March 24, 2008

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow -- Female Pattern Baldness

For women, balding or hair loss has more serious consequences for quality of life than for men
Dealing with this issue in droves has indebted me to the degree of difficulty this problem is posing for a huge portion of the women in America today. To date . . it is not spoken openly about, addressed regularly, or even reported on with much interest and I'm not sure why. One thing I know for sure, is that it is a HUGE huge problem and it is only getting worse - by the month - by the week - by the day. It concerns me deeply so approx. 4 years ago when I first noticed it growing out of control, I began my research. Casual at first, intense as the days went on.
I know I am not a whiz bang MIT trained research scientist, about the farthest thing from...BUT, I have worked on over 10,000 heads of hair, spent 3 years studying cosmetic chemistry, learned the art of microscopic hair analysis and most importantly had the problem myself and owned hundreds of clients with it as well - that are now completely cured. A pretty decent resume and history in my own mind, I guess and hopefully in yours.
I'd like to begin the next couple months ongoing series of Hair Today Gone Tomorrow with my experiences reading and analyzing a particular study performed in Japan that I found extremely helpful & hopeful. This study examines the efficacy of the hair growth promoter t-flavanone on female pattern baldness. Now before I lose you, I better bring it on down to earth . . Over 2000 natural plant extracts were tested
as an herbal medicine that promote the proliferation of hair follicle cells. t-flavanone is more commonly known as Hypericum Perfortum and has been regarded as a salve, a gargle and an herbal tea with an excellent robust effect.
The types and degrees of hair problems for women vary with country and races, however they can be roughly classified into 2 groups: frizzy & less volume. The reports are that fewer women than men suffer sever alopecia (hair loss)but for many women the hair density and hair diameter decrease as they grow older. Reductions of hair volume have a great impact on appearance.
For women, balding or hair loss has more serious consequences for quality of life than for men. On
e characteristic of hair loss in females is a widespread and diffuse balding area that differs considerably from male pattern baldness and makes it more difficult to diagnose alopecia in women. Its the manner in which the hair is lost that is deceiving. . . men lose up the power alleys, on top of the head and along the hairline so it is noticed much more. With women it is an all - over even loss of hair - much more difficult to notice by the eye. The woman herself of course, notices, the ponytail is thinner, the general bulk of the hair continues to deteriorate.
The hair cycle consists of three phases. In the anagen or growth phase, hair matrix cells grow rapidly, extending the hair shafts. In the catagen phase, hair matrix cell growth is diminished and epithelial cells around hair bulbs undergo apoptosis (death of cell). In the telogen or resting phase, hair follicles shrink and stop growing.
The anagen period of normal human hair growth is as long as 4-7 years, but is some kinds of alopecia, it gradually become shorter and finally decreases to only a few months. As a results, the hair does not grow to be hard, thick terminal hair, but remains as thin, short vellus hair and enters the catagen phase. I have learned that thick hair is produced during the anagen so it is important to act on hair follicles during that phase to improve hair volume. To make hair thicker for effective hair growth promotion is is necessary to increase anagen hair and also to maintain the anagen period of each hair follicle.
Previous work by Kao Corporation in Japan and one scientist named HOTTA has identified both a planet extract with hair follicle stimulation activity and an in vitro model for testing the effect of factors on the developmental processes of the hair follicle.
Now this is the part I found fascinating, in order to determine the efficacy of the t-flavonone to treat female baldness the authors in Japan performed a double blind placebo controlled study on 23 Japanese women.
Based on the authors system of classifying female pattern baldness with scores from I to VIII ( Figure 4)
the women received scores from II to VI. 13 were assigned to the group treated with t-flavonone and another 10 women were assigned to the placebo group.Test materials for this study were lotions with and without the t-flavanone active ingredient at .1%. Subjects applied lotion twice daily for 24 weeks to all scalp areas around the balding area ( the parietal area).
From a square 5mm by 5mm in the parietal area at the beginning and end of the 24-week test, the hairs were removed at the scalp surface by cutting. The cut hairs were weighed and counted and the hair diameter was measured. The weight of the hair treated with
t-flavanone was found to increase by 9.4% while that of the placebo decreased by 4.7%. This result was statistically significant. With regard to the number of hairs the hair diameter the group with the t-flavonone tended to improve more than the placebo group.
A much larger efficacy study happened next with 54 women selected with significant hair loss levels. This time 28 with the t-flavonone and 26 in the placebo. The time frame was the same, but this time photographs were taken, a Phototrichogram was performed on each subject ( see inset)which basically measures the diameter of the hairs and finally Dermatologists evaluated the general effectiveness of the 2 treatments.
As shown in Table 1, 22 of the 28 subjects in the t-flavonone treated group were evaluated as improved by visual evaluation ( 19 were improved slightly, 2 were improved clearly), while only 7 of the 26 in the placebo group were classified as improved (ya gotta wonder about those?!!!?!?) checkout the great example in Figure 5
While the average diameter of all hairs from the observation spots significantly increased by 13% in the group treated with t-flavonone, it decreased in the placebo group by 5.0% The average diameter of anagen hairs also increased by 12% . Both of those difference are statistically significant.
Figure 6 shows the results of the dermatologists judgements on general effectiveness: 82% of the group treated with t-flavonone and 27% of the placebo group were evaluated as slightly effective or better. The differences are statiscally significant. I just think this is such an easy - simple solution and why it is not in many formulations is beyond me.
THRIVEN and 1 of its secret ingredients : T-flavonone
I have incorporated t-flavonone into THRIVEN taking advantage of its colorless, odorless and ethanol soluble properties making it easy to use. I feel the formula needs to be on the head overnight 1-2 nights per week and if possible used as a daily conditioner as well. Whether it be T-Flavonone or a number of other unique ingredients in the formulation the fact remains the 1-2 punch of 10,000HEADS - Hair Strength System works and works well, I hope to get many of you signed up to the protocol.
This is one of the many unique approaches I have taken to the formulation of Thriven, it is unique, innovative and ground breaking. I have this on my website to purchase! Get it!
These studies prove that t-flavonone increases the diameter of female hair and thus improves female pattern baldness. t-flavonone is a useful ingredient that can help women who are troubled with hair loss or lair with less volume. The usefulness of the t-flavonone lotion to treat female type baldness was 82% and that is revolutionary.
Therefore THRIVEN is revolutionary
THRIVEN comes in an 8 ounce jar : $52.00
attached is a card that explains 2nd secret supplement for the 1-2 Punch

