August 15, 2015

Killerstrands Products - Killerstrands Kits - Check out The 'Beauty Shots' !

 First there were Killerstrands Products............. and then: Kits, which were created by YOU....the customer.

Our Site and product list has grown so much I wondered if it might become confusing. . I decided to do a mini photo shoot......


 pinpoint our most popular products, they are then brought together by pairings in which customers would purchase them together ......

Wasn't my thinking...."YOU" the customer showed me the products you liked to purchase together with each other. 
We then put them together - gave them some silly "Name" knocked a few dollars off (to Thank You !) - - and - - then .....
 POOF.............the Killerstrands Kits were. . . BORN

A 2 Oil - Fantastic for skin or hair or skin  are ALL our Oil Combo's !                            
M/C Oil Meadowfoam + Coconut Oil w/ light Plumeria scent

Thriven-lite, even though its been out for years.....lately it is having a huge resurgence in sales, so you may want to give it a try and see what all of the HOOPLA is about ! 

It a much lighter version of Thriven and works wonderfully as a daily conditioner....and of course at a less expensive price. 

If your hair is:
  • dull
  • dry
  • damaged
  • breaking-off
  • scalp is bad 
  • frizzy
  • curly
  • fried
  • color damaged
  • hot tool damaged
  • etc...etc...
 My # 1 suggestion is to get the 400WATT Kit and begin  a regular routine of application....I wish to Good I had sved all the positive email responses in regards to these should be absolutely thrilled as most people are after 30-45 days of them.  

Next week a complete Tutorial on BOOST & BURST


KC & Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
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