August 29, 2007

VLOG <> PLOG <> BLOG'S ..... of Hair Color, Cut and Styling Tricks of the KILLER CHEMIST

I am trying to turn this into a PLOG--VLOG & will be an all out 'OG' session if I can ever learn all of the shit I have put it together properly!

Received the mannequin heads....the million dollar hard drive Camcorder.... Tri-Pod - Software programs. . . . . yada yada....I'm having a helluva time learning how to use the camera...I've been a still photographer for many years. Was a Pro ACTION photographer for years..... so using a "moving" camera is more bizarre than I predicted.
Its just different and I am just not the type to hack it out...I'm working on the lighting...the setting...etc

I'd like to have a spot "the girls"( dollheads) and I can just set up and go quickly we can show you just about everything and anything you are going to want to know...doesn't that seem cool>?

am hoping with a "visual" it will sink-in that much better for you
I'm thinking of exploring a few other angles...we shall see....
hang in there.....
I'm trying to figure the camera out as fast as possible
then I have the Editing software to decipher
I'm just not the type to throw somethin' half-assed up there......... a virtue
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