June 14, 2015

My Hair Color is Not Working, I have Tried Many Stylists & Still I Am So Disappointed, Please, What Do I do?

This week has been so odd, I am telling you I have had this same exact question asked of me by many-many people - its so weird -- its this EXACT - word for word -- same QUESTION ! ! ! 
 To be honest I thought I have addressed this question many times, but this tells me I have not addressed it clearly enough. So, I am going to give you my exact answer to all OF YOU THAT SEEM TO BE IN THIS PREDICAMENT....because it pertains to soooooo many of you. This is what I have advised many before you and they all have been please with the suggestion.

Sassoon has a very brilliant and logical way of looking at hair color. They don't believe in highlights on top of highlights.......it is just a cheap and damaging way of coloring the hair. If you want to be blonde, that's fine, but lets do 1 color blonde and make it with Zero brass and do it in a healthy and beautiful way . 

They believe in Blonde like this :

or Platinum blonde - then you can play with the Crazy Colors and BOOST & BURST  Till your hearts content.  ! ! !

I am going to be dead honest here and tell you, that Stylists do the whole highlight thing because that way they can charge you their top price. I call ''Bullshit'' on that once and for all.

 Its lazy and its not thinking about you and your hair ...its thinking about them and their pocketbook. If they gave you color like I suggest......... you would become a devoted client and send all of your friends to them and then they wouldn't have to put "money" before "beauty & health & the CLIENT". Which is ridiculous. 

I want to Post a copy of a couple Letters that have bits and pieces from about 6 emails I have received with some version of the same question that you see in the Title of this Post, and then my answer to it :

Dear KC,
I have read bits and pieces of your Blog..... but I just cannot figure out what to do. Can you please try to help me or at least point me in the right direction.

I have always been a natural blonde.  As I am getting older, my base color has become darker, but it is still blonde (not brown).  I call it "mousy" probably what people refer to as "dirty blonde".  I am getting some gray, maybe 5% - 10%.    I highlight my hair.  I'd like to cover the gray, but that does not seem to work well with highlights. I want the color consistent.  I do not want blonde on top and dark underneath.

I have become so disappointed in my hair color.  Everyone wants to make the base or the low-lights very dark.  With the blond highlights, it makes my hair appear oily, even when it is clean and shiny.  I also get a striped or "muddy" look.  I feel like I have tiger stripes and there are weeks it even looks gray.

I want my hair color to look natural.  I don't want to have to deal with grow-out within weeks of service it doesn't seem like I should have to when my gray is not very much.  The mousy color drains my complexion.  My current highlights are very warm.  It looked great for about two weeks.  Now, it makes the mousy base look gray, even though it is not!  The gold highlights and the mousy base just don't work together.

What is the answer?  Should I skip highlights?  Should I try to get back to my natural color and just learn to live with it?  If so, how do I do it?  Is there a way to highlight that can brighten my hair color and help my complexion without the muddy look and the tiger stripes?

I am lucky enough not to have a lot of gray, but this hair color is still making me look and feel old!  I need some advice. If you have any stylist recommendations, I am ready for a change.

BTW, I have always gone to a high-end salon and an experienced stylist.  I have tried new stylists and have even PAID for a consultation first.  I have communicated what I want and why, but still end up with questionable results.   

I spend too much money on my hair to not be looking good!  I welcome your advice and suggestions.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _

To everyone with this problem or if you feel any of these many different feelings going on in this letter....
PLEASE PLEASE..............I ask you to take control of your hair back to yourself. You have given control of your hair over to other people and that is not how it should work. Its your hair and you are spending money asking other people to color it FOR YOU!!! 
Which is what they are doing . They are choosing the selection on the menu of color services that has the highest price tag. Look at the list in the Salon if you don't believe me. Look at their web site. 
They are not listening to you. 
If you went to a restaurant and ordered a Salad and they gave you Filet Mignon Steak, would you keep it? Wouldn't you put up a fuss and get what you ordered>? Well, to me, that is exactly what is happening here. They chose the most expensive choice on the menu to give and charge you for, but that isn't what you wanted to begin with. You wanted a pretty- healthy- lower priced Salad and you got and ate & paid for a Filet Mignon Steak. You would never put up with that at a restaurant and I'm sure you are all paying way more for your hair than a salad and a steak is. 
I'm serious, first you must start thinking about how these Stylists or the Boxed Color or the color you bought at Sallys all destroyed your hair....in the first place. THAT is a horrible - horrible Act. Most of you treasure your hair unlike any other body part you have......WE LOVE OUR HAIR and when our hair is cut & colored perfectly --- THAT CAN CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE, OUR HAPPINESS and our ENTIRE WEEK, if it is done how we like it.
To me...........
THAT is a very P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L item
don't you agree?
 It should be treasured and cherished and cared for in the manner to which it deserves. 

