August 5, 2015

Frizz-Free Help for Frizzy & Curly Hair-monsters

Frizz-Free HAIR -7 SECRET TIPS for Frizz-FREE HAIR
And a new Serum Pages to come to the rescue

#7.........Stop - Drop & ROLL ---> Pile your curls on top of your head and let tendrils drop around your face. ..Its a very sexy look for summer...always always apply plenty of Serum, we hav manynew Seruns to choose from!

#6........Huff & Puff ---> The trick to achieving a neat, glossy curl is to blow-dry hair straight first - before you start curling, using serum, spray detangler and your IONIC Blow dryer...sounds like loads of work BUT . . .the results are worth it if FRIZZ-FREE is the goal leaving your curls luscious & shiny.

#5.........Stiff N' Crispy.The very worse type of curl? the Stiff Crispy Curl...even 'saying the words' gags you & forces you back to the "proper products" category, staying away from cheap mousse's AND not applying too much product. Make sure to get a product suited to your hair, there are many different types of curly hair ( fine, coarse...etc)...and once you have the correct goop be sure to shake the excess water out of your hair - swinging the hair side to side gently ( no towel) - before applying the goop to the hair rather than soaking wet hair.

#4..........Press & Curl..........Preventing the Frizz comes from smoothing the Frizz with a Curling Iron. The bigger the curls the bigger the barrel and the bigger the section. Change the 2 variables and you change the size of the tendrils. Small Barrel, small section = smaller curls for the perfect loop

#3......... Snip the Splits....... Frizzy hair can often suffer from mega dry ends. To help beat "crispy" hair, make sure you have a good trim every three to four weeks to keep those tips in tip top shape. Find a stylist that "swears" they will perform a "tip-trim"...just trim 'the TIPS" and a Stylist that specializes in Curls is always the most helpful !

#2.......SHOWER FILTER.........I don't admit it but my hair over the years has gone from straight to a mop of not pretty uneven wavy kinky curls so I completely 'get' the never-ending battle.I will NEVER EVER stop on is imperative, and especially for you mop-tops. Filtering the crud out of the water, WILL lessen the FRIZZ...clean clear crystal pure water is absolutely AMAZING for the condition of the hair. How does your 'tap' water taste? As horrible as mine? if you can't drink it comfortably then do NOT RINSE YOUR HAIR WITH IT. A shower filter can be had in a million and one places on the Internet....Aquasana is a great brand, so are the rest. It will cost you between $125 & $200 > for the year! You can get a decent filter for $50.00 - be sure to change the filters or you've wasted even that.

#1.........2 for 1..........last but not Least?? I get this question a to use the FLAT IRON to make Curls, so you are only buying one tool. The Photo below shows it..........In words: Place the SECTION of hair at the root horizontally on the flat Iron and Tilt and Turn the iron 360 degrees forward. Holding your hair taut by the ENDS, slowly slide the Iron at the same angle until you come to the ends, then tilt Irons slightly to the side and
that's it. Let them cool before touching or playing with. Everyone needs to find their ouwn specific arsenal of product - as a Sassoon trained Stylist they taught us to cherish and love the texture of hair you HAVE. Changing it always takes some of the health and shine from it as you fight what is normal. 

I would love to hear from some of you that get SUCCESSFUL straightening treatments. There must be some of the Keratin or Brazilian treatments that work and don't destroy hair.... you notice I won't get one.Please tell us your story below in the comments section. All I ever hear on my end is disaster stories.

But, that is kind of my job! Helping everyone with mistakes!



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