For purchase Email:
Purchase Thriven :
16 comments on "Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow -- Female Pattern Baldness"
  1. Hiya,

    how much is shipping for THRIVEN and the info for the 1-2 punch to London, UK

    please give me a total quota so i can pay you via paypal (verified member and address is confirmed)asap .

    Also, i read the post about rules from buying from you, but is it possible for you to send as "gift" and to list the price of the item in the package as less than $18...this is due to customs..(the charge crazy here)...its like the only reaosn stopping me buying thriven and all the other products is the custom charge (i know its a commercial business..but..) but they charge excessively. for instances less say thriven is $50 + $12 shipping charge + $25 for info on 1-2 punch (god i hope it aint fenugreek/saw palmetto or sea kelp/ or even omegas/fish oil..etc)that will be a total of $87 which is understnadbly a lot but its a high quality product so its understandble ...but then list the price of $87 in the sent package then the cutoms will charge like ANOTHER £18 (british pounds about $36) as u se its soo much stresss...but still im interested so please let me know.


    the condiitoner is 8oz much do we actually use per application..i mean im a heavy user...i use like a palm full of KeraCare humecto (5lb tub), so...loool how much should i use , should i use it in conjuntion with another conditoner..

    Also, since this conditioner is like a treatment for hair growth too, do we also apply and massage it into our scalp? ? ?

    Also, whats the precentage of the active ingreident in the THRIVEN is it 1% (one percent) as used in the study or is it more / less?

    i have so many questions...but i leave it next post i dont think BLOGGER will let me post all these questions..Please answer them if you can....


    (PS - what happenes if men uses them? can they use them?

