January 21, 2013

'''From the Beginning ... The Level System and How it Works

I will be going over the Level System for the next few weeks from the beginning and how one comes up with their own formula. There are so many people coming out with "high-end - ($30)" boxed colors or there is those screwballs over on that website I refuse to even speak of, trying to sell you color where they have put all the facts into computer software with hopes of coming up with another Boxed color formula for you.
Boxed color formulas are not-the-answer...these wing-nuts have all asked me on-board, and I have declined gracefully. That is just not the answer, one more boxed-color formula in a fancier box -- because that is all it is.  There is no difference, they think because they have put prettier pictures on their 'box" and that it is on the computer where you can answer questions by ticking "off-a-box" on the computer and it shoots out a answer that it will be correct. They can never steal what it is my mind... and that is going to be used to help you get the proper hair color formula.

That is another reason I am committed to teaching all of YOU to learn 'how' to pick it out yourself.

In today's world, it no longer works to just teach on the Blog.
I resisted it as long as I could...
I didn't want Social Media to take over, because I feel its the death of our society as we know it
I can just see it breaking down the world of "Conversation" and "Contact",
its bigger than me
and even though its against everything I believe in....I am going to have to give-up and give-in and just roll over and do it...
So I apologize but I am now in FACEBOOK, TWITTER, & PINTEREST, the Blog, & the group....I will be teaching a new series called  "From the Beginning ... The Level System". . .which begins right here !!

So, please if you are interested in this series. . . . .
Sign-up for all those entities  you can unsubscribe when done as it explains on bottom of page

I've had some word of encouragement lately which I truly T-R-U-L-Y appreciate

Thank you from the bottom of my heart....

Photos From STYLES FOR 2013 - Great Britain !

 Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 12:24 AM
:  KC-  thanks for all you do!
i wanted to write a short note to say that what you do  and, what you have done is commendable. Dealing with the public on a daily basis is hard work.
Being self -employed and running a business is challenging at any time.  You have been gracious to me and, willing to help at every turn.  As a male i'm probably the least of your headaches.  You have learned how to handle adversity, overcome obstacles, etc.  Just take care of yourself, delegate to
others, and get needed rest.  I just wanted to drop this encouragement e mail because we all need to hear about good outcomes following the crap that life throws at us. 
take care.,

Sat. Jan 19
killertrinity3 killertrinity3@aol.com 

First and foremost I would like to thank you so much for all of your help. Not 
only did you help me with my question, you helped me with my order. You called 
back and made suggestions and that showed me that you care about your customers, 
and not just money. I used to work at a salon and will tell the shop owner about 
your company and your products!!! I will also tell me friends about your company 
as well! Again thank you, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I will be ordering from 
you again and every time I need products!!!!!!! :D

Ashley M. 
Thank You,

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