June 26, 2015

"Slices" are a different technique Than "Highlights" they Give a Different Result

This is an over-exaggerated Demo of "Slices" ( they are wider than they normally are) in order to show you the difference in how they lay and how the the look of them is completely different than Highlights.

I don't know if you can see it as well as I can but believe me they are completely different and when done thinly - well : "J. Anniston hair- here you come

6 foils . . . 2 Tubes of Color and some bleach

I even like the idea of just applying some  to one side.
That may seem a bit bizarre to some of you but if you
mix the partings up you can come up with many different looks
This is one method of applying Ribbons,
 there are a couple others . . .as well

I suppose some of you in remote parts of the country, could ask your hairstylist to apply this "to" you if you don't want to do it to yourself.

Which is hard even for me....although I have very weak arms, if you have strong arms you can do this. 

What is the main difference you see in RIBBONS and HIGHLIGHTS ?


The way the color lays

You can do any combo and don't have the problems of overlapping nearly as much as highlights.

I'm going to try to do another Demo, with thinner ones its just very difficult to pick up on a computer monitor so that is why you are seeing these I hope you can use your imagination to  picture if they were thinner with a softer blend of colors.

how beautiful it would come out !

 This photo on the bottom right really shows the result the best  and how it looks when they lay down..... 

Slices as opposed to Highlights are the way to go if you want a look with multiple colors like a child's hair.

8 comments on ""Slices" are a different technique Than "Highlights" they Give a Different Result "
  1. Wowzer!!!A million thanks for this tutorial, KC. This looks awesome. You have inspired me to try this at home. The difference I see from higlights is that instead of just bleaching sections of the hair -Highlighting - color is also being deposited on the hair in sections. So it's a combo lighlight/lowlight technique.Is that correct?

  2. KC, this is amazing! LOVE the ribbons!

    I was wondering if you have ever heard of Colorgen shampoo and conditioner (http://www.colorgenhair.com/shampoo.html), I was looking for an SLS-free shampoo at Sally's and came across it... I've used it once now, and I really like it, but I wanted to get your opinion!

    Thanks for doing such a service to all of us! You really are amazing!


  3. madS: Great . .glad you liked it . . .highlights are little pieces of hair taken from sections... Slices/ribbons are super thin sections themselves...

    go slowly and carefully and if you need help with the formulations PLEASE ask, I am more than happy to help with your formulations...

    1. Thank for doing this post. I am the one who asked about this is comments a few posts back. This clarifies the issue!

  4. Bia,

    I have something against anything Sally's makes.

    I don't trust them or their products...the one and only reason I make reference to them is because they are the only nationwide beauty supply on the planet that I can send my readers to. The first time I walked in one of their stores, I got the shivers...the salesgirls were 16 - 17 years old and were spurting off all the wrong information to a couple poor unsuspecting women who were looking for honest help with their color. That's when I knew another reason so many have destroyed haircolor they do on their own.

    Since this Blog began I have had to go there on occasion and each time it was a scary experience. I feel for the people that have to use that establishment as their point of reference. If the company spent a little more money and hired real licensed cosmetologists the store could be a whole different experience...
    when the gross sales are 2 billion a year, and you scrimp on something that could increase your sales instead of scare people away I feel they do not understand business very well.
    They have no competition.
    None- Zip - Zero.
    80% of the women in the USA color their hair ! > only 18% go to a Salon . . . so that is a helluva lot of Women needing help with coloring their hair.
    If there was a decent beauty supply with a well educated staff, can you believe the amount of (successful) Crib Colorists there would be? Lordie , it would be staggering!

    Every product I have tried that was made by Sallys ( which, by the way, they hide by re-naming it something completely different - just like this one!)
    has been atrocious...I tried their ION line of hair color which is absolutely the worst line of hair color I have EVER TRIED.

    I have a DEMO coming up of boxed hair color VERSUS tube hair color to show the differences. I had tried ION in the prep for this and it was so poor I scrapped it from the test. It was ridiculous, it was so bad it was worse than the boxed color kits which through off my whole DEMO!!!!!

    EVERYTHING Sally makes seems to be of inferior quality. They are about the last ones to figure out if they didn't have a sulfate free shampoo they really were at a loss.

    If you need an inexpensive good brand of SLS-Free shampoo, you can hit Target or any drug store and look for ORGANIX HAIR, you can look up www.organixhair.com if you want to see what it looks like first, I have a bottle of it here and every single ingredient is a good-decent ingredient.

    The shampoo is 5.99 and many times its on sale....remember treat your hair as well as you treat your face.
    So many of you will spend tons on make-up and creams and lotions and powders.

    Hair only needs shampoo and maybe a spray detangler....I don't believe in a daily conditioner --- unless you have super tangle-y hair maybe...
    I used to have tons of college students, who would complain about spending money on shampoo, yet they would buy 10 6-packs of beer every week....I don't feel sorry for them. Its where you put your priorities. So many will spend hundreds on make-up and creams for the face. It takes $10.00 for a decent shampoo. Come on $10.00, I know everyone of you can swing that. The number one shampoo in the country is the one that costs $3.00....Why? Cause College kids would rather spend money on beer and liquor.

    I don't know what's in that shampoo you're talking about BIA -- if you want you can post the ingredients and I will review them for you... and all killerstranders, but from what I have experienced from that company, they would be the last one I would try anything they make...especially shampoo.

    Its very easy to B/S the ingredients on a label, no one checks them out {unless something goes wrong} its really done on the honor system.

    With that being the case . . . I would believe companies that are good for the environment(OrganixHair), good for the planet (Aveda), seem to be run honestly and openly (ABBA)...
    would be the ones I would choose from in looking for a shampoo of good standards.
    I just would not trust a company as big as Sally's that puts kids in the position of telling millions of American Women the incorrect advice about "how-to-color-their-hair".

    I would find it hard to trust them about just about anything.

    Killer Chemist

  5. Thanks for explaining the difference between highlights and ribbons, KC. I got it now - super thin sections. A whole head can be done this way, can't it? I have sucessfully bleached my knots; (bye bye ants)It took approximately 1 hour & 12 minutes -not counting the time I applied the bleach; to bleach the level 2 hair. I am now proceeding to fold my foils. I promise to go slowly, thoughtfully, and carefully; and WILL DEFINITELY ask for help with the formulations when I get to that part. I noticed how you show the color charts while choosing your colors, and I was thinking that before I start, I should print out and blow up the pics of the color charts to assist me with choosing the colors to use.

  6. wanda,
    atta girl, so glad to hear you are taking it slowly and carefully, you will be well rewarded I promise. Yes, That is a good idea about the charts. I never thought how hard that must be not having the charts at your disposal, if you need close-ups let me know, I can take closer pictures if that might help...I will be glad to do that for you.

    What you would want to do is just do the top of the head like that , if you want me to show you the partings for the entire head, I will email them to you....

    When you make such a purchase with me you get all of the personal help that you want with your color formulating, and I do not want you to be wary of asking...IT COMES WITH THE PURCHASE, & with a smile, too!
    So lets go through each step... TOGETHER . . . . and go to my email.

  7. Hey there! I am new to this blog and LOVE it! I am wanting to try the ribbons technique. I have a question? Is ribbons the two little pieces you pulled out of the slice to bleach first or are they the whole slices? This technique seems to look a lot like I will be doing just THIN slices of color...is this correct? I can't wait to get started! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!



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