March 7, 2008

Blonde Icing Blitz - Off-The-Scalp-Bleach Test

New Professional Blonde Icing (Bleach) Test

Silver Jar - Ammonia w/ bleach Gold Jar -- No Ammonia
Goal: Observe strength of Bleach with & without Ammonia on Level 4 hair strips

1) Apply bleach to Level 4 strips in foil and set timers

Test one strip with MAGMA Colored Bleach by WELLA : Bleach & Tone in 1 step

Best part? -- it works -

Limitations? Color selection

Koleston Perfect 55RV - Ego

Very difficult to see - I know - the darker the hair the less you see in photos - in person it looked great.
Same color as above notice 55 RVR - RUBY...only in demi permanent. I actually was surprized at how great this color took. For Demi-permanent it was pretty darn close to sister swatch

This test strip was one I really hoped you would be able to see better, a lot of readers have asked about lightening "Level 2 thru Level 5 hair".
This is Level 4 with 12 ASH + 40V = a very nice and warm - Level 7 Hair.

Here are the bleach swatches . . . Check out the Level 4 > lightened 60 minutes

swaches . . . . .

The rest of the swatches.
no toner has been used --
this was a childs hair,
I always believe a childs hair is when your hair will be the best...

What is very apparent here is this . . .

there seems to be absolutely no difference in the bleach "with" ammonia or the Bleach "without" ammonia
?? What does that tell me?? It tells me that "ammonia" is just the "word" of the moment....all the color that is labeled "without ammonia".....
What does everyone know about ammonia?
what I know - makes me want it -
When I want to lighten hair I want ammonia
so I can get the hair to the proper Level it needs to be, otherwise it will only get to the "orange-gold-yellow" stage, which is what happens when you don't use professional color.

Do you know that is the one big difference in the hair color that you can purchase at Sally's versus the professional color I make available to you ?
the ammonia content.
When you mix professional color the "light" colors pack a punch, when the product is poured into the bowl then the developer is added - the aroma is semi powerful...personally I love it. Some don't - its like that paint smell I guess.
I know something good is going to happen - so I enjoy it...
the sign of a true Hair Colorist!
2 comments on "Blonde Icing Blitz - Off-The-Scalp-Bleach Test"
  1. Amazing post!

    You say that box colour kits have little or no ammonia?

    Before finding this site I had the "nhair colour is hair colour" understanding. But it just goes to show...

    How about professional BLEACH vs. over the counter bleach?


  2. This is professional bleach, that was the amazing part to me...
    And the 2 are different prices and very expensive, the most expensive bleach I have ever purchased plus the developer is 3 X times as expensive as a regular developer. Why? They both have lots of conditioners and moisturizers and that is something I always look for and want..but without a chemist degree I don't know how anyone else would know that.
    Yep, a revealing demo to me as well - i did these years ago but my memory is as lousy as my eyes!! ....glad you enjoyed it...


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