October 12, 2016

'STRONG' IS the NEW BEAUTIFUL for Women....... Live By This Code. I have Become STRONG internally, Due to Feed Back From You

So Many Men are in the News and at the Fore Front of  eCommerce Businesses.

You rarely hear of women who are successful
BUT, due to: ALL OF YOU... and a lot of mental 'hard work' that had nothing to do with 'physical strength' .... you & I have been successful.  
We have all together been successful in this business devoted to (you) the new CRIB COLORISTS.

I Received this mini-Award from GOOGLE & SHOPIFY Yesterday:

Your website is in the Top 2% of all Hair Color/Beauty   eCommerce  Stores to Receive Traffic in Your Field  that began 10 Years ago.

You don't hear much about success by women in the tech world, for creating and building websites EXCEPT for the women who are what I call, "drop-dead" and become popular because they are beautiful. Its something they call the Kardashian syndrome. You know the girls who have a gazillion followers, for the sole reason they were born beautiful.  I want all of you to learn that if you are an expert in anything..........doesn't matter 'what'........there is a thirst for education now-a-days. 
So, follow my lead and begin writing a Blog and just know that all of us out here would want to learn just about any subject.....and that You - - -TOO - - -  could start an eCommerce business, which could very well be a success as well.

Be sure to instill in your daughters the importance of a woman's "mind" and 'becoming smart' is just as beautiful as having good looks as a matter of fact its much better. Its sad that so many of these points we don't realize until we are older.

a book by the athlete Lindsay Vonn  
( whom I very much admire ... I USE TO SKI RACE as well)

I was writing this when VONN came on the TV so decided to ADD her title to my POST I was already writing to you to thank YOU for all the support over the past 10 years.

I really am so very fortunate to hear so many kind words from so very many people. You call.....You write....You  email....you text......
I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate all of the prayers I have been the recipient of for my health.

It really does blow me away. 

Here are just a small example of some of the most recent Reviews and Rewards I receive from many of you.....and I want you to know that if it weren't for all of you and your support I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LAST THIS LONG. 

I truly wouldn't have made it until now if it weren't for all of you and these type of emails, phone calls and reviews.  . . .  each and everyone of them makes me fight a little harder.


Jennifer B. Verified Buyer
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Blame it on rio
LOVE this color


Ellen J.
Fun, fun, fun!  10/01/16
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My naturally white hair and I have been having a blast with Boost and Burst in Breaking Bad Blue, Maserati, and U.S. Navy. It is a gorgeous lt. denim blue, subtle yet still blue, and I receive compliments literally every time I go out. At the age of 65, it truly makes my day.

In addition, I'm very pleased with the Boost and Burst as a shampoo and conditioner. My baby fine hair is clean and shiny, and the Burst NEVER weighs it down. I'm left with both amazing body AND color - perfect!!!

I bet if given the right materials K.C. could event create one hell of a man in her lab, ha ha!

 Just wonderful!  10/01/16
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I have several colors of Boost and Burst, pinks, purples, mauve etc... I lighten my hair to level 10+ blonde with KC's oil-bleach kits, which are the best! Then I tone with toner with a 6 developer. Then I have fun with my Boost-Burst. I apply on the ends or all over depending on mood. Whatever color I use with Burst is conditions, looks great and lasts until I use a cheap shampoo to wash it away. To really get it to set, I apply the Conditioner color to dry hair, let it sit for 20min (I check every 5min for color) then I rinse, adding the shampoo color to set it. I also use the shampoo in violet pilot or pink whip cream to keep my blonde a fab tone. Very good color, lasts till you want it out then a few washes with Suave and poof its gone, very conditioning and most of all FUN! KC, I have been searching everywhere to find high quality prices without having to go to a salon which usually runs me 350-500$ plus for blonding, which usually results in burnt scalp, damage and durp. With your quality products including Gleam, Thriven, Intensive and informational blog, my hair has never looked better. I appreciate professional stylists, but I just can't afford them or want to fix what happens to my hair when they don't have the right products. Thank goodness I found KillerStrands! XO Jennifer Walters

Jennifer D.

Loving it!  10/01/16
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There is nothing out there that keeps the gold/brass out of my blonde better than violet pilot! Seriously, it's amazing!

David G.
Santa's Beard & hair  08/29/16
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I need a bit more time as I have just used the product for the 1st time. I would like to briefly talk to KC and if she likes, to submit a couple of photos.
D. Griffiths

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Great service, shipping and timeliness! 
Without KC I'd be paying $100s of dollars a month.
 Email: caxxxx@.com   Verified Buyer
Lovely Products Again
I was so pleased with my products from January, that I felt I needed some more. Same great selection, luxurious products and awesome deals. Quickly and professionally shipped, too. Many thanks! 

Always carry the Malibu DDL and CPR packs  09/12/16

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I knew I was getting close to my appointment with my regular colorist (I cheated on him, and no good), and I had been doing your Boost and Burst to cover up a chintzy silver color and equally chintzy correction, which by the way were life savers - At any rate, I brought the DDL packet, so that he could lift the remnants of the Boost and Burst, and it was like magic! Even he was impressed with the quality of the product, and how efficient and gentle it was in doing what it promised to do. My next mission is to convert him to your Boost and Burst series, as one of his alternatives to tone without developer. DDL is affordable, gentle and efficient at doing what it claims to do. I highly recommend it.

Angel Rose is the perfect pink for me!  09/22/16
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I used to mix 3-4 different hair colors to get something similar to Angel Rose, but throwing it on dry hair and letting it sit for a few hours is so much easier. And it smells better! The color sticks around longer than my traditional dyes, too (how does she do it??), so these products are worth every penny to me. Thank you, Killerstrands! 

And these are just a small portion of all the wonderful responses I receive........

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  1. That's great! Just last month, I was getting my hair cut by my regular stylist and a few of the other girls that worked there kept coming over and asking about my hair color and that they loved it and what they used. I felt proud to be able to tell them which Wella Color Touch colors I'd used (probably surprised them to hear someone say 77/45 instead of just red lol) and that I'd used direct dye on over that to achieve my bright red. They were asking if my stylist had done it and she's like "nope she colors her hair herself" :)


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