September 28, 2013

Tip of the Year - Regarding Hair Color -Counterfeit Hair Color

Colorists across the nation (from both home and Salon) have been noticing a troubling phenomenon lately that can impact your hair color results. 
The application of color has been coming out spotted or uneven and chemists from a few of the large corporations have sent their Chemists out to figure what is wrong.

The answers have come up as 2 completely different reasons for the same result.

Apparently a lot of you have been purchasing Wella Color Touch and Koleston Perfect on Amazon and they are counterfeit hair colors. You are buying what is typically a $11.-$14.00 a tube product for $2-$6. Now wouldn't you think that would be your first clue? Anyway what you are purchasing is counterfeit Hair color, its hair color manufactured in 3rd world country's such as Mexico/China/ and Indonesia apparently. The quality of the hair color is very poor using ingredients not even close to what are in the original formula's. 

 I know this story to be 100% true and for a very long time........ as about 3 years ago I had a friend who manufactured car wheels and his plant was in Mexico near.....Tijuana. His company shared those big large trash bins with the company in the same building next to them....that had NO sign on the outside and all the employees acted very funny. One day his employees brought in a couple of boxes that were from next door they had WELLA and PAUL MITCHELL and their logos printed on the box.

Wella and Paul Mitchell have no manufacturing plants in Mexico.

Counterfeit hair color again.

With so many reports of spotted applications of color, and hair color not turning out the same, the chemists took samples, analyzed it and came out with the findings it was all counterfeit hair 
Be careful where you purchase your hair color..............the Wella company is located 30 miles from Killerstrands Hair Clinic and I would NEVER in a million years consider purchasing from anywhere but them

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