September 23, 2013

What's My Haircolors' D.U.R.P., and What Is The Importance Of Knowing It ?

 D.U.R.P..... HairColor ....  & YOU !

I had a phone call yesterday from a lovely woman, inquiring about calculating her own hair color and what she should purchase & at the end of it was the above Question. So simple so 'to-the-point', that I realized I am missing the point to many of you, for which I apologize. That is the last thing I want to do and maybe it just needs to be explained a couple different ways until many of you absorb the idea. So let me try a different way to see if this works. 

Lets look at the words individually:

Dominant -(strongest, most visible, on top, main, leading)
Underlying -(concealed,cannot see, underneath, hidden )
Remaining -(residual, existent, still there, current)
Pigment- (color, tint, dye, stain)

Please read each of the words to see how the acronym of D.U.R.P. is divided up and shortened for ease of talking about the concept. Acronyms make life easy for speech and texting, but not always for teaching, which is what Killerstrands is all about. I want to educate those of you in the heartland of America in how to Color your hair in a Professional manner. Using professional products, which is a large part of the success you will have.

  Remember the difference between hair color at {that place I don't even like to mention - Sally's} and what you can purchase at Killerstrands Store are the difference between a 20 yr. old Moped and a brand new Rolls Royce. They both do the same thing (get u from one place to another) but in completely different fashion & quality.

When I went to Hair Academy, we called it underlying pigment, and that was it. Is that easier for all of you ? Should we just call it Underlying Pigment? Other schools called it Remaining Pigment, there are a zillion names for it.  I wonder but I truly put a lot of thought into what I thought would be the best name for it, which is D.U.R.P.  Please give me feedback for that down below in comments. Although I would rather just keep teaching about DURP, and maybe continue explaining once a month in another different fashion I will put that in my phone and see how it goes.

This woman I was talking to had read much of my Blog and was educated enough that we could both speak in "the Level System basics" ....(it was quite enjoyable) if you have read enough of the Blog and can talk in Levels I really do not mind a 5-10 minute phone call if you need help picking out your color, or any products, so please give us a call and they will hand the phone to me, if it has to do with color ......"just saying !'' 

Now she asked me how do I figure out what my DURP is?  For as educated about my Blog as she was, I was very bummed that she hadn't figured out what her DURP was and that it seemed so difficult to her.  Now, if this is you....please pay attention as I try to deal with it.  First of all she only had 20-25% Gray, but there are millions of you that are so "anti-gray" that you cover it before you give your hair a chance to grow in. Now, listen to me.....NO ONE needs to color their base every 2-3 weeks..............NO-ONE! ! !  She had no idea what color hair she had because she never let it grow long enough. She had it colored professionally for years, but lost her job and began buying an $8-9.00 Box of color and throwin it on.  She said, it really wasn't that bad, until recently and I will tell you what when you have Level 7 - Level 8 hair-- you usually can get along for a few months with it looking good. But with the way box color works and the quality of ingredients, eventually the DD (Delayed Damage) will start tearin the hair down. It just does. It may take a couple months or 12 months.....but the damage WILL COME and it will be hard to come back from.

She was just puzzled how to figure out what her DURP was and the reason she didn't know?  She never saw her own hair, she was coloring it much too often and applying the color ROOT to ENDS every single time. That is not how Hair Color should be applied. Remember, apply the color to the new growth, till the last 15-20 minutes of processing time and ''pull-it-thru''. I will make a note to do a POST on "pulling-it-Thru" soon. You need to let your hair grow out at least 1/2 inch (even celebrities do I promise) to give it a chance to breathe and be healthy. The reason she didn't know her DURP was because she had so much color on her hair, she never saw her real hair or her virgin hair never had a chance to pop through..... Maybe some of you do too??? I'm just saying......! 

Purchase one of our Color Wheels to begin the concept of learning about Color ....the Wheel..... and how it all pertains to hair color. Its really not complicated, but clarifies the end of this concept for you I believe.

Even Stefani and Gaga let their hair grow out 3-4 weeks, they just carefully calculate their life around it ! I used to care for a few, so I know. The only way you will deal with DURP is if your own VIRGIN hair has a chance to pop thru or breathe thru..   Please let it grow through and get on a every 5 to 7 week schedule to re-touch your roots. 

Either of the 2 Levels of hair color Up Above's DURP would be one of these 3 :  


So, I am just saying...if you want beautiful shiny healthy hair get on a schedule like that and learn your DURP. You know what I think the easiest way to figure out what your DURP is????

Its whatever color that pops through that BOTHERS you, that you are always wishing "wasn't there". Its almost always been the same color your whole life. If you have Level 1 thru 4 hair your DURP ( or annoying tone) is almost always RED.  So that is how you figure out your DURP in a very uncomplicated manner. What is the annoying cast or color your hair has or has always had ......that you wish you could get rid of ? ? 

That is your DURP !

Knowing what it is helps you choose the proper color to make your hair beautiful & shiny. . I hope that helps those of you that are struggling with that concept?


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  1. I always have gold and orangish tones come through very annoying I,believe I,am between a level 6 and 7
    although light brown hair seems darker to me then my own it is hard to determine if I,am a dark blonde naturally or not so many stylists tell you different things.


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