June 4, 2015

Bleaching Hair Platinum DEMO - Part 2 - The Results !

  How to Achieve Platinum Hair Platinum-ized

Step 2 of the OIL BLEACH DEMO.............

Decided to bleach the left side of the head to "Stefani-blond", leave the right side, bleached just once and not toned as most home jobs are done, so the difference was apparent. It is completely normal to have some shedding with a bleaching, do not panic, see the comb........

don't panic - completely normal !

Left side was bleached twice with the Killerstrands Oil Bleach Kit ...some times you will need 3 or even 4 applications.

The thing about Bleach is........all its power comes in the first 50-60 minutes, then it slows down to a snail's pace, so for speed you are better off taking the first application OFF.
and applying an entirely NEW BATCH OF BLEACH !!! Than to leave that first batch on for a longer period of time. IO promise you I have timed this thing a zillion times. There were weeks where I was doing 100 of these a week, I'm not kidding- remember I did hair in Malibu !  1997-2007..........a long time ago !

Depending on how dark the hair is........is how you determine the Volume of developer it comes with 20volume because most people buy the Kit for their retouches....
If you are starting from scratch you may request a different volume. We carry purple tinted developer in 20 volume and 40 volume
 ( its not a real head remember)

Prepare for the TONER portion of the process. I have NEVER bleached a head of hair and not toned it.

I decided to use LEVEL 10 > LIGHTEST VIOLET BLONDE ( the swatch on the top <> far LEFT) , which would have the most purple to counter the yellow left in the hair.
This being a mannequin head,
they tint it to get it the color it is, so it is not totally natural Color......although it is human hair.

Application of the Toner.......>

This is the right side of the hair, with only ONE(1) bleaching, which of course you cannot really tell by this lighting.

Here you can tell better I think. The left has been bleached twice and toned with VIOLET BLONDE for 25 minutes. I will attempt some better photos tomorrow in the sunlight.

Can you tell ? See how nice the beautifully Toned hair is? 
I hope so.

Molly's beige/white Colour is seen beautifully on the left side only

Good Golly Miss Molly You Are Platinum

too be honest if this was a person after the first month we may bleach her a 3rd time to get her that  pure white. 

Her hair's in great health I even put THRIVEN on these damn dollheads to keep up the condition of their 100% human hair!!!!!
5 comments on "Bleaching Hair Platinum DEMO - Part 2 - The Results !"
  1. Hi Dakota,
    I had my hair stylist perform this bleaching technique on a human hair wig that was sold to me as a virgin level 2 & 5 blend. She bleached the hair twice. The level 5 color lifted to blond fine. The level 2 lifted to grey. I am confused; my stylist says the hair must have been colored. Is this true, or could something else occurred to achieve this result?

  2. Update: When I posted earlier, the hair was still wet when I left my stylist. She called me and told me it is almost dry and is between a level 6-7, and the hair is in excellent condition also. She and I bothe learned alot from this experience. Thanks for your blog, which I am reading over and over.

  3. Hey Mad Scientist,

    what's with the name?
    First off, wigs are NOT my specialty, but from my experience I will tell you this from what happened to you.
    When they make wigs they collect real human hair from many various sources...it doesn't matter to them which color it is BEFORE they get a hold of it. ( I donate to "locks of love" ).
    Therefore I would say that your wig was 2different "donors" ...one of the donors was an actual level 5 and the other was ??.
    It still should lift to Blonde, the bleach needs to be applied again
    ( remember this is called high maintenance hair!!)
    ....but good for you in learning....I don't know how much these wigs are that you are tinting, any I have ever worked on were over $10,000. so I just would not do that, in that case.

    You are doing the correct thing...read over and over it helps the concepts soak in....PROMISE!

    Keep us informed of how it turns out.
    Killer chemist

  4. Thank you so much for the bleaching guide. It's fascinating. The result (the part that was bleached twice) looks great. Not quite Gwen color, but a Very nice light beige, (what I see on my monitor). Is it Gwen color when you see it in person?

    Couple of Q's. 1. I see you applied bleach stopping at 1" from the scalp. But Molly the manequin doesn't have a warm scalp. I'm guessing you had to do the 1" next to the scalp seperately and by itself and had to work hard to prevent a line. Was this a lot of work?

    When you first applied the bleach, you left about 2" unbleached on the left front, to demonstrate something later. What was planned here, or is this something we'll see later?

    Again, thanks for all your contributions! Keep up the great work!


  5. e:
    I think I stated this in the post, either that or I thought I did!! That in real life: I would put the entire head through a 3rd bleaching so it would be totally perfect. Which I guess I should to be thorough. If it was a client, I would have them go home and come back 1 week later for the 3rd shot. For the health of the hair, using Thriven to be applied via the SLUMBER method.
    the thing is this was a mannequin with DYED hair, it was not VIRGIN hair, so It really isn't fair or true. Her hair was Level 6 to begin with...if it was truly VIRGIN HAIR, 2 times would be plenty at that LEVEL. But as it is it was DYED that color....you just aren't going to find a mannequin with virgin hair I guess. I had never done a BLEACH & TONE on a mannaquins hair...always people. So it was one more learning experience for me!
    I'd much rather do it on people! They are much happier when finished!
    In answer to your question: Its just a 1/8-1/4 shade short of being perfect in person. I have a feeling most of you would think it is perfect. It does not show up on my photos the way it looks.

    ** There are photos of me doing the roots, did you catch them?? you can see me pointing to the roots with the overlapping..
    I was trying to point that out for those of you interested..many ask about that... what I did was apply 40 volume to the roots and set the mannequin hair in the warm sun...the heat sped it up as if it was heat off the scalp! it came out perfect.
    The line where you overlap on a bleach and tone is NOT as difficult as you think, if anything I find home colorists do not apply it properly or ON THE LINE enough. Go back and review the photos..there are a lot more that I did not post as well, I didn't want to bore everyone to tears!
    but I am doing a final post on that series tomorrow, which I saved...purposely. on overlapping it will be a 2 parter on the subject of OVERLAPPING> one on bleach and tone and one on highlights - pointing out what is done wrong in Salons for those that want to explain to their stylist what "NOT TO DO" when highlighting. So - stay tuned.

    Yes> Good observation the 2 inch brown strip on Molly is where I showed (not posted yet) how overlapping should be done...and NOT be done....
    stay tuned for tomorrows post!

    Killer chemist


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