March 22, 2008

Celeb-hairology - Hair Trends of Rich and Famous

The newest look,

I say . . . DO IT

its a remarkeable change and updates your look
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  1. In the blog "Celeb-hairology - Hair Trends of Rich and Famous", the third picture from the top- is the lightest drip a rose beige? It's a lovely color.

    And what about the photo of the woman under "Panels of Ash Blondes for Darker Hair?" Her hair looks kind of gold, but it's really nice.

    Do you have any recommendations for a nice caramelly blonde? I'm thinking about changing things up. Thanks!!!

  2. I love love love the katie cut. Don't think i have the face for it though.

  3. Minga,
    I missed this sorry...

    Yes, you have it right, the lightest ribbon is a rose of my favorites.
    I'm not sure what you mean by recommendations for carmelly you mean specific colors? Brands...or what?

    I need levels first, remember?
    -- the blind colorist(!!)

    Killer chemist

  4. I love the third one from the top! I wish I could do that to my hair, but sadly where I work (a restaurant) we're supposed to have only "natural" colored hair. :-(

  5. katiedid:
    do you mind me asking where you live?
    I didn't know places did that anymore?
    Sounds illegal to me.... but I guess the owner can do what he wants...the one you like is very subtle. I do hope you can do it one day as well - - - KC

  6. I'm in NY (not the city). Its a "fine dining" place so I guess they want to keep an "upscale" setting. It's ok though, I won't be there forever, hopefully after this I'll be able to play with some colors a little more. :-)

  7. Hey fashionistas & mr fashioners.
    I saw the 3rd photo from the top (purple & carmee) in one our hair magazine. I know the hair was done by Goldwell USA with their "Elumen Hair Color" line but any chance someone might know the colors they used? Ive searched everywhere!
    Write Me at!

  8. I love Gisele's hair its just plain beautiful!! And SJP always looks fabulous!! I wish my hair would just grow! Any suggestions on how to make your hair grow long/faster??? Love your blog!

  9. GP,
    Please read the Posts on 10,000HEADS: then get yourself on as many of the 14 Steps as you possibly can, And then watch the miracles begin. Your hair will grow faster and longer than it ever has...there is just a small percentage of people it doesn't work on ...
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    Watch your hair begin to change and begin to flourish...KC


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