August 20, 2007

Bits & Pieces : Learn To Formulate Hair Color

Here are bits and pieces to help with Tuesday's Post and your first HAIR COLOR FORMULATION problem

Try the first Formulation quiz
You are a Level 4
and you desire to be a Level 7
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  1. Hello- LOVE this site! I can't believe my good luck in finding it by accident- it was immediately evident the caliber of what you are offering, and the effort you put into it is very much appreciated. I botched my hair the other night and have been fervently trying to figure out if there is any hope in vanquishing the red/orange Tigger stripes I did. I am not feeling so hopeless since plunging in here. Still not ready to try and fix it, but looking forward to fixing it and actually proceeding to color it on my own and being HAPPY with it. I wanted to do this quiz- going from level 4 to 7, but is there information that I haven't yet read or is the answer that obvious that I need to slap my self upside the head for not having a clue? Looking at the chart of the Level System, I see how in the Dark Browns the 90% deposit/10% lift and then in the Medium-Light Browns 50% deposit/50% lift and then Dark & Light Blonds 90% lift/10% depost. Is the formulation in THAT information or do I need to read a whole bunch of other stuff from other topics to be able to figure this out? Feeling clueless, but eagerly wanting to learn. Can you point me in the right direction?

  2. I guess I should also mention that I drew out all the color wheels that you wanted us to, and I THINK I am beginning to feel an understanding of level and tone. I have been reading like crazy and I think I will be dreaming of all of this tonight.
    I used a box of L'oreal Coleur Experte Express with highlighting kit included and being horrified with the results (not to mention the one bottle wasn't enough to saturate my entire head and it is somewhat splotchy) I followed it up with a box kit of L'oreal Tone Refiner and it is just as fugly and ridiculous. My poor hair. So that got me in search mode to try and figure out how to correct my color and I found your site.


    Still reading like crazy, and looking forward to your reply.

  3. Okay, after doing more reading I think I understand how to formulate going from a four to a seven- could use 30 volume to lift 3 levels. And add blue to neutralize the orange that is the remaining pigmentation of level 7.

    Am I even close to understanding this yet?

  4. McDooks,
    What I would highly suggest doing? Is joining our Group and discussing with the members in there you questions - it helps to get 6-7 different viewpoints on the subject, and I even think it helps when you have others at YOUR level telling you what happened to them, instead of just me all the time from a "teachers" standpoint, many times I miss things because I have done it for soooooo long and to soooooooo many..
    Also, the best advice I can give {which I get nothing but positive responses "FOR" recommending} - - is to go back and start reading the Blog from the beginning - if its not a post you're interested in, SKIP IT... move to the next.

    Just today I had one of our readers stop by my place ( she is a new reader) who also botched her hair with boxed hair color. 2 years to have 1 person from my littel suburb of Los Angles contact me...! It was very nice to finally meet a local Killerstrander. She - too - has started reading from the beginning. The Blog has been newly organized, so if you were to pull up all the posts under HOME HAIR COLORIST 101 & Color Wheel Theory. You can cut down on the amount of posts you need to read.

    Another terrific category? Hair color - DEMO'S....which is tremendously helpful as well.

  5. Mc Dooks:
    40 volume would be even better

  6. Hey, Dakota, that was me- McDooks who came to your house for the consult. I didn't realize you had seen my comments and didn't think to mention that I had posted. Anyhow- still reading, there is SO much and it's awesome info.
    Meanwhile, I am frustrated with my hair and am *this* close to pulling a Britney and shaving it off :(
    Friggin' box kits. RUINED my hair, and I did it to mySELF so that sucks even harder.
    Glad you said 40 volume was even better- I had thought maybe so but didn't want to seem trigger-happy!
    It was very nice to meet you and I will be reading and hopefully find a way to get my hair a color that I love.

  7. level 4-7
    rpc red violet - orange
    .09*(7-4) = .09*3 = .27
    27% pigment deposit
    73% amonia lift
    volume (time) ? I gotta read on.

  8. Please tell me "where" on your site to learn how the above formula was figured out ??

  9. Use level 10 with a 40vol. is this right?


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