September 24, 2013

Lets Add Some Blonde Ribbon Hi-Lights -- Carefully /At Home -- All By Yo' Self !

Just wanted to show you a little photo Demo of how to use a Little Kit we sell, called the "Ribbons of Light".....designed to give you all the ingredients to give you (what Sassoon called Ribbons of light). They never used the term 'highlights' really . . . I guess because it is a British company. 
So make sure, you come check out the 30 photo display on how to use the Kit you can get in the store that we put together for you that has plenty of lightener for many many ribbons , I would say 50-100 depending on the thickness of hair, be sure to use a very small amount of powder use 1/4 or 1/2 of the little measuring Cup....a little goes a very long way and I would constantly be telling students to lessen the amount they used so they didn't have to throw any away !

But, anyway .... what it looks like is large highlights in 4 different places around the face. I like to call it VICTORIA'S SECRET HAIR !  All of you can do it with this pictorial, I know you can !
hope that helps. . . . . . .

Every girl in the Victoria's Secret Catalogue has the look : just little ribbons of light if the sun did it on its own..... ! ! !

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