  2. Christina,
    whoa . . . slow down
    When you purchase the THRIVEN, you get both. A card comes attached - naming the 2nd part.
    I promise.. its none of those idiotic herbs nor hair vitamins nor anything you have tried

    I wouldn't bother if it was,trust me.
    I have been shipping all over the world, quite a few times to UK - I put 'gift' - I don't care - at this point anyway. I have only shipped 2 units with each order never one - its smarter. Shipping and insurance was $26.00 US dollars. For one its about 12.50 US.

    You use a palm full of Humecto?Damn girl... You can get Kera Care over there?
    That's my favorite conditioner and the one I USE on myself, I'm shocked and pleasantly surprized at least we are on the same page!

    Its 2% I can never do things as they are, always "more"!

    Why don't you explain your hair thinning it as stated in study? allover evenly?

    This is an OVERNIGHT treatment, my own little method-of-madness that I have found works its a must.

    I have many men on program, I tell them its for women . . .they come anyway. Pro Surfers, actors many of them really believe in the THRIVEN and these are men on Propecia as well.
    I have never done any studies on men so have no numbers nor stats...
    They have had plenty of research, its the girlies turn

    Killer chemist

  3. YAAAAAAAAY im so excited...i can FINALLY order thriven....

    thank you soooo much for replying....also, im confused on one thing do we apply it lol? i mean do we apply it in the scalp...or just on hair..when u say overnight do u mean..its only one application?

    god i hope im making sense.

    OMG...Yh we easily can get keracare (its everywhere..both online and in beauty stores)...i looove the company..i literally nearly cried when i found out i coudnt use its hydrating detangling shampoo (cause it has ALS) only use it in extreme situaitons like when my hair is too tangled.

    I know i use so much conditoner but i have thick hair thats verrrrrrrryyy curly (not frizzy Basically type 3B/3C hair (old- mariah carey style)..

    TBH, the thriven will be for my mom, were both heavy users when it comes to condithers...our hair just drinks it up....lool

    she had a goood sucess with fenugreek (internally + topically) i mean treally good results...but the problem with it , it smells baaaaaad lol smells like curry-ish (but sweeeter and stronger)..

    So she stopped using it...but the hair that grew from the fenugreek still thats great.

    Anyway let me know


  4. REPOST:


    OMG - im sooooooo thrilled you liked the forum idea..

    my two favourite forum host are

    i think these are the best of the best.

    OK so you want pros and cons of forums here they are:


    * easy for readers to navigate to
    * easy for you to answer/teach/explain/illustrate to your readers

    * easy to post picture via picture hosting such as (u just selevt the forum link and copy and paste it)

    * its amazing in communication - it really becomes a community ppl offer adivce to one another under your knowledge and supervision ofcourse (i can literally see it attraxt a whole new ppl....for instance.. HairTalk ( does have a mixed demographic and does have a seciton o fhair color..but its no where near as detailed as yours.... and LongHairCareForum ( in ethnic/curly/relaxed hair and sutyff..which u also specialise in...

    so people of both forums will come to ur forum and well be so great !!!!!!

    * you can divide your topics into sections..for instance...ONE on hair health one on HAIR loss one on HAIR color one on HAIR ReLAXERs.....then in side each seciton there will be "threads" one tread for isntanc will be in the hair color section thats only about TONERS or BLEACH ......etc

    you can also have a seciton jsut for pictures for instances for shade charts..etc (like ur FILES section in google groups)
    basically combining HaitTalk + LHCF + KILLERCHEMIST KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE + and the secret plus is BTC ( ....

    This way you can attract not only new readers and beginners but also provide the nessary step for more advanced readers...that already read your blog and have the basics down ...but dont know how to apply it ..for instances, formulations, and the whole dolly/molly sigment (THAT WAS GREAT MY FAV DOLLY omg love it love the step by step pics AMAZING !!!!)

    So if we think about it ..u can easily cover every single aspect that comes into ur head...i think the main thing the internet DOESNT have for us hair theres is no middle ground....i mena theres is a forum for basics about hair colorng such as Hair Talk...then u have the tooo advanced websites such as BTC ( and ASKMAGS ( BUT there's no middle ground that helps people to transtion and not just get lost i the technicality.

    that way we can USE our CRIB COLORIST knowledge to become TRUE CRIB COLORIST!!! (omg can you till im so excited) for the cons.

