January 11, 2013

Hair Color Tint Brush. . . Friend or Foe ?

This may seem like the simplest most unimportant thing to talk about but there is a reason the top Colorists in the world all use Tint Brushes compared to bottles or whatever other devices there are out there to apply hair color to the noggin'. As a Colorist I also find the brush I like the most, which just comes from the "feel" of how applying the hair color goes. 

If you were to study in depth about how hair color goes into the hair strand itself, how the strand opens up, lets the color molecules INTO the hair strand and finally closes to keep the hair that "NEW" color...a  Then you would maybe see 'why' when you apply the color... pressing the hair with stiff bristles loaded with hair color is SUPER important. We can actually see the difference. The difference between one tint brush and another say. Many of us have different tint brushes for different applications. 

Of course all Crib Colorists do not need to be that tuned into the Tint brush. But I have been amiss in explaining the advantages to the Tint Brush and why you should always use one and when you do use it to press HARD onto the head and hair. Think of wanting to push that color into your head as hard as possible. I'm sure every single one of you has stood behind someone in line and their hair color is spotty, many times on men, but to be perfectly honest it is just as prevalent on women. Women with boxed hair color purchases. 

Those things need to be outlawed. I know I say this a lot. But we have laws in this country that say 'false advertising' is a CRIME. Well, its time those companies be brought to justice for everyone's horrific hair colorings. That may seem harsh -- but as far as I have experienced through thousands of clients that were devastated when the disasters happened to them. The truly sad part is that "YOU ALL" have thought it was "YOUR" fault when in fact - you had nothing to do with it. You were doomed when you picked up that box.

In closing I would like to show you some tint brushes, we just have one, in the store as I have a hard time getting a lot of you to switch to the Tint brush.  Please let me know if you are interested in us carrying any additional shapes and sizes. But for now here is my favorite - it is crimped and the bristles are very hard which makes it great for pressing the color into the head/hair : KC TINT BRUSH 

I have revamped the FACEBOOK page, I am now on TWITTER, We have fired up some PINTEREST boards which will carry photos of hair color and new cuts and trends for 2013.

I wanted to announce the winner of our $100.00 Gift Certificate to the store from the end of December: 
                                   A customer from Canada ! -- Michelle Ranson was the lucky winner ! ! 

Lastly........we have opened a new group, its on the YAHOO platform.......

Please we are looking for Killerstrands / Crib Colorists ....come join our YAHOO GROUP and talk about ALL THINGS HAIR ! ! 

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