October 14, 2016

Little Xtra Help From K.C.in October, Analyzing Orders You Place or Question You Ask !

Its funny the first 2 years of Killerstrands decade long life I would have a difficult time helping many of you because I was soooooooooooo used to touching and feeling the hair.

Ask any Colorist................... so very very much .... can be read just by the feel (and look) of the hair strands .

So, what happens to me..........out-of-the-Blue, I get super ill.......... have to quit a career that I was soaring to the sky on.............and BOOM.......the whole thing is over. The cancer I have is rare - they know almost nothing about it  { if you ever get sick you want to get the illnesses that are common and not rare, like breast cancer would have been a good one. So much research is thrown at that, they have many hundreds of treatments, and thousands of doctors researching it.}  
I know it sounds weird, but.....Damn, I wish I had that one I would have more options. My doctors are amazed that I have made it this long and I tell them I attribute it to all of you.

It took about a year I think.......... instead of laying around and feel sorry for myself I decided that I needed to "GIVE-back" and by helping you learn about how to achieve both healthy strands and beautiful color ON YOUR OWN / in the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME, it gave me something great to live on for ! I know its ONLY HAIR, and not curing cancer, but many of you out there are so extremely passionate about your hair.....doing hair....and/or learning about hair - that in and of itself

MAKES.................IT...................IMPORTANT !

I began doing Consultations ONLINE of all places. If you would have told me that I would be doing this 15 years ago, I would have told you it was virtually impossible. {notice the word 'virtually' !!!}.


As with everything it takes PRACTICE

Lots and lots of practice 
I find myself doing these, finally, without ever remembering the luxury of being able to touch /feel/see the actual hair itself.

So.......my point today is.......... what I will do for everyone this month is:
  •  look over your order 
  • tell you personally if I feel you need to Change /Add or Delete anything - 
  • if you would rather ask me a question I will answer that on the invoice, please don't ask for anything crazy, I will do my best.

Many of you toss out the Invoice, so please check for any words of wisdom I will try to inspire you with this month !

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