August 8, 2007

Life Is A Bleach ! Enjoying Blonds and Experiencing Lighteners

This is how you play with TONERS, my passion. The 3 gentlemen bleached to pale yellow... toned by "muting" down vivid CRAZY COLORS.
All dark haired women lighten to a pale yellow level and toned.

Beige Toner

Platinum Toner

I added quite a bit to yesterdays post... be sure to review it. At this point I feel its necessary to let you see what bleach and what lighteners can do.There is a tremendous amount of animosity to the word "bleach" out there in the non-professional hair world.When I try to remember back before I knew all of this, I am sure I had the same feelings .
"Bleach" makes you think of that hideous smelling liquid you throw in with clothing + the washing machine... or the "bleach" in many of today's Cleaners...which is strong and chokes you if your sensitive in the least.

Try to dump that tendency to relate hair bleach to clothing bleach....they are so totally different...... do you know that when I hear I will be doing a bleaching for the day ( they just don't happen as often as I wish - and never have) . . . that one piece of news will turn my whole day into a joyful...skip to my Lou day . . I am on top of the world...because I know that I will be soon in my element....Turning hair from one color to the opposite is very ALL COLORISTS...because it is a difficult procedure and to master it and nail it every time is fulfilling and fun.

So when I hear the hesitation in the publics' voice about hair bleaching and lightening.....just know that when it is done correctly you too can look like Gwen Stefani for years & years AND YEARS . . .once you master the art of the HOME HAIR COLORIST SERIES by the killer chemist.


1 comment on "Life Is A Bleach ! Enjoying Blonds and Experiencing Lighteners"
  1. big big question..that none of my hair colorists can answer for me very directly...i was hoping you could help? : ( ...... my hair over the past year has been overhighlighted to the point of being all over blonde.. about twice... which trailed me into messing with my hair way too much.. i believe my hair is way porous now and i keep getting back to every time someone trys to add a "lowlight" or "midlight" of a level 8 or 9 my hair starts to turn what they will call "muddy" meaning it looks overtoned? i guess my question is now i am at a point that the color of lowlights and my highlights that are toned are too yellowy to orangey. and i was wondering if the vanish color remover will be able to take this out? leaving me with my previously pretty much bleached out hair?

    i love the balayage look and just want the blonde back and can hopefully add a light toner at the roots to get that look,,,?
    i am not sure if i am approaching it right or am i just asking for another hair mistake?

    thank you so much.
    i know the question is awfully long.


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