August 22, 2015

The Level System of Hair Color Does NOT Work (but Rarely)

The Level System just truly is useless anymore.The Only hair it works on is hair with NO COLOR on it, which means you have to be about 12 years old for that to happen. There are just so many exceptions that I am pushing for that system to be demolished. 
I mean we can use the Levels to talk about what,
Level of hair color you have .....if Virgin
What Level of color you have.....if Colored , etc. But that is it! 
The Level System just does not work if you have previous hair color on your hair and I think that is what confuses new and sometimes 'older' hair stylists. I have had plenty of hair stylists contact me with questions about the LEVEL SYSTEM NOT WORKING and it is because they have tried to apply it to hair 'WITH" hair color on it.

The Level system
..... has " there are a few categories of Virgin Hair Color that the Standard Virgin Hair Color System just does not work for and I don't know why I have not brought this up before and this is why Boxed Color or E Color or any automated color just DOES NOT WORK ! But to be honest the Level System does not work anymore because it was designed to work on people with NO hair color on their hair.  The system just does NOT WORK if you have present hair color on, period !

Probably the same reason we (as Colorists) just go on our merry way coloring hair and not considering the fact that there are just so many people it just doesn't work for. I had to have one of my long-time wonderful customers ring the bell in my head as to the fact that I have NOT written about he is Asian....and has Level 1 (BLACK) hair color { which btw is the #1 hair color in the world}. He wondered why the Schwartzkopf APP that I had asked everyone to download and play with gave the wrong answer. . . .  and BOOM...... that was my wake-up call.

This is why all these systems like EColor and Boxed Hair Color,  and Sally's color and on and on - - just do not is because there are exceptions to all of those standard rules and that is where Colorists come in to do the 'tweaking' of the System.
They came up with a Systematic System for Levels 4 thru 9 hair which is where a large majority of people's hair fit that don't have Black.

 But the Level System does NOT work for virgin: 
(virgin hair is the hair color you were born with) :
  •  Redheads 
  • 100% Gray
  • Level 1-3 - so that includes all Asians and Latins which is the largest hair color category in the world & lastly. . . 
  •  Level 9-10 (virgin)

So that is an awful lot of people.....and truly not fair. But I promise you.....they are working on hair color and how it works frantically.// Hair Color is a multi-Billion dollar business and its going no where but UP UP & UP . . . if you are ever looking for somewhere to invest your products and hair color will go no where but up ! So I am afraid those of you in those EXCEPTIONS. . . .  of categories of hair color will have to join our group. . . which for $49.00/ monthly will get you help or "tweaking" from myself, to getting you the color of your dreams ! I don't know what else to say, to help the thousands of people out there with every different color of hair possible....what - to - do....... 

I don't mean we should throw the entire chart of Levels out the window....BUT everyone needs to understand that there no longer is a simple easy to use system. As long as you have colored your hair at least once and the color is still on your canNOT just color your hair 1 color and it will work..........because it WON'T........... and I am very very sorry it no longer is easy.
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  1. I've been looking through you blog and reading (lurking) on it for years... Do you ever address, in any way, Black (people's) hair? I'm on here right now because I have a client with natural Black hair, no processing whatsoever, level 2-3 natural level, who wants a platinum ombre. Now the process is easy enough, I just wanted some guidance on the particulars of that hair type and color/bleaching.


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