October 26, 2016

Chocolate Mauve : HOT Hair Color for Fall

Brunettes have long been linked with brainpower. Dark , intense and mysterious.....gentlemen may prefer blondes but it looks like men would rather 'marry' brunettes -- or so the saying goes. I'm not sure how the old saying works, when 9 out of 10 women are are not virgin Blond ( it coming instead from a tube and brush!) !! 

While blondes supposedly have more fun, it is the brunettes who have an allure, they are "perceived" as more reliable and dependable...maybe helped in part by the coffee-colored locks of Athena -- the Goddess of Wisdom! In the 20's Coco Chanel portrayed a unique, chic, perfectly coiffed brunette hair and nails. Jump forward to the 50's and 'Gentlemen Marry Brunettes' star Jane Russell and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" vixen Elizabeth Taylor - both exuded an air-of-mystery.

Brunette has always represented class and sophistication....but also can be edgy and dark.There are so many brunettes in classic films who have become icons. Brunette hair really reflects the light, giving it a glossy healthy appearance. Think about Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Michelle Obama, Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis, Eva Mendes. . .  all beautiful.
brunette beauties. All of them can both go from casual waves to full-on glam Goth as well as using their chocolate hair to highlight their best features.

I feel sometimes maybe brunette's are misunderstood and they give off an air of being timid, cautious, contemplative or maybe not as adventurous as maybe a redhead or blonde. But I have a couple suggestions for you. The problem with many different techniques on the darker locks, once you begin to lighten what-so-ever the hair - you go down that road of fighting the DURP you most likely have. { DURP being the Dominant Underlying Remaining Pigment that pops through when you begin lifting color out of the hair strands - such as: red/orange/gold/brass ..}. What can brunette's do to spice things up color wise? Especially all you Crib Colorists out there ?!?!

The best thing for dark hair is for it to be shiny . . . how do we get dark hair shiny? :
  • 100% healthy, that way it is easier for it to be healthy.....healthy = shiny. Shiny is good.
  • Deep Treatment Conditioners - Use Thriven ( Killerstrands own DEEP CONDITIONER) - works miracles - truly miracles : sleep with it in hair !
  • Hair Color - Professional ONLY. If you have never tried professional hair color, now is the time, it is made so well now, that using it {correctly} truly makes your hair shinier, thicker, & gives a super healthy appearance. 
  • Using a Brunette toner with Color Touch by Wella - this is what we use to add shine when shooting commercials.
  • Use a Shine Spray - we have our own : a nice light silicone which both protects hair from heat and imparts more Shine. If you are a Stylist give your client a shot of hair scent, as they go through their day that scent will remind them of you and what a unique Stylist you are !
  • Go for the NEW COLOR THIS FALL ! ! ! ......We have added this new color to BOOST & BURST our color enhanced shampoos & conditioners...Chocolate MAUVE,
    what a name. . . . what a gorgeous color and we have added both a Shampoo & Conditioner in this color. If you have brunette hair already Just shampoo 'in'...........for 3-8 minutes.............rinse/ towel dry, apply conditioner ....process for 5-50 minutes ( depending on  intensity desired). If your hair is different colors the result will be striking as these products are translucent {letting your own hair color sparkle through ! ! }

 Brunettes are less maintenance than Blondes, yet having your roots grow out (if you have more than 10-20% gray), will be more noticeable than their blonde counterparts.

There is many beautiful brunettes taking a walk on the dark side. If you think blondes have more fun . . .think again ! !
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