    * its will take some time to actually gather ppl to the site..usualyl it will be by WOM (word of mouth) the starting up phase will be a little slower..but the sucess with ur site u can introduce them to the new forum

    * it might get stressful in the first place to actually do everythign by urself...that where ur readers com to help U !!! loll

    * another obviously the forum will bhe a huuuge sucess.....thus, haters might come there and "spam" or coz some fueds (very unlikely)

    * probably the main disadvantage is ofcourse like any other forum ....readers will have to sign up or register to a free acount berfore posting..etc (which is not a big deal actually !)

    * another con is basically THERE IS none ....cons usually they come and go as the site progresses..such as maybe the host going offline due to maintinance (rarely)

    I know i wrote alot but i just got so excited ...sorry

    Anywho let us know how it goes,

  5. I'm over at Hairboutique aswell, it's great over there, but there's not enough on hair colour or posters about hair colour.

    This is also a random request... can you please post the picture of the 'Level 12' example on the Level bobble heads on here. I looked all over your blog and also KillerPics aswell and couldn't find a picture that was of a good size. Just if you have it around, it's not urgent. Thankyou.

  6. hey...

    is this the one ur looking for?


  7. O M G !!!!!!!!


    P&G (makers of PANTENE (err..i hate that brand)

    HAS JUST SIGNED AN AGREEMENT TO BUY Major Hairdresser Haircare Brand:

    IT AGREED TO BUY Frédéric Fekkai !!!!!!

    (omg..- not that i have ever used fekkai...but still

    (this info below may not be in order)
    First they bought my once fave HERBAL ESSENCES (and they completely changed the ingredients..i used be really gently and "herbal" now it's exactly like pantene but with coloring and smell...THEY MADE PPL'S HAIR FALL !!!!)

    THEN they bought WELLA (im going to cry)

    AND now another salon brand..i really think im gonna cry.....i absolutely hate P&G with a passion....(though i love their mini brands such as wella..etc)

    (im not sure if they also bought clairol since herbal essences is part of clairol....hmm ill check....

    DAMN ..they bought so many small brand id be even more pissed of if they end up buying OJON..(*knocks wood*)

    ...TO be biased or anythign but SOMETIMES....when big companies buy smaller companies it becomes a success like when L'OREAL bought Soft-Sheen Carsons DARK & LOVELY (aka the first true relaxer ever made....(there are better ones now but still)

    As im also form the uk (hi christina) ...since L'OREAL bought Dark&Lovely ..its now aviable LITERALLY EVERY WHERE..even small drug stores (think CVS but the uk version SUPERDRUG/BOOTS)...heck ..its also avaible in shops like safeway... and other groceries ..thats just insane and i just ABSOLUTELY LOVE it..cause before you'd have to go to the small ethnic stores that targeted to ONLY ethnic it was herder to find and quite discriminative..but now ..literally you go anywhere and they have an ETHNIC HAIR CARE in the store THATS AAMMMAAZING !!

    But at the same time, it can be an aweful thing as well like when L'OREAL bought PUREOLOGY OMG...THE DISASTEROUS OUTRAGE that , that caused....they changed the ingreidents HORRIBLY !!! it was perfect its generic *ut theyare changing it i think...?*

    Anyway, dont let me ramble on heres some more info:


  8. OMG...don't even get me started about PureOlogy...KC knows they whole thing...L'Oreal...biggest diverters of them all.

  9. Yeah that's it. Thanks Jessica.

  10. Christina,
    I call it the "slumber treatment" for THRIVEN, say you go to bed at 11:00... about 7-8 shampoo your hair, apply to cover and comb thru - pin -up : apply plastic cap. Gives product couple hours to soak in, it dries out so you are not going to bed with wet head. Lay towel on pillow - go to sleep - if you can do it with the plastic cap - great.
    In morning - rinse product out completely. When you think you are finshed rinsing ( no shampoo) rinse 1-2 minutes longer. Style your hair and your off...!
    Depends on length and thickness of hair as to how much to apply. But you should get numerous applications out the jar if done right. Use large tooth comb to comb thru hair once applied.

