August 29, 2015

SILVER Hair & How To Maintane It - the Absolute BEST Way !

Well, If you haven't heard of 

then its time those names were introduced to you.
ARE Professionally pigmented with dense color pigments in unique combinations, with the the fact that all hair has at least a little amount of brass in it.  So we add small amounts of violets/purples to counter those hints as the very first pigment added to either BOOST & BOOST.............. then KC herself, builds upon each of those bases and custom builds every single color in the 35 color repertoire.

 After receiving feed-back for the past 6 months we now feel we have the best tips - and have mixed the brightest and most "solid" Pigment colors to achieve the results people come to us to achieve.

 With Silver being such a popular color SILVER BULLET, which we just recently began adding "mineral silver shimmer" to in order to try to nail the SILVER LOOK.

The problem is some of you LOVE the Silver Look And some LOVE the GRAY look. They are almost the exact same thing I hate to break it to you....So Please Help me spread the hashtag #silversassy
instead of granny hair that is ridiculous and everything is in a "NAME" I want all of you to follow and help me Push this into being simply is not that hard

 Using Boost & Burst To enhance Silver hair is one the number one positive comments we receive.......

                  Which is exactly what 
                     BOOST & BURST 
                     is - in the color of :

                      SILVER BULLET

Silver hair is fun and once you lighten it high enough , just apply and process for 10 - 50 minutes depending on darkness desired.

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