March 14, 2008

12 Common Habits That Will Destroy Your Hair

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  1. Is there any difference in the retouch process with Magma vs. regular oil bleach?

  2. How did you get yourself some MAGMA? I love that stuff although the price is insane, I just got the newest color..

    As far as relating the two products...that's kind of an odd question.
    They both do differnt things.
    Oil bleach has a purpose as does MAGMA, those of us in the hair show biz etc. take those boundaries and shatter them, its part of our goal in life.
    But for the Layman the boundaries should be kept strongly in mind.
    Oil Bleach is an On-the-Scalp Bleach, I would guess most Stylists use it solely when they have a full bleach and Tone, I know many don't like it because of the mess and the consistency. Me- I use it whenever I can because the condition of the hair turns out better - a huge plus in my book. just BLeachs the hair - that's it.
    MAGMA - Is a super expensive colored Bleach - that actually Really works. They've tried this before and it hasn't worked. Magma is an "OFF-the-Scalp" Bleach You wouldn't want to be applying it directly to the scalp, as it will most likely burn sting and also COLOR IT.
    What it does do very very well is BLEACH & TONE in 1 STEP.
    Wella has come out with some beautiful beiges within MAGMA - instead of just white or yellow - as a regular bleach does - they have added toner into the bleach. So it saves time, but the best part is the color and tones LAST and this works very well on Level 2 thru 6 hair a category that does not get much attention.

    As far as re-touch process, they are different animals so the process would not be the same. One is ON-the-scalp the other - "OFF-The-Scalp....
    Those 2 buggers are not done the same - but it has nothing to do with it being MAGMA or OIL BLEACH - they are different entities.
    Make sense?


  3. Yes. IT makes sense now. Thank you. I was going to buy it but now I will wait because the lengths of my hair need to grow out for a couple of months first. My hair looks so much better now thanks to you. I had my husband help me with the back of my hair and it looks great again and I am saving so much money doing it at home.

  4. I've used powder bleach and oil bleach on my hair and I find oil bleach just as, but not more messy than powder bleach. And a huge plus for me is that is doesn't dry out. It might have just been cause of the hot summer days, but powder bleach seems to dry out FAST, and oil bleach not at all.

    Wow a bleach that tones aswell. That sounds amazing. Too bad it's off the scapl though.

  5. I really need to do a whole post on the MAGMA, because it is a truly remarkeable product, its just so damn expensive. But it is revolutionary...especailly for the Level 2-7 set
    Which is a huge segment of the population, all the ethnics groups -etc.. But the toner end of the color really works and works well. PLus on top of that this is the first color on the planet that comes with an AFTER TREATMENT Cream as PART OF THE ACTUAL application. The cream is a pH balancer which makes the total purchase that much more as they stress that it is mandatory for the application! Which to me, is "about damn time" ...But I am the only one that stresses that fact and that is only because of my understanding of chemistry.
    if others knew that they would also apply it...i think?!>@?

    Anyway - soon a post on MAGMA so everyone can learn about what exists one company!



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