So, you must take control back of your hair and get it out of their hands. I ask you to please take a weekend and read my Blog - cover to cover. You will understand so much more if you do this. 5000 people every day do, so I think you should to!  I always get Thank you's when people finish doing that one thing.
Secondly, you must change the ideas in your head of words you used to hear like highlights and chunks and lowlights.... NO ONE does those anymore...........so get rid of that idea.
 In 2008 I wrote a Post entitled

2 years later guess who copied me??  ( see below)

 Vogue magazine !
below ( Google can find anything for you now-a-days) The funny part is ''Google'' the term "highlights are history"....Killerstrands pops up in about 10 cases !!!

I wrote it way back then because I was trying to teach the Sassoon way of coming up with hair color choices for women and men. It really is brilliant, I've never seen a head of hair come out of Sassoon that wasn't an absolute WORK OF ART. Sassoon educated Stylists are all over this world. I would say 95-98% of all Sassoon graduated Stylists are the absolute best in the business.....so I wanted to teach all of my readers their concepts....

So here we are in 2015 and people are still getting highlights.
Its just something we don't do anymore so you have to quit.
If you can't find someone to do your hair  the way you want - you can now learn here. Its really not that hard. All the information and demo's are here on this 9 year old Blog to Help you............. that is why I wrote this....to HELP PEOPLE get their hair straightened out. I live in L.A. I though everyone had access to great hair color....Not until I began this Blog and received so many emails from people looking for help did I decide to "open up my Vault of Knowledge " and teach everything to all of you. A lot of it is in the Blog, which is why I want you all to read it!

If you don't want to do one of the blondes above then ....
My #1 and favorite suggestion is for you to go back to a Beautiful and (my favorite color in the world) Level 6 Ash/Neutral Brown...........

Nothing is more beautiful......
So many of you have Level 6 Brown.....
I"m telling you either of the blondes above or this color
Although this is My #1 suggestion for all of you........ to go back to a level 6 Brown

 Yes, this one has a few blonde ombre ribbons, which if you want to lighten a little bit in the summer time this is what you can do then cover them up in the winter...

Its easy to do to oneself or you can find a stylist to do those in your area.....

Aren't they beautiful....they are all California models, so yes they are beautiful but I wanted to show you the color of their hair and to show you that so many of you have this color underneath....

Think about it..........consider it........

Its a beautiful alternative I promise

But for ABSOLUTELY positive ................never eat a steak when you ordered a Salad again! ! ! ! !

Stick up for yourself, do not go to someone who won't listen to you.... I have taught you how to find a good stylist within the Blog....
I don't want to review every single Post here....which is why I ask you to please--- READ THE WHOLE BLOG, it will help you gain back control of your own hair ! ! 

Whether you do it yourself or you find a decent and well trained Stylists who will listen to what you want.

I promise that through this Blog I have taught many people who were terrified of coloring their own hair and when done they have all said, " Well, that wasn't that hard". 

So There you have it.

4 comments on "My Hair Color is Not Working, I have Tried Many Stylists & Still I Am So Disappointed, Please, What Do I do?"
  1. So if I want to be a Level 6 and want to use Wella, should I use a level 7 formula? I currently have dyed blond hair (about a level 8) and need to fill the color back in.

  2. first you must fill the hair or the color won't last
    2nd, you must use a correct formula in Level 7 colors to have a Level 6 result.
    the correct formula must include all the various tones that are necessary remember.
    Great choice Level 6 is the most beautiful shade of hair there is!

  3. Firstly I apologize if this comment shows up as a duplicate it since I didn't see it post the first time. My mother was born with platinum blonde hair and in her teens through her 30s it remainedi strawberry or honey blonde color. As she's now reach 50, her hair has darkened to a dark golden blonde possibly darker than what's pictured above but not by much. She's tried using box dyes and that results in a brassy yellow to orange blonde. Since I am attempting a scholarship to cosmetology school, mom has asked that I restore her strawberry, honey blonde color and add in caramel and dark golden brown low lights. I would like to show photos if possible to do exactly what I can to make my mom happy


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