August 2, 2015

Understanding pH Teaches You How to Care for Hair Correctly

Fight the Fade 




Prolong Hair Color with the Power of pH

 pH value is between 0 and 14, 
a pH value of 7.0 is considered neutral
all values below neutral are acidic 
all values above are alkaline. 
acidic solution has a positive electrical charge (+)
and an 
alkaline solution has a negative electrical charge (-)

Healthy Hair Vs. Damaged Hair
  • Normal, healthy hair has a pH value of between 4.5 and 5.5 and is considered acidic. 
  • Hair in this state will be positively charged (+) and has a compact cuticle structure. 
  • The outside cuticle layer is closed and smooth, promoting a natural, healthy shine.
  • The internal cortex is protected, and moisture levels are maintained, ensuring good strength and elasticity. 
  • Healthy hair has even, normal porosity and provides a good base for chemical services.

Damaged hair has pH value above 7.0 

is negatively charged (-). 
The cuticle layer is raised with a dull/matt surface. 
The raised cuticle layer can catch, resulting in tangled hair with a high susceptibility to mechanical damage – caused by combing or other external influences. In addition, the cortex will be exposed to further damage, in danger of losing essential moisture and becoming dry or brittle. 

Damaged hair will be very porous and provides a poor surface for chemical treatments, with potentially uneven results.

pH and Products
As the majority of hair products are a solution, and therefore have a pH value, it follows that this can influence the condition of hair.

Chemical treatments, such as a lightener, perm or color, are deliberately alkaline, or have a pH value higher than the hair’s natural value. This causes the cuticle layer to open up, allowing the product to enter the inner hair structure. It is therefore essential to thoroughly rinse the hair following a chemical process and apply a good re-structuring pH balancing Conditioner like INTENSIVE

 Care products of various brands are predominantly acidic, and have an astringent effect on the hair, closing the cuticle layer. Shampoos will typically have a pH value close to the hair’s natural level, promoting gentle cleansing. Conditioners and treatments however, have a higher acid value, helping to return damaged, hair back to a normal, healthy condition.
Hair Color & pH 
When hair is colored, the pH increases from an optimum value of 4.5 – making it more alkaline and during color development, the outer and inner hair structure is loosened up in order for color pigments to penetrate the hair. For this reason a conditioner or treatment after a color service helps to reset the hair to the optimum pH value of 4.5.

What is the pH of the Hair and Scalp?

Maintaining the correct pH value of the hair & scalp is essential for the overall health of hair. Hair products can control the pH of hair.

What is Neutral pH?
A pH of 7 is chemically neutral. Hair care products with a pH value in between 3.5 and 5.5 are considered as being beneficial for hair care products.

Variations in pH
When pH value drops below 6.0 the cuticle layer contracts and tightens. A mild acidic conditioner (lower than pH 7) can help to add shine to the hair, as a smooth surface is able to reflect more light; strong acids will however damage the hair. Acid conditioners should not be used when red/orange tones have been added to the hair, instead use a color-specific care range.

When pH value becomes more alkaline (above 7.0) the cuticle layer softens and expands like a pinecone. This is necessary as part of the coloring process in order to deposit pigments within the hair structure, however if the pH becomes too alkali, damage will occur.

 Also many 'form' products make use of the effect of alkali pH values on hair.

Hair with a very alkaline, porous structure will not retain color effectively. In this instance the cuticle will fail to hold the new pigments, which will ultimately rinse out prematurely.

Following your own little hair diagnosis you now have the education I provide you.... to care for your hair yourself. I am hoping with my instruction and many Posts on the importance of pH you will begin to take it seriously and realize how important it is in the end result and look + health of your hair. 


Understanding Hair and Scalp Types

In this post we explore how to understand and care for, the typical range of hair and scalp types.

The sebaceous gland plays an important role in determining hair and scalp type. The production of sebum is a natural process that adds strength and lustre to hair strands. However, diet, blood circulation, emotional distress and drugs and the aging process can all influence production. Salon products are designed specifically to compliment individual needs and work toward producing strong, healthy, naturally beautiful hair. Hair and Scalp types fall into the following broad categories:


Over-active sebaceous glands produce an excess quantity of sebum, which can make hair limp and lank. This may be due to hormonal changes, often evident during puberty or menopause. Many people have a naturally oily scalp, which can result in greasy hair. Fair hair is much finer than dark hair, hence is more susceptible to excess oil.

High quality shampoos cleanse without stripping the hair of essential moisture and nutrients

Dry hair looks dull and lifeless and is also more susceptible to breakage. Dry hair can only be stretched 15% of its overall length before breaking, while healthy hair can be stretched up to twice this amount, more when wet! A common cause of dry hair is dehydration; water retention can measure between 4 and 13% of overall hair volume.

A change in lifestyle can make all the difference, and there are many products available to help nourish the cortex and smooth cuticles. If you purchase our 400-WATT Kit you go from   lifeless - dull hair to most-likely the best your hair has ever looked.
Me trying to sell you on it, is not nearly as helpful to you as one of our new customer s words which I want to show you now an example of the many emails I receive each and every week for over 8 years now...........

wow, what can I say the 400 Watt package I purchased is amazin, as I am sure you already know but I wanted to send you photos of what just one treatment of all 3  products did for my hair.  I have the before and the after here for you to see.  Now I will tell you that I am 50 years of age and I do color and get highlights in my hair and I thought my hair was in fairly good shape but wow, again its all I can say, love love love these products. 
I have included 3 photos
1.  Before killer strands products, I wanted to have a before and after to see how they would work.  you can see I have a bit of your Breaking Bad Blue on the bottom portion of my hair and there are subtle highlights throughout my hair.
2.  This is a photo after the full process
3.  Another photo slightly closer angle so you can see my hair better. As I said blond highlights throughout but your BBB is on the lower portion of my hair I get so many complements on this. 

With Intensive I noticed right away I could run a comb through my hair after my shower which I have not been able to do without product for as long as I can remember.  Then I left the Thriven in for about 3 hours and that made my hair even softer then I let it dry and when it was almost dry I added a few drops of gleam and it just finished it off beautifully.  My hair was somewhat dry before but now it is soft and gorgeous.  I cant wait to see how much more it will improve as I use these regularly.  I will never stop taking good care of my hair now that I have found the right products, and believe me I have tried many over the years.  No contest, you have Killer products.  My heart felt thanks to you for this. 

I want to do more highlights throughout my hair so that the colors I buy from you Burst come through more effectively.  I have now purchased the Sex in the Driveway and the Violet Pilot.  I have to tell you that now I want to buy
Icey Silver
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Ok as I said I wanted to show you how ab fab your product worked out on my hair thank you so much.

 Normal Hair

Normal hair is shiny, supple and good looking and is the result of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, combined with good hair care using the right products.

Mixed Condition
Over-active sebaceous glands and poor scalp condition may create a glut of sebum; this can be absorbed back into the scalp, preventing essential oils from traveling the length of the hair strand. The scalp in this condition is a common cause of Pityriasis steatoides. Mixed condition hair types have dry, frizzy ends that are prone to breaking, with oily roots. In this scenario application techniques are very important when applying products to ensure the problem area is targeted.

Our Gleam and the Kaaral Scalp scrub will pretty much take care of any scalp conditions one may find......So with the 4 products you can solve all problems and have the healthiest/shiniest and most beautiful hair of your life. 

That's pretty simple in most people's book....AND......... CAN DO IT AT HOME ! ! ! !  


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