September 19, 2013

How To Continue To Become a Master Crib Colorist w/ KC & Talk 'Hair' + 'Hair Color'


 I have had so many wonderful and caring emails....with my health as it is - when someone begins abusing me it truly makes me ill... I am embarrassed to say.. I cannot handle it any more. 
So I will send you all to FACEBOOK and if you don't know how to use it.... we are all in the same boat........its truly not that difficult. If we have any mean and rude comments....that will be my last attempt.
Please read the rules in the FAQ, as you should do when you purchase from any and all online stores.

I have never been a fan of FACEBOOK, but, for this purpose I think it will work fine, anyway ....we will try it.

---- - - -
...........NO WORRIES love you guys so freakin' much! thanks so much for the knowledge you share. i work in health care as a nurse and i hate it. i cant express my creativity at all. your site has been functioning as an art instructor to me, delivering fundamentals. now i can perform processes on myself or at least be informed while getting treatments.
i just spent the weekend in LA with my family and had to come back to phoenix. i want to tell you girls you are a catalyst for change and your promote artistic expression with disciplined execution. thank you for being so positive and acting an inspiration within any area of artistry. x^o 
Best Regards!
and btw i did my own color to platinum myself following your instruction. then, i toned it to a softer blonde again with your direction as my guide
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