July 3, 2015

I Welcome You To Become A Crib Colorist

My bio and background. . .

and "why you"

How to be a Crib (Home)HAIR COLORIST

This is being written for all of you for one reason or another must or want to color your hair at home. I’m going to try my damndest to skip all the bullshit & CUT TO THE CHASE in this endeavor.

Killer strands #1 goal is and always was the “CARE OF YOUR HAIR”, try to remember that is always the basis of all of my advice and teachings. Performing microscopic hair analysis on a daily basis for hair loss & damage incorporates looking at hairs magnified 1-200 times which I did for 2 years while studying Chemistry of Cosmetics, while re-couping from cancer treatments..... that alone has turned me into a freak about the HEALTH OF the haoir strands themselves, which is only good news for you.


So many of you are having your hair destroyed, damaged, and turned ungodly shades of orange and yellow and green…all because of the BOXED Hair color Kits. In the level of hair coloring I was associated with ( Malibu & Hollywood) I was appalled that anyone would even think of using them – I mean -- why can’t everyone spend $100. – $200.-$300.00 on their hair monthly? Well, as hard as that is to admit…it is exactly what I thought, and I ask you to please accept my apologies and my regrets that I was like that. I can only learn and try to get back to being a decent person, and with this effort . . . I hope to make-up for that.

In my previous environments I just was not aware of the amount of people that must color their hair at home, for one reason or another…I now… fully understand and want to turn my thoughts, efforts and education to that segment of the Hair Universe. 

Being ridiculously over-trained for it, I have come to terms with that now, with my new predicament of being ill, its about all I can handle and it will be good for me and for YOU!

My Beginnings . . . My Education

There may be many different theories on hair color, I don’t know…I was taught by the best so I have never ever needed to look anywhere else. I attended Vidal Sassoon Academy for 1 full year, stayed on to assist the HEAD OF COLOR ( my mentor) for the following year to hone my skills as a colourist, which was worth every single minute! She is the best Colourist in the United States, I don't care what you read in the magazines. They are wrong, no one is as talented as her, for one thing I only like to work with "the best" in everything I do ....and I wouldn't have hung around for a year on my own if I didn't know she was the best.

England is the so-called “home” of hair color & hair for that matter…with Vidal Sassoon’s head colorist Annie Humphries being given the name the “Mother of All Hair Color” of the last 25 years that I know of. She has always set the “collections" developed the “trends”…made up new and innovative coloring techniques that we as “pupils” (wink-wink) would pick up - copy and spread throughout this country – she was a firecracker and damn what a talent. Everything I know and practice was passed down from her and I have worked directly under her on occasion.

So many of the techniques being done today, Annie was doing 20-30 years ago, now retired, she truly is and was the Grand Dame of hair color. After her, I looked to my mentor to follow and learn from, as she moved over to Paul Mitchell. I look to her to run with the crown for the next decade or two and with the USA trying to catch up, the need to reach across the pond has diminished.

 What I teach here, is what she taught , which is brilliant and it in turn earned her: Teacher of the YEAR - in Hair Colour…I don’t know how many times. So, although the education did not come from me….it is my interpretation and my slant on things after years on my own and with my personal artistic twist. Being extremely lucky in having some of the best teachers in the world -- I thank my lucky stars all the time.

This is my interpretation of a standard way that hair color works; it is chemistry, like “cooking “is. Certain ingredients perform certain actions… emulsifiers, ammonias, peroxides…they need to be used to perform certain actions period. Certain products have no grey….its black and white…its science although in order to come up various colours and new inventions we are taking all sorts of new liberties…The method I relay, is going to be as absolutely SIMPLE as possible.

Any questions at all I hope you will bring up immediately.  In order for you to understand which color you should buy when you go to the store you must learn some very simple basics. So,please try to have an open mind, hair color manufacturers ‘think’ the consumer won’t take the time to learn the “LEVELS” system. I disagree. I feel with a little education, demo's and a great website we can solve that.
Something you need to understand:
 Why Boxed Hair Color Does Not Work Correctly .. or
 How the Boxed Hair Color Manufacturers Set You Up To Fail. 

