October 23, 2016

Color Wheel/Hair Color Theory : Importance in Formulating Your Own Color

Color Wheel

Remember these from school?

WE have one in the store ........-->
designed just for learning how it relates to hair color and as much as you may not want to have anything to do with it, it is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THEORY you must learn to understand how to color hair correctly. Daily I hear from colorists around the country and their questions indicate to me that they do not quite grasp the way that COLOR THEORY relates to HAIR COLOR (an absolute MUST!).

In order to color your hair with ZERO BLorange, Gold, Brass, Red or Green ( top 5 most annoying "TONES" ) That is the wonder of mastering Color Theory - you will see.
Everyone must have broken out the Crayon box and colored a color at some point in life. You may not remember, but it is a part of education in most countries, the reason ?
Every person see’s colors differently

Primary colors: Red, Yellow, blue
Secondary Colours: Green, Purple,Orange
Tertiary Colors: Red-Purple, Orange-Red, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Purple.

Have you ever seen the color-tinted shampoos and conditioners we sell here at Killerstrands?
Every single one of them is based on Color Theory. Many of them conquer the "tonal issues" so many of you have.
For example Hispanic hair (when lightened even a tiny bit) has the strongest tendency to pull Blorange or Orange-y.....so knowing that the annoying color is basically ORANGE .....look above at the COLOR Wheel photo draw a line from the Orange tone.......STRAIGHT ACROSS the chart and your finger ends up on 'what' color?.....
So, therefore, I took a chocolate based brown and I gave it a BLUE base.....so it is a Blue based chocolate BROWN......we call it Cafe Azul which means Blue Coffee..........and it work brilliantly on any brunette hair that has some Bl'orange or gold tones that drive you crazy.

 For years they have had a product that grey hair older ladies use called “Shimmering Lights” it is a purple colored conditioner and shampoo , which takes the “yellow” out of grey, grey hair is actually hair with NO pigment in the strand and with all the lousy water, the yellowing is merely the water tingeing the grey/colorless hair, yellow. Why do you think they call the elder generation. . . . “blue hairs”? 
It's from overdoing“Shimmering Lights”!!

Permanent colors : are not the color in the bowl they end up to be.
Semi Permanent Hair Color ( no developer): This color will look like the color it ends up being on your hair.

ONE OF THE MORE BRILLIANT TRICKS FOR BLONDES Is using both Sandy Beach Beige or Rose Angel Rose in BURST & BOOST colored shampoo & conditioners, to enhance blondes in the newest way.

These are directions for using BURST and BOOST

Directions for use: Shampoo hair at beginning of shower, apply conditioner letting it sit on hair for remainder of shower ( 4-8 minutes)… rinse hair as normal. Check hair in mirror, If still yellow – repeat process > add another teaspoon of purple to mixture. Continue doing this until the colour is right for your hair. 

 If for some strange reason it is too bright… just Shampoo once. Its semi-permanent and comes out very easily ! Its both a matter of the right amount of color and right amount of time you have left it on the hair, as factors that effect outcome. The colored conditioners besides this will work a million times better as you have control over the amount of color so it can be tremendously more effective .
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