July 8, 2015

'Ammonia-Free' is Not 'Damage-Free' : Don't Let the Hype Around that Term -- Fool You !

Wella Professionals unveil that ''Ammonia-free'' hair color is not ''damage-free'' hair

As the Crib Colorist leader, I want you to discover the truth about hair color & either use or ask for superior damage protection vs Ammonia-free color. Most people find that answer out for themselves. Almost every (big) hair color manufacturer has now or is adding ... an ammonia-free hair color line. 
We carry
INNOSENSE by Wella                 
Essensity by Schwarzkopf - both ammonia-free.........Both never sell (truly) !

Which is all well and good, 
but if you ask a client,

"You have a choice for your hair color today?"

1)  your perfect color 
2) ammonia-free color that will be a bit brassy

..........so far,  10 out of 10 times they choose #1

  Ammonia-free permanent hair color is the latest 'hash-tag' in the hair color industry and consumers have started showing more affinity towards it as they consider it less damaging .

But, if you have listened to anything I have said over the years....let it be known that this is a deep seated myth about hair color -- ‘Ammonia-free Hair color only "seems" to be damaging because of its strong scent. 
Ammonia smells strong and when Hair Color & Developer are first combined, yes sometimes it will take your breath away ( I happen to Love it!) . But that scent does dissipate and if you notice when you are at home, that overpowering fragrance is not there...its rally when in a busy Salon with Nail artists - hair artists - eyebrow artists - straightening going on.........curling going on..........hair coloring..................gel nails...........the whole whirlwind is just this vortex of annoying smells that sometimes makes you never want to color your hair again............

But take them one at a time..........
and in todays world 

that harsh scent does not exist so much anymore..

There is a reason they didn't get rid of the ammonia many years ago when a subsitutuion was found.........

it simply does not work as well

Ask any top Colorist, 

most of us agree. 

Ammonia .................while a harsh name
is not a harsh ingredient. It simply lets the coloring action work the most pure with the best and most pleasing results...

 if ammonia's name was changed permanently.

 Say we went to the DMV and applied for permanent name change and we changed that name to ''Daydream''.
From now on that ingredient that you know to be ammonia was now going to be called Daydream.
Now, how do you feel about it? Hair color w/ Daydream in it will be applied to your hair today, is that OK?

Its something about the word "ammonia" 

that winds everyone up in a knot, and it just conjures up bad thoughts, bad feelings and bad results........when in fact the opposite is true.

Remember what ammonia does in the hair coloring process? 

It opens the cuticle so that hair coloring may actually 'TAKE PLACE ! ! !

But the truth is, ammonia-free permanent hair colors replace ammonia with another - Chemical usually MEA or a similar active ingredient which even though doesn’t smell,  can be worse for your hair. MEA creates more damage than ammonia would ever even think of. 

Don't let the scent prevent you from getting that color you want !

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Absolutely loved the results.
Plus the "C" MAGMA....
I added 3 powders together to get the front color.
The possibilities are endless as there are now 18 Newly formulated colors. 
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