January 29, 2013

Learning Level System Part 3 - The Little Trick to Determine Level

Determining Your (VID-virgin-is-desired) Level  

Choosing your levels, are the 1st step in trying to determine your hair color formula. One of the most important tools in hair color formulation is the Color Wheel. While I was in Hair Academy, we had to make color wheels from scratch one month, then from materials we found in nature the next month, and finally from Crazy Colors the last month. They really wanted us to know it, inside and out and backwards. Which I hope shows you the importance of knowing it. We even sell Color wheels in the store and I just marked them down 40% to make them affordable to everyone.

 Figuring out what Level you are is done a certain way and I apologize if I have not explained this before. Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Part away, of lift away a 1/2 inch square of hair ( men, do your best) in the crown area (top) and hold it up in the air away from the scalp, allowing light to pass through
  2. Using the Level Chart (we have for 1 penny w/ purchase) choose a swatch you feel matches the hair and place the hair on it. Remember you are trying to determine the depth level (lightness or darkness). Don't part or hold the hair against the scalp-- that will give you an incorrect number as the hair appears darker.
  3. Move that level chart along the swatch of your hair to see if it is even from root to tip and note those numbers. Someone could have Level 3 base (super dark) Level 6 mid lengths and Level 10 ends. All of those levels need to be noted, when determining a hair color formula.
  4. Determine the "Natural" Hair Color Level, then choose any hair color Level that is on the hair and then the hair color Level you want to be.

Hope That Helps,  
Killer Chemist
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  1. Hi Killerstrands :) I'm Saramcc28 on Twitter and on here.We are twitter friends as well !Anyway to get to my problem. So I went to a VERY posh salon here in NY to get my hair bleached ( i have a Michelle Williams cut, very short) And they made me a champagne blonde and I hated it, so them she went in and highlighted (balyage) more bleach and when I got home the back of my hair was a to cheetah lookin mess. I had an at home bleach kit so I used it and it turned it yellow, i then used 20 developer mixed with purple shampoo and got whit hair, still with hints of champagne though. So I walk my ass up to Ricky's and was told to get Special Effects light purple toner. I used the toner and wrapped my head with saran wrap to lock in heat, followed the directions and now I have white hair, with purple ends. I don't know what to do, please help me. I have a picture of how I'd like my hair to look, its funky, but I just didn't want light purple hair. Can I e mail you a picture of my hair and a picture of my desired hair color and you tell me what to do? I really appriciate your blog, its making me want to go to beauty school and become a stylist, at the age of ( in a few days) 36! Thank you...

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