited ...sorry

    Anywho let us know how it goes,



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