    Kera Care was never a "color" company although they have now made their own line of hair color (like everyone) hair color is the one category that increased in 2007 and it increased a LOT ...and has increased steadily over last 5-6 years.
    I am assuming that is why they will not fix their shampoos -
    I even emailed them about it.

    I like their owner, he is a chemist like he (almost) gets it - he's middle eastern so he 'gets' the whole ethnic hair problem.
    But unless you're chick you never quite get it all.

  11. Jessica,
    Yes i heard the bad news about FEKAI the other day - - he sold out.
    totally sold out . . .and he has a whole slew of new Salons coming out 6 that I've heard of - 1 here in my home town of Malibu.
    So the whole banana will go to P & G . . actually no i bet not, when Sassoon was sold to P & G, they split it up the products went to p & g and the Salons and Acadmies went to Carlton. I bet he does the same thing I cannot imagine P & G wanting his Salons. ?

    They all sell out, it blows my mind.

    I am not a fan of Behind the Chair - everytime I check it out - it seems - low rent.
    Why would you have a site that is supposedly ONLY for hairdressers, open to the PUBLIC? Make up your mind.
    Pick a goal and stick to it,
    they try to hit it all
    I just do not think it is done well, the topics are not current or advanced enough ( for what it is) I mean a lot of you are more educated than a lot of the stylists on that site. I try to give it a chance . . . my mentor is always on there doing some sort of hair show thingy. I do look at her stuff.
    My daughter and her work together on photo shoots a lot. You can look for her if you want Lucie Doughty - she is Paul Mitchells Editorial Editor.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but OJON was purchased by that other MONOPOLY Behemoth . . . .Estee Lauder, so it is already destroyed if you ask me.
    Why promote a product based on this OJON plant yet use Shea butter as your main ingredient?
    makes no sense.
    Bet you a nickel they used the OJON plant UNTIL the company got bought by Estee Lauder and the suits looked at the 'cost' of retrieving that plant ( I watched the original story 7-8 years ago) and thought "hey for a fraction of that cost we can go to Africa and get shea butter- that works pretty darn good"
    No one will ever know
    That is how corporate America works, unfortunately.

    I'm more into the TRUTH in matters.

    L'oreal has a hard time turning out good products, and I am not sure why - maybe because its French . . .

    I have good news though \

    I am on a mission and got my first shipment today....

    I used to be more motivated to do this and got lazy.
    NO MORE>
    I was always the onr that knew the best newest hippiest and healthiest hair products to use...

    so I am going to run products through some tests then give them to some clients...and I will be posting some new winners for you all to use.

    Time to go back to the smaller companies. I mean those large companies will always make the TOP 10 shampoos in the country. Our little world will not affect them . . .BUT - - we will have the healthies - shinest and best hair on the planet ;-)


  12. Tell you what would be amazing. If a selection of products were tested for various things like health of the hair etc, and have 'winners'.
    So the winner for shampoo is... the winner for styling product is...

  13. Yes,
    that would
    but unfortunately, before we get to that capacity . . . we need more readers.
    We need more PR and I need some of you to write in to some newspapers and tell them how you feel about our little blog here. Every newspaper has a Fashion/Beauty/Style Section that I feel would be thrilled to hear of a site that is truly teaching Crib Colorists from a Professional, don't you?

    All we need is one story, I feel, to get a zillion and 1 readers...the more readers we have the more products I will be sent to test....the better the RESULTS I can give you !

    I'm not asking for anything false, but how you feel - written to maybe the NY TIMES, the WAshington POST, the LA TIMES - OR YOUR OWN PAPER, I feel it needs to be a source that is not affected by P & G and advertising dollars. Which should be a newspaper as opposed to a magazine.

    Just hopin' I can inspire some of you...

    Killer Chemist

  14. Hi there! How important is it to rinse in the morning? I wash my hair in the evenings as I have no time to dry/etc. in the a.m.... how much of a problem is this? Also, could you please provide ordering info?

    Thank you!

  15. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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