These are important lessons to learn not all of you use boxed color but it is still good reading ....everything I write here is aimed at giving you education that you need to help your hair...no we are not curing cancer...
But, we are shooting for having the healthiest most beautiful hair we can possibly have and that feeling alone , feels as good as curing cancer I'm told !

I have not found a woman alive that does not feel better when their hair is cut and colored beautifully, its a truly magical experience.

10 comments on "I Welcome You To Become A Crib Colorist"
  1. <<... the Boxed Hair Color Manufacturers Set You Up To Fail>>

    AMEN! You said a mouthful!

  2. Thank you for your blog!
    I don`t go to a stylist much due to the cost but stopped using boxed color because she explained it wasn`t good. I had been buying the Loreal Merejel and it was so much better. I had her color my hair a brown back to my natural but it went way too dark for me because my hair is so porous. I lightened it with dandruff shampoo and then she said to use the 6N.
    A year later I wanted auburn highlights but because I already had it in my hair the stylist got me to have a dark auburn. Well, it went too dark and is a bit too dramatic for me. I`m wondering if I could mix a 6N with a 5N to get an inbetween and start doing my roots...30%grey under there. I`m not sure if you can mix the base colours. I`d like the inbetween of these two.
    I also have hot roots but have been dabbing them with that cover grey crayon for the moment. I don`t want to go back again to get them to fix it because it seems I`m always having to do that.
    Could you please give me some suggestions? The colours are a permanent.

    Thanks so much
    in Canada

  3. P.S.

    My natural level was probably a level 3 from your chart but I have auburn in that naturally. That made it look slightly lighter from what I can remember before I got the greys coming in and coloured. I`m pale with dark brown eyes and don`t want to look too gothic LOL


  4. Sorry....a level 4 is what I was...


  5. Hey Sheality,

    Thank you - yes that is a great sentence - - I need to frame it!


  6. Linda,
    This is the wrong venue for all of that information...I do 1 on 1 Consultations and/or we have a group of 1100+ members you should join, where you can give more information and get some assistance. The Group is a Google Group...
    just Google: KillerStrands Google Group
    That's a start for you

  7. I would love to join the Google group but I cannot find it. Googling the above did not pull it up. I also tried using the group's url from your comment on a previous post. The groups that come up are variations on the name, or have zero members or are not active. I am confused! Would you please re-post the link? Thank you;

  8. Whoops it hasn't been a GOOGLE GROUP in a very long time, it is called:
    GROUP SPACES/Killerstrands,
    just Google that. Its $49.00/month........just FYI, but you get a personalized consultation, it usually takes the 1 month for the answers. . . . unless you get me all of your information immediately and then it goes quickly.
    We have a helluva time getting everyone to follow the directions to begin the Consult., April is the manager and she will help get you set-up.Then once you have posted your photos and answered your 14 questions, I will join you.
    Love to have YOU and EVERYONE ! ! !

  9. Name is Kim.... Just gotta say I love your blog!!! I have been reading and re reading for the last few months and just can't get enough! I love re reading and learning something new every time!!!! Thanks for putting the time and effort into educating all of us at home!!

    Quick question...on this post there's a pic of a girl with a blue and white Mohawk...if the hair is pre lifted to a level ten, what would be your go to color/toner? I know it would vary depending on many different factors but was curious of what formulas would immediately come to mind. Also any permanent color formula that comes to mind.... Semis tend to fall right out of my hair after a week or 2! Thanks!!! Looking forward to reading more & joining the group!!!!

  10. Yes, I just ran some strand tests recently.... that will get you that Blue, I will give you the 2nd best one, if you want the first best BLUE, that sticks, just purchase a Wella Color (any color) and put a note in the "note box" requesting the VERY BEST Blue - {which any of you can do.....} - - Use Color Touch in 0/88 and I will also give you the trick with developer to get it to stick and not fade. Follow with Boost & BURST in Titanium!
    Its not that difficult, promise!


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