July 29, 2015

Hair ECLIPSE -- Light Hair to Dark in 1-Easy Step? . . Possible? !. . Probable. .or Impossible?

 What Do YOU Think?
You've spent all this money on time going light Blonde....
When you finally get Blonde, your Colorist just cannot seem to get the brass out and you are sick and tired of fighting it.
Back to Brunette Again?
But. . . You've heard about this odd technique called "filling-the-hair" - which has something to do with . . . .coloring the hair once. . . . then coloring it again and you hear that is the way to go from Blonde BACK to brown... Why would anyone want to color their hair twice?
Seems Dumb
Seems like a waste-of-time.
I really think the whole idea is lame.
Lets see what this dinghy lady thinks. . . . she seems to have a lot to say about hair color. . .

                                                                                                                                                                                  Every once in while when I receive a question that seems to come up a lot, then I will use it to create a Post...I figure if I receive a lot of personal emails about this subject there must be thousands who have the same question and would love the answer.. . . . So here you go.... 

Here is her exact question:

I'm Virgin Level 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I Lifted my hair to Level 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . 

which pulled golden blonde no toner,
using bleach lightener.
I decided I need contrast.....
as, its all one color and washes me out
I want to get to a level 6NW brown 
with level 8N light brown highlight. 

Do you know of any color lines I can try that will deposit the base tone without having to fill my hair first since it no longer has pigment? I greatly appreciate your time & advise and for the highlights, would Shades Eq 8N work? 
That one has blue/violet tone.

My Response: 
Of course no one wants to go through coloring their hair twice, as a Colorist I never enjoyed having to "fill hair"...  The time it takes, cost...etc...I completely understand where you are coming from
BUT......you have about a 20% chance of trying to go darker (when blonde) and the color you apply: "sticking" without filling the hair first. If you don't mind those odds then give it a shot.

 It is my recommendation to fill the hair and that is not because I am trying to sell things and have nothing better to do I promise you that.  
If you look at the mission of this (8 year old)  Blog, it is : To empower those of you who cannot achieve "properly colored" "healthy + shiny hair" at home or in a Salon - no matter where you live, by giving you the gift of education & effective products.
 Here you have: all my tricks of the trade. 
 I've tried it both ways - more than once, because you have a client in your chair who wants to go darker but can't afford the 2 application process it takes. So I have done it on them even with giving them my strongest warning. I wanted to be able to conquer this anomaly myself by trying different lines. . ., .different formulas, putting the colors you fill with........ in with the end formula.....I've tried  every option there is, I promise you. I am only recommending filling because I find making mistakes or using Short-cuts... ALWAYS - ALWAYS ends up costing more in the long run.

We do it because it is necessary for your hair to look beautiful after you begin shampooing...
Cutting corners in the manner you suggest, otherwise you have a very high percentage of ending up having your hair  looking 'green/gray" after a week or 2.
When going lighter, the warmth of your hair strands are  taken away....deleted....that "warmth" is no longer there. So if you apply darker color without returning that warmth replaced.... you have a very high chance of it looking "greenish" after you begin shampooing - because it's missing 1/2 its pigment.. 

Not immediately - it happens after a few shampoos. If you don't mind that, then give the one color application a try.

When everyone tries to skip steps that as professional Colorist..."WE KNOW" are necessary in order for the result to be something "YOU" as our client will love and be thrilled to walk around with...the result is just not something to be proud of....in my opinion.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For the best Toners out of every line on planet earth ... you simply cannot beat Wella's Color Touch line. Its a demi-permanent line that hands down... beats everyone by ''shine level''....''color selection'', gentleness, and one the best parts:
the scent is actually a lovely soft fresh scent when mixed...I can't say enough good things about it...there is every color on earth including exactly what you want.

There really is no "W' in 90% of hair color categories, so am not sure what that is referring to. Do you mean Beige/Brown.....Ash........Neutral.......Red..........Matte .....or   Gold
 or any combination of those - are the only Tones categories there really are.

I would use Color Touch to fill, then color with either Koleston Perfect IGORA ROYAL or Illumina. 

So Bottom line, spend the little bit of extra money, follow the proper  "Filling Formula's and Technique's"  . . . my sincere and honest recommendation?  Don't cut corners on tried and trued Hair Coloring Techniques - especially one's that are in text books. There IS a reason for them !

 Apply Planet Pink in BURST to WET hairs' roots... let it sit, 10-12 minutes... rinse.......go from there. It will look just like this.....Use any of the colors for the same effect in any of the 19 colors!

 Titanium or Breaking Bad Blue will give you this result

Check- Out 'April' (below) Who is our Group Manager she went from Level 5 Dark Brown ..............to Platinum and now is playing with all the various BOOST & BURST Tones, 

damn I wish I was 20 !....  

Coral Sunrise
.....on her platinum hair ...pretty much knocked me off my chair how Gorge it looks...

check